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  1. Batman riding a motorcycle has always been lame to me. There was a doll they made based on the 1989 movie of him on a motorcycle even though he didn't have a motorcycle in the movie and I thought it was stupid even as a 3 year old. Batman's cool. Motorcycles are cool. Combined, they look stupid and that also includes the Dark Knight thing. The only exception is Adam West.
  2. Look wutch you did! I cunt believe wutch you did!
  3. Looks like another trashy Hot Topic movie. Are we sure these weren't made in 2003 and shelved all these years?
  4. We need to talk about the new 007 movie. Get Hans Zimmer and two people no one ever heard of in pajamas.
  5. Chakotay was such a lameo boyfriend, it was inevitable Seven would switch sides.
  6. My phone has Dolby Atmos but I think it sounds better with it turned off.
  7. In less than an hour, taxes from here will join others from around the globe and you will be launching the largest tax return in the history of mankind.
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