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  1. SPIDER-MAN 2 2-CD Promo Music by Danny Elfman DISC 1 01. Main titles 02. Pizza man 03. Book troubles 04. Riding to May's 05. Peter's birthday 06. Harry remembers 07. Responsible one 08. Backyard revisited pt.1 09. Backyard revisited pt.2 10. Appartment transition 11. Theater montage 12. Cops & robbers 13. Spotting MJ / Spidus interruptus 14. Draggin' 15. A phone call (alternate) 16. A Phone Call (film version) 17. The reveal 18. Blue light 19. Fusion 20. Mayhem 21. Doc Ock is born 22. Angry arms 23. The bank 24. Saving May 25. Spider fall / Rebuilding 26. Uncle Ben 27. Happy montage 28. Peter appeals to MJ 29. Newspaper 30. A mugging / Spider-Gone 31. Ock's machine 32. Rooftop rendez vous 33. The fire 34. Peter's turmoil 35. Aunt May packs & Sells Spidey 36. Not back yet DISC 2 01. The wrong kiss 02. Almost a kiss 03. A hostage 04. He's back 05. The train pt.1 06. The train pt.2 / Appreciation 07. Out for the count 08. The trouble with Harry (short) 09. The trouble with Harry (long) 10. On the case 11. Armageddon 12. A really big web 13. The Goblin returns 14. Declared love SPIDER-MAN 2 Promo Music by Christopher Young 01 Dr Octavius 02 The Experiment Part 1 03 The Experiment Part 2 04 The Experiment Part 3 05 Fatal Errors 06 Explosion 07 Dr Octavius Demise 08 The Train Sequence Part 1 09 The Train Sequence Part 2 There are some versions that have both promos combined as well.
  2. I too have the complete 2-CD promo and have tried synching the unused music to the film. It still fits relatively well (and it's really good). I can't figure out why Raimi would have had any problems. This is sad news, but if true, hopeflly Bartek will stay true to Danny's style.
  3. Batman Returns: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-10-9-8-12-13-14-11-21-15-16-17-18-19-20 Hope this helps!
  4. Looks excellent, GoodMusician! Any chance of putting this on the FTP? I'd be curious to hear some of the edited cues (I've made my own 2-disc set as well).
  5. Regarding completeness... HOME ALONE: Missing about 12-13 minutes of music, that we know of. This includes such scenes as when Kevin kisses his family's picture before bed, when the villains first try to rob the house, the family's arrival in France, and various unreleased sections of "The Attack on the House." The album notes for the HOME ALONE 2 set alude to cues that were recorded, but not used (such as Making the Plane, left out in favor of "Run Rudolph, Run!"), so there may be additional cues (probably where source songs were used) that were scored, but never used in the film. An expanded album would probably easily fit on a single CD. HONE ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK: A six-second (or so) insert of "Kevin's Booby Traps," source music for the Plaza Hotel commercial, and a Christmas medley from Duncan's Toy Store. The Varese album is otherwise complete.
  6. One other irritating change in Empire - Luke's scream as he falls after his fight with Vader. First, it's not even his scream, it's the Emperor's from ROTJ. Secondly, Luke made the conscious decision to fall. Why would he be screaming on the way down? The silence gave the scene an eerie vibe that was completely lost in the new version.
  7. I agree completely Vader. A.I. was one that literally took repeated listening (especially in the first half of the score, I have the Promo) for me to really get into, but I love it nonetheless. Close Encounters and The Fury are also scores where I've enjoyed what I've heard, but they haven't reached high in my list of favorites.
  8. Another one I just came upon... The opening of "The Fortress of Solitude" = Saint Saens' "Aquarium" from Carnival of the Animals.
  9. Another one I just noticed.... Rossini's "The Thieving Magpie" overture and "Aunt Marge's Waltz."
  10. Some additions I just heard: A section of Rachmaninoff's "Variation on a theme by Pagnanini" sounds similar to Hedwig's theme. There is also a remarkable similarity between The first movement of Mendelssohn's Symphony #3 and "Anakin's Betrayal."
  11. Ehh, I wasn't that impressed. It's just the trial opening of I (with a few cuts), followed by a more or less cut and paste deal with the credits. Where are the clips from I that are to be interspersed with the titles? The fan-made opener for the Restored International Cut (at Superman Cinema) is the one to check out if you're looking for a really impressive one.
  12. Its come to my attention lately that several alternates exists for many of the cues in Revenge of the Sith. Some of which we've heard, others are unreleased, some we probably have never heard. I thought I might try a hand at identifying all teh ones we can and if I miss any, we can maybe work on figuring out any more. Let's see... BOYS INTO BATTLE: The album version of this (1:16-3:15) is actually an alternate of the film version, as it is without the bass drum accompaniment that appears in the film. THE ELEVATOR SCENE: Another version that contains more percussion in the beginning. Possibly more of an alternate take than a full-fledged alternate. Thoughts? MOVING THINGS ALONG (ENTER LORD VADER): The alternate appears on the album. The film version contains heavier percussion, particularly for Anakin's arrival on Mustafar. Also of note is a timpani roll before the Imperial March statement. THE BIRTH OF THE TWINS: Although it's never been really revealed or heard of, the description given in the score reports suggest that another version was recorded. To quote: "As babies are handed to people, in another location ‘the helmet’ descends o nto Anakin’s broken face, to just o ne chord (minor of course) which builds from p to a deafening fff and back down again." There is a soft statement of Luke's Theme when he is born, followed by the Force Theme. Tears reportedly flowed when this cue was played. END TITLE: Like Birth of the Twins, unheard of, but reportedly recorded in the report: “End Credits”, 7M8. A full new End Credits suite, featuring the classic Luke’s Theme/Rebel Fanfare start, then a gliding harp starts off Leia’s Theme. This segues into the new “Revenge of the Sith” theme, followed by a concert presentation of the Throne Room motif from ANH, and a reprise of Leia’s Theme as the now-traditional prequel soft fadeout. Described as highly emotional with some tears flowing during recording. Any I'm forgetting?
  13. The remainder of the tracks are fairly simple. Here's my versions: THE GREAT DUAL TPM CDROM sqfightmaul2.mp3 0:00-0:53.5 TPM CDROM sqfightmaul2end.mp3 all UE CD2 Track 25 all CRASH LANDING UE CD2 Track 26 1:35-end (Film Version) TPM CDROM sqgripping1.mp3 all (This appears to be an alternate, with a flute/piccolo opening) QUI-GON'S NOBLE END OST 15 1:29.5-end BATTLESHIP DESTROYED UE CD2 Track 28 0:00-1:31 (An alternate of this exists as well and can be constructed by the game tracks, but I haven't taken the time to assemble an edit yet) THE DEATH OF DARTH MAUL UE CD2 Track 28 1:47-end YODA'S WARNING/QUI-GON'S FUNERAL OST Track 16 all AUGIE'S GREAT MUNICIPAL BAND/END TITLE OST Track 17 all (barring the fact that Augie's isn't the film version) Now some mysterious bits remaining: 1) OST 15 0:00-0:13 - Heavy statement of Duel of the Fates. Where did this originally belong? 2) TPM CDROM sqmaulduelstart.mp3 - Another heavy DotF statement, featuring choir. Possibly an alternate of the above track? 3) TPM CDROM sqdanger1.mp3 - Loud brass, originally thought of by elvisjones to be a part of the Droid Invasion. Where might it go? 4) OBI WAN m_credits.mp3 - Possibly the original version of the End Credits, features a different arrangement of DotF (assuming that the film and OST were replaced with the concert version).
  14. Amidala had a theme? Btw, I also just recently completed my own 2-CD TPM set. It's okay, but definitely needs work (specifically in the case of "Get to Your Ships"). What's even more confusing (and this is thanks to the Ultimate Edition) is that certain tracks we've interpreted as single cues are rather cues together. For example, "Darth Sidious Receives News of the Gungan Army," "The Gungan March," "Activate The Droids," and "The Queen and Group Sneak Back to Palace" are all one cue (The Armies Face Off, as indicated in the cue list). Music6d.mp3 under the JPB folder is proof of this, although this in particular track features an alternate section for the "Gungan March." Very interesting use of percussion.
  15. Here is a new interview with Ilya Salkind, one of the original producers of the Superman films. At one point, he mentions Williams and his absence from Superman II: Wow. I wonder what Lester did. The entire interview is here: http://www.supermanhomepage.com/movies/mov...terview-salkind
  16. Re: The Phantom Menace End Credits... I think I may have found (at least a a part of) the original end credits that we've been talking about! It's under the Obi-Wan game entitled "m_credits.mp3" The arrangement of Duel of the Fates has different tempos and instrumentation. Is it possible that the concert version of Duel of the Fates was instead edited in on the OST? I listened to the OST End Credits again and there is a small musical lull in between DotF and Anakin's Theme. Perhaps the Duel of the Fates portion is the concert version, while Anakin's Theme is part of the original End Credits? Thoughts on this?
  17. I can't believe no one has mentioned a Uwe Boll film yet. "House of the Dead," anyone? "Alone in the Dark?" Tara Reid plays an archeologist in that one. Sweet Lord.
  18. A few questions regarding THE PHANTOM MENACE: 1) On the OST, the music for "The Appearance of Darth Maul" (Track 14, 3:20-end) is not heard anywhere in the film. Does anyone have any idea where Williams intended this cue? Or if it's an alternate of some kind? Considering the way it ends (with the Duel of the Fates statement), I would imagine it's from the last act of the film, but where?! 2) Does anyone know how to properly edit "The Battle Begins" and "The Hangar Battle?" The elvisjones list is helpful, but doesn't list which sections of the game tracks to use (plus I think some of it may be inaccurate). 3) Is the film version of "Qui-Gon's Noble End" different from the OST? 4) Is there an alternate for "The Tide Turns?" 5) Is "the Sith Spacecraft" (OST 6a, before the Droid Battle) an alternate of the film version? Thanks!
  19. A friend and I just recently watched the movie again. While the score isn't BAD necessarily, it certainly is the weakest of all six. The main problem is that the music runs into the unfortunate problem of either being 1) inappropriate or 2) unnecessary. Episode II is the first score where we have actual FANFARES for people simply WALKING INTO ROOMS. Why? All of the scenes of conversation have music under them, but for what reason? The movie is practically wall-to-wall scored. However, I think this is more of a George Lucas request than a Williams decision. The love theme itself is sweeping and elegant. I think it's a great theme, but does little to help the film. I think the main issue is that Williams really wasn't all that impressed with the movie (and let's face it: who could blame him?). For a composer to have to write music for something that doesn't offer much in way of storytelling, acting, etc. and then have to work to accentuate those images by way of the music...I would imagine is pretty friggin hard. In short, I blame Lucas more than Williams for the score's weakness.
  20. That's right, Brian! I don't know how I forgot that one. One of my favorites. I hated the way that cue sounded on the re-recording. One of the main problems I had was that not only were the cues waaay under the normal tempo, but some instruments were just completely dropped. In Lone Pine Mall (and Clock Tower Pt. 1), the snare drums were either not used or barely used, as opposed to their excellent presence in the original score. Other than getting to hear some of the unreleased bits from Part II (He's Gone and End Logo, two of which I thought sounded very good), the re-recording was a disappointment in my opinion.
  21. The bootleg IS incomplete. I'd estimate it's still missing a good 10 minutes or so of music. This includes: The Peabody Farm A brief snipet when Marty says "Science Fiction Theater." When Biff's gang kidnaps Marty at the dance. The music for George's rescue. The music as Marty is disappearing. The music where Marty discovers the 4x4 in the garage. ----- Interestingly enough, most of the missing material is from the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance. Curious. Phil, who owns the bootleg proudly.
  22. You bring up some very good points Incanus. Especially about Duel of the Fates being Darth Maul's theme. Perhaps maybe if Maul hadn't been killed in the first film (let's face it: one thing the prequels lacked was a consistent main villain), we COULD have seen DotF more prominently in the last two films. Oh well. And I definitely agree that tossing Anakin's theme aside so early was probably a mistake. Sure, he's not that little kid anymore, but he's not Darth Vader yet either. Anakin's theme really should've stood under him on the level Luke's theme did in the Original Trilogy, except gradually becoming less prominent as the films progressed. Just my opinion. I won't even get started on the tracked music.
  23. I have to disagree. Granted Raiders contains some of the least amount of post-music editing, but the sequels are loaded with it. In TOD, several cues are pasted together and if you listen closely, you can hear all kinds of edits, espeicially during the "Underground Heroics" sequence. In LC, you've got cues like "The Portuguese Coast," "Belly of the Steel Beast," and "The Pen Is Mightier," which are cut around and looped. Then parts of cues that just weren't used at all, such as sections of "No Ticket," "Biplane Escape," "First Flight Out of Germany," and "The Birds of Charlemagne." The end credits music for both films is cut around as well. So don't be fooled; the Indy films (or the sequels I should say) have all kinds of edits and splices.
  24. I personally enjoyed "Goodbye, Old Friend." Easily one of the best renditions of the force theme in the trilogy. "The Boys Continue" and "Plans for the Twins" are also great. I wish I could remember "Padme's Visit"... Umm...no. :roll: Although I do agree that this album is probably the most generous of the OSTs in terms of containing the best music from the film.
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