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  1. I think that was it. In the end you're really caring about what will have the biggest impact on the audience, and having Rohan's theme then wouldn't work as well as Reclamation. It's just like having Leia's theme during Ben's death. It doesn't make sense, but it sounds brilliant. EDIT: Dang it, you beat me to that last point, Luke! Actually, I forget where I read it exactly, but the reason John Williams put Leia's theme at the point of Obi-Wan's death is because her message was responsible for him having to face his former apprentice by leaving Tatooine. Pretty cool if you ask me. Also, i
  2. Does anyone know the chronological order for all four Harry Potter soundtracks?
  3. Hi. Could I have the chronological scores for Schindler's List and the original Batman movie? Thanks a lot.
  4. I just watched the Simpsons episode 'Marge Gets a Job,' and the Darth Vader theme plays during a scene in which Mr. Burns is watching a viewscreen of all of his employees.
  5. Does anyone have even the sound from the finale of Revenge of the Sith? I really need it desperately and would really appreciate it. I know someone ripped the sound off of the DVD and spliced it with the soundtrack music from the CD. I don't care if it has sound effects along with it. Thanks.
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