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  1. I'm sorry, but am I the only one who disagrees with a good deal of this list? First of all, how is it known that all the music on the album was re-recorded? I was also under the impression that this wasn't done anymore. Also, there are several times when "Father And Son" is tracked in the film, and isn't another cue - Father and Son, No One Else To Call and Divorce. Divorce is also tracked with part of "Recollections" at the end of it. "Ask Me To Stop" is also tracked from "Recollections". "Captured" and "You Let Him Get Away" also seem to be the same track, both unreleased, but the same cue. The End Credits are tracked as well I believe. "Learning the Ropes" is confusing, as it is only that brief portion at 3:21 that sounds different from the film. "A Broken Home" is tracked in two of the above cues - Your Father is Dead and the first half of Welcome to the F.B.I. Just my takes.
  2. I'll bet money it'll be Alien. Gremlins is WB, and Varese is working strictly with the Fox library. We've already seen parts of Alien released on the six-disc set, as well as bits of others. Any of them could be a part of it really.
  3. Varese has announced that their new Club titles will be revealed in only 9 days. Personally, I don't think we're going to get any JW. I do however, think we're going to get a lot of Jerry Goldsmith. Thoughts?
  4. 1. Main Title 3:05 2. Indians 1:10 3. Hill Valley 2:20 4. The Hanging 1:40 5. We're Out Of Gas 1:15 6. Doc To The Rescue 0:51 7. At First Sight 3:12 8. Doubleback 1:30 9. The Kiss 1:51 10. The Future Isn't Written 3:35 11. Goodbye Clara 2:57 12. Wake Up Juice 1:11 13. The Showdown 1:28 14. A Science Experiment? (The Train part I) 3:05 15. It's Clara (The Train Part II) 4:33 16. Point Of No Return (The Train Part III) 3:45 17. Doc Returns 2:50 18. End Credits 4:34 Hope this helps!
  5. I HATE when this is done on soundtracks. WHY??? Some tracks on different soundtrack I think suffer from this the most - Edward Scissorhands - The Final Confrontation - It nearly runs double the amount of time in the movie. And it's brilliant! The CD is only 50 minutes long. Why?? Spider-Man - One of the reasons I think this score has such a bad rap is because of the lackluster choice of tracks for the soundtrack. "Parade Attack" and "The Final Confrontation" are severely butchered of some of the best music in the movie. The track where Peter first climbs the wall is not there at all. CD runs 45 minutes. Again, why?? Lost World - Rescuing Sarah - Need I say more? Last Crusade - Belly of the Steel Beast already mentioned. There are MANY more I'm forgetting, but can't think of. I'll never know why it's done. Soundtrack producers obviously are evil.
  6. Hello, folks. I know I haven't been around in forever and I guess the one thing that this comes form is - school. But Spring Break has just started and lo and behold, I had to post! I just got the Fury 2-CD Varese release two weeks ago (after the 500 warning, I decided I better hop to it). I've listened to the first disc so far, and I love it! I still haven't seen the movie yet, and I'm interested. Everyone kept saying how great it was, but I had no idea! Great score. Fast forward to yesterday - I'm in FYE and looking around at different soundtracks, and I go to look under Jurassic Park looking for The Lost World just for the hell of it (almost no place near me has it, and those that do charge eighteen dollars and up), and lo and behold, I found a used copy for three dollars!!! I couldn't believe it. I bought it immediately. It's a great score and the movie just happens to be on USA right now :-) . I do havea question however - is the film version of "Ludlow's Demise" tracked music from the concert version of the main theme? Just wondering. It's a shame that this album is only a slight improvement over the previous film's album in terms of editing and sequencing, but oh well. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more. Good to be back!!!
  7. How about Alan Silvestri?? I don't know how he wasn't mentioned yet. I just got the Predator score from the Varese club, and it's birlliant! Kevin, who thinks Silvestri is one of the best and underrated composers out there now.
  8. Well Varese has announced that three new Varese Club soundtracks will be revealed on Monday, November 24. I know most of us are crossing our fingers for Monsignor or Dracula. But what are some other good incomplete Fox scores? Surely there are tons...Independence Day perhaps? I know it's not very old, but hey, we can dream can't we? Some other Fox labels are Mrs. Doubtfire by Howard Shore and Baby's Say Out by Bruce Boughton, both good scores, but again too recent. Other possibilities could be Speed, The Pagemaster, The Good Son, and The Day The Earth Stood Still.
  9. Chris, I'm not saying the score was massacred in the likeness of the recent Star Wars prequels, but the score does have several edits. However I agree, it's definitely not too bad. I guess I'm comparing it to Raiders too much. Raiders is, IMO, one of John Williams' least edited scores on film. With the exception of some tracks (such as the Miracle of the Ark, To The Nazi Hideout, In The Idol's Temple, and Flight From Peru) most of the tracks play in the film in their entireity. Very smooth listening indeed. It seems even Spielberg has of late, been chopping Johnny's scores a bit more than he used to. Catch Me If You Can was heavily edited and tracked, which I wrote about in a post not too long ago showing each example.
  10. No edits in the Temple of Doom score ehh? Temple Of Doom First of all, several cues are glued together throughout the film. Big Tunnel And Death Trap is looped in a few areas. The Temple music is heavily butchered, in both sqeuences. There is an edit just as Short Round hits the Maharajah's hand from getting the Indy doll. A section of the Mine Car scene is dialed out of the film. Underground Heroics has several obvious edits. The End Credits is edited as well.
  11. Okay guys, I know I started this a LONG time ago and it's been ancient, but I'm starting this up again. For those of you who don't remember, I started posting movie theme contests here a while back, the first three being Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Superman, and Home Alone, the winners for each being Parade of The Slave Children, the Krypton theme, and Star Of Bethlehem. Now, how about Catch Me If You Can? Tough choice for me. All the themes are great. However, I have to go with the chase motif. So fun, so playful, but the Father's Theme is also beautiful. The only gripe I have with it is that it's a LITTLE depressing. Sometimes, I feel like I can only listen to it if I'm pissed off or feeling kinda low. Frank's theme is also good, but I don't think it is as good as the previous two. Thoughts?
  12. Indiana Jones and the Temple Of Doom (the COMPLETE version), with Empire as a close second for the best. As for the worst, Hook always bothers me. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE it. But it appears as though cues from the movie were tracked after the initial reprise of the Neverland theme. Couldn't JW have done something a little more original?
  13. Okay, less than a month from now, the Indiana Jones trilogy is to be released on DVD, and we have not heard a word, not a word, about any type of expanded soundtrack release for any of the movies. What is wrong with Lucasfilm? If there was anytime to do this, now is it!!! Kevin McCallister, who really wants these scores completely expanded on CD. 8O
  14. Here are mine (including non-Williams scores) Hook Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom Batman Batman Returns Home Alone 2 Josh and S.A.M. The Lost World The Phantom Menace A.I.
  15. I got the Home Alone 2 set and plan on getting The Fury soon, but I had another question about the Varese club.. Are they only working with the Fox library right now? Could they possibly work with say, MCA's library? Ah, Back To The Future and E.T. Deluxe Editions.....
  16. Yes, this is correct. The other unreleased alternates for Superman that we know exist are for the following scenes - when baby Clark lifts the truck (here, the Kryptonian Heritage motif heard in "Lois and Clark" was used instead), Clark's trip to the fortress, and an alternate for the Mugger scene. I think when the CDs were being done, the "goody" reels were missing, but were later discovered by the DVD team (while the DVD was being prepped) after the release of the set. There are also several source cues that remain unsused and unreleased.
  17. This is something I've known for a while but I wanted to see what you guys thought. Every trilogy out there shares a similarity, whether it be Star Wars, Indy, BTTF, the works. And that is simply this - the first and third films are similar, more in tradition of each other, but the second film in the middle always goes off in its own (and usually darker) path. It also has the capacity to surpass the first film (although any sequel does, the second is the biggest of the hit/miss category). We've seen some surpass (Empire, Godfather II, T2) and some not (TOD, although personally I feel TOD is still a great film). I've never believed in the silly idea that sequels in a series become non-existant if only a trilogy exists. They are SEQUELS through and though, not "part of the trilogy" or "the next chapter" or whatever people have been calling them (I believe this began in Scream 2 when they were trying to come up with a good sequel and someone suggested Empire, which was shot down by someone for that reason). The examples are clear as day. Look at Star Wars (OT). ANH and RTOJ both have Death Stars, furry creatures are introduced (Jawas and Ewoks), there is a grand attack on the death star in both films, hell, even Han's outfits are the same in each film, whereas in Empire, it was different. There are several more examples that I won't expand on, but now look at Empire. It's darker than the other two, goes off in its own direction, and shares few of the similaities between sequels as opposed to the third film did. There are even parts of JW's score that reflects the original film more. Now look at Indy. In Raiders and LC, we have no Short Round, Brody and Sallah are active in the films, they each deal with religious quests, and one cannot ignore the similarity between the two desert chases of the films. Things aren't rehashed, but they are done more in the tradition of the first film. Now we have Temple of Doom. Like Empire, it's darker, shares less similarities of the other films, and strikes in a totally new direction. Some think it surpasses Raiders, the vast majority do not. But it is always the most debated about Indy film for this reason. Again, Williams score for Crusade is more in the tradition of Raiders (hell, even the damn Ark theme appears in LC), while Temple is much more dark and at some points, terrifying than the others. BTTF is yet another example. Parts I and III - each film spends the bulk of its time in the past, Biff tells a McFly to never come back in a diner (whereas in Part II, Griff tells him to STAY in the diner), Doc makes a model to show how they will get home in each one, there is a "quick cover the delorean" part in each film, and the genreal idea of each is how to get back to 1985 whereas in Part II, this is not the case. Part II, is darker and is different and features perhaps a more complex time travel story than the other two. I'm not sure if it surpasses the original, but it's a wonderful film and I still love it to this day. I used these as examples since they are sort of like the "three big ones." I know of the same examples for the Terminator films, Jurassic Park, and maybe some others I'm not thinking of. I may try to expand on those as well later in the post, but what do you guys think? Does it seem every trilogy is destined to follow this path?
  18. The Ultimate War is a fantastic piece. Definitely one of the grandest action tracks Williams has ever done, and probably the longest too. Speaking of which, exactly how many cues actually make up "The Ultimate War?" As far as I can tell, it looks to be 5... Big Thoughts The Ultimate War Hook Vs. Rufio Death of Rufio Hook Vs. Pan ...but are there more? Are any of the above more than one cue together? Surely the Ultimate War must be (it's nearly 8 minutes).
  19. I got Catch Me If You Can on DVD the other day, and after watching the film a couple times, I noticed some odd things musically in the film partiularly with the editing. The music isn't necessarily hacked (and is certainly not to the level of disgrace as ATOC or TPM), but it is edited in some confusing ways - (BEWARE OF SPOILERS) 1) The album version main title may possibly be an alternate. The film version is identical to the album, but near the end there are more snaps heard that are not found on the album version of the track. 2) I noticed three occaisions where the cue "Father and Son" was tracked into a scene. Once was when Frank's father loses the car, and the other when the divorce scene starts, and when Frank first talks to Carl Hanratty on the phone. 3) For the divorce scene, two cues are heard. First, "Father and Son" and then halfway through, a section of "Recollections" is inserted in. 4) Almost the entire middle section of "The Flash Comics Clue" was taken out of the film. 5) "A Broken Home" is used twice in the film. First when Frank fins out about his Father's death, and then when Frank first walks into the FBI station. In each occaision, only a portion of the cue was used in the film. 6) There is a small section of "Learning The Ropes" that is different in the film from the album - When Frank sees the pilot first exit the cab until they get inside the hotel. 7) During the End Credits are edited with a section of the main title cut into the track in the film. The loud crescendo heard on the album in the reprise is absent and instead identical to the opening titles. Perhaps it's an alternate, but it's more likely that it was simply tracked for time. Also the track begins the reprise half way through instead of at the beginning like on the album. There are actually a few cuts to the credits in the film. Also after the track ends in the film there is a final "whoosh" sound not heard on the album, but I would imagine this was tracked as well. Those are some of the main things. There is a lot of unused music, so I don't know why Spielberg, Williams, (or whoever) felt the need to track certain cues repeatedly. Another thing I noticed was that a lot of the unreleased music contained renditions of the "Chase Motif" which bothers me partiularly because is it my favorite theme of the film! Anyone else notice anything?
  20. To answer your question Kevin, I'm a frequent visitor os Superman Cinema as Blue18284. Fantastic site. I've been meaning to start posting again, but I haven't had time as of late. Hopefully soon. :spiny: As for the effects, yes I believe they hold up, but I can understand how others may view them as dated given the film's age. Some people have no respect for verisimilitude....
  21. Actually Breathmask, the only reason I mention Part III is because Varese has the rights, while the rights to I & II belong to MCA. However, with the release of the "Trilogy" CD rerecording by John Debney, does this mean that the rights to the others possibly belong to Varese now? But you're right, they all need proper releases. BTTF II and III are missing about 17 minutes of music, and the score to the first was never released (a good bootleg exists, but is still missing music). Although to be honest, I'm perfectly happy with my BTTF2 album. It is, IMO, the best produced OST. All the music in chronological order, unused music, no melded cues, all the main cues from the film, this album has it all. Alan Silvestri really knows how to produce a soundtrack. BTTF3 would be just as good if the cues weren't so badly out of order.
  22. Personally, I hope they do Back To The Future Part III.
  23. Does the Varese Soundtrack Club work strictly with the FOX library?
  24. Very interesting to hear. I REALLY hope this happens! I also hope they rerelease Raiders as well, since it is still missing about 15-20 minutes of music.
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