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  1. Actually Neil, I got them from Superman Cinema. In the STM section, there are several articles on the score. They're extraordinarily done and provide a wealth of info on the score, a lot of which I had not even known before. If you look, look at the written score, as you will see the cue titles for the source cues and alternates that did not make it onto the Rhino CDs because they were lost and or not found in time for the release. There is also another expanded article on the score on another Superman fan site, but the name of it escapes me right now.
  2. I figured it was time for a new post on this. Which trilogy (in terms of film and music) do you like the best? As much as I want to say Star Wars (and I mean the original trilogy, none of the new movies), I've been getting more into Indy as of late. Star Wars may have the better themes, but Indy is just a hell of a lot more fun, IMO.
  3. One cue I definitely noticed from Catch Me If You Can that is unreleased is the music as Tom Hanks' character is going up to Frank's hotel room. It's a variation of the main theme that does not appear on the CD. Also if I'm not mistaken, the music on the plane when Hanks makes his "revelation" to Frank near the end of the film is also unreleased. I could probably think of more if I saw the film again, but that's all I'm sure of for now. It's true that the album gives a very good representation of the score. Still it's very much out of order. The Christmas Song is the first source song heard, a
  4. I've done this too Trumpeteer. The music works very well, but in a way, it is better that it was left out of the final film. The scene is still scored perfectly though. I love the way a light version of Luke's theme is heard as he un-sheaths his lightsaber after knocking down Vader. It symbolizes a partial victory but not complete...
  5. Just got the score today. One word - AMAZING. I loved it. Without a doubt, this is the best expansion a Williams score has had yet. All the music in chronological order, unused cues, souce cues, alternates, concert pieces - you name it, this set had it. There were two cues that I looked the most forward to hearing when I got the CD. The first was the unreleased portion of "Arrival In New York." The music is brilliant here, and explodes into the speakers broad and loud. The other was "End Title," which features a beautiful rendition of "Somewhere In My Memory" and ends the film on a perfect not
  6. Yes I am Mark. Yes I am. And, Hlao-roo, what gives you the idea I only listen to those scores?
  7. How long do they take to ship CDs in the U.S?
  8. I've been playing drums for 2 years. I'm still learning a lot but I'm pretty good. I played Quad Toms in marching band this year, and it kicked ass! Mlletsycho, I'm from near Philly too, around Delaware County. You play in the orchestra? That's awesome!
  9. I have to disagree. The second Home Alone film was in much more need of a rerelease than the first film. Reason being that the second album was just in poorer shape. The OST for Home Alone is missing roughly 12 minutes of music, and many of the cues are isolated, with not THAT much mixing of cues. Yes, it's a shame that such cues like Making the Plane and The Attack On The House were butchered, but overall, I'm happy with the OST. Home Alone 2 was a an entire different manner. There's almost 40 minutes of unreleased music, and any problem that the OST that Home Alone had was tripled with the
  10. YAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! Anyone else notice that the album was produced by none other than NICK REDMAN?
  11. I AGREE 100%! Contains the best rendition of the Raiders March in the trilogy!
  12. I hope to God that this is some kind of joke.
  13. Temple Of Doom had, I believe, 108 minutes composed for the film. You've all said most of them, but I think the Indy scores should come first most of all. It's only a matter of time.
  14. Hook Themes - Prologue Theme Tinkerbell's Theme Jazz Motif for Banning Back Home Wendy/Neverland Theme Family Theme A jig for Pirate Town The Pirate Theme Hook's Primary Theme Hook's Secondary Theme Mermaid Motif Remembering Childhood Rufio Theme (Unused) A 7 note phrase for The Lost Boys Chase "Religious" Motif The Banquet Theme When You're Alone The Flying Theme That's all I can think of. The film has as many themes as practically the whole Star Wars trilogy!
  15. I was watching the film Hook the other day on TBS and I noticed something. The film version of the cue "Granny Wendy" has a slightly extended opening in comparison to say, the Concorde version. Does this mean that the Concorde version is an alternate? Or is it simply edited down? Sheesh, if it's an alternate, then that means John composed damn near 10 alternates for Hook (not counting the repeated versions on the Concorde Boot, such as the Never Feast alternate and Arrival of Tink/Flight To Neverland alternate). For anyone who doesn't know them, there are existing alternates for - Banning Ba
  16. Actually I've always considered Old Man Marley's motif to be an extension of Star of Bethlehem or spooky version of it since when he first apppears that is the theme that is heard lowly (the track where he first appears is unreleased and can be heard when Buzz tells Kevin and his cousin about the man's legend). I've added it.
  17. My vote goes to the Star of Bethlehem. I love that track and it works great in Setting the Trap, my second favorite.
  18. For the second in my entry of Williams film theme contests, I wanted to choose a sequel, and this was the first that came to mind. For me, I have to go with Short Round's Theme. So playful, so fun, so Indiana Jones.
  19. There are 17 minutes of unreleased music heard in the films for both sequels. Here are the cues from the movies that remain unreleased. Please note that the titles are being made up by me as I write this and some are used from the trilogy CD by John Debney. CAREFUL! For those who have not seen the films, the tracks may include spoilers. Back To The Future Part II -Opening Titles/Doc Returns Again -"Chicken?" -Hilldale -2015 TV Source Music -Biff Steals The Delorean (Partially Released) -Needles' Deal -Biff Returns -The Return To 1985 -Marty's Neighborhood -"27th Floor!" -"Gray's Sports Almanac
  20. It was John Debney that rerecorded the score, and yes it was underpar. A shame. Hey, you never know. If you ask me, I think Varese has the rights.
  21. Stefancos, is there a bootleg for Superman II?
  22. Well, MCA usually handles Universal releases. They did BTTF and BTTF2, but then Varese released BTTF3 and then the Trilogy rerecording. The trilogy CD was only released a few years back, so my guess is that Varese still owns the rights to the score. If not, then the most likely to still have them is MCA, since they released the other soundtrack.
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