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  1. Hi there, could anyone listen to the passage at around 5:05 of this soundtrack: (just click on the grey listen reg. download buttons to the right) http://redmp3.su/755928/rupert-gregson-williams-barry-flies-out.html Luckily I got the original full pdf score for the specific cue, and it says that tuba and trombones, as well as bari and bass sax are playing among others. But how do they get this "buzzing bee" sound? Any idea? Is this like a special technique they are using? cheers! Swordfish
  2. Yes, the first violins are meant to be played non divisi for a more vigorous effect. Just wondering would the parallel double stops octave phrase also be playable on cellis? (...if I'd place the whole thing a few octaves below of course)
  3. Hey guys, this helps a lot! Also thanks to karelm Btw, any advice on the score? (which is basically just a short string arrangement using the spy game theme) How about the legato lines and orchestration? You'll find a new, slightly improved version in the attachements. Also, here's a link to an audio file...however the samples are like 12 years old....so please don't expect anything https://www.sendspace.com/file/knk82c best, Swordfish392 spy game 2.pdf
  4. Hey guys, long time no see I've seen a lot of scores where the first violins are using octave double stops for sweeping melody lines. Just wondering, are there any restrains or things that aren't possible in general here? For an example please check the attached score, where the first violins play in parallel octave double stops. Would this be playable? (if yes, it's pretty hard to play isn't it?) PS: I would also love to know about parallel octave double stops on the double bass. Would be awesome if someone could help out here as well. best, Swordfish392 spy game.pdf
  5. moses.zeidan, thanks for your kind words, actually this was one of my early transcriptions, there where lots of things I didn't knew at this point of time. just in the case it's of interest I attached another snippet from the concert which I transcribed, including a cubase mockup, cheers! EDIT:here's another transcription by me, including mockup. Enjoy, and please let me know your thoughts. zelda symphony mockup.mp3 zelda theme.pdf revolution studios logo.pdf
  6. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wR9vCfGzVsA Any advice? Also, what do you think about the mix?
  7. Ah, now I get it Msm, actualy the passage is meant to be played by 4 violas. Unisono, non div., double stops...in the end it should all mean the same
  8. I'm seeking for some uplifting/heroic soundtracks like bee movie/astro boy/sinbad etc., any ideas? Maybe someone got an insiders' tip? Preferably scores for animated pictures (but please no dreamwork/disney/blue sky, couse I probably know most of them allready)
  9. ??? With unisono I meant that the passage should be performed with double stops (so non divisi)
  10. title says it all! http://s7.directupload.net/file/d/3104/9ax2wbt8_jpg.htm
  11. I counted like 12 strings or something. Just wondering, how can these few strings sound that lush? (listen especialy to the melody line around 1 minute...) What do you think??? Is the string section supported by a keyboard with synth strings, or is there maybe even a pre-recorded track which plays along?
  12. [media=] Listen closely to the alto voice part at the beginning of the piece...(the a' is being repeated by the singer) ....so slurs with same notes do exist after all, do they?
  13. Thanks for your replys and for the detailed explanation from josh. Makes perfect sense!
  14. You probably all know the difference between a slur and a tie. If two notes are slured, they are meaned to be played legato. If two notes are tied they are meaned to be played without release. But what to do if I want two notes which are exactly the same to be played legato??? I mean if I would slur them it would look exactly like a tie, and could be easily confused... Do two same notes which are slured even exist in sheet music anywhere??? Any help appreciated!!
  15. Sorry, looks like I confused "slurred tenuto" with "tenuto with slur" didn't I?
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