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  1. Seven Years in Tibet is masterful from beginning to end. I wish the movie were better. So happy he adapted Elegy from this soundtrack, hands down my favorite piece that he presents in concert. This was a fun poll.
  2. I know. I went to their site because of this thread. And then saw it listed right on the home page. And was like "Wow, they released it a day early" and went to the page but it was only an Add to Wish List button instead of order. So I went back to the homepage to see if they mentioned it was "Coming Soon" and then thought I should go back and get a screengrab, but then it resolved to an error. I would imagine they are preparing to release this info in social media any minute though since it was all prepared.
  3. Yes, it was at this page https://lalalandrecords.com/saving-private-ryan-20th-anniversary-limited-edition/ which is still in my history. But now displays a page not found error. They must have been getting it ready for tomorrow. I wish I could remember what the description said, but thought the mention of the album master having some clean up by Mike M might make some folks happier??? Mentioned that the film versions were sourced from another source like the digital files or something or other... I wish I had a better memory. But I am sure they will
  4. I just went to the lalalandrecords site and saw the page for Saving Private Ryan and then it was immediately taken down. The track listing was: The Original Album tracks. Followed by two additional tracks: The Film Version of "High School Teacher" which was only like 4 and a half minutes (vs. 11:03 on the original album) and The Film Version of "The Last Battle" which was like a few seconds longer than the original track so like 8:03 instead of 7:57. Description mentioned that Mike M did some clean up of the original masters.
  5. I would love to see 1) The Coen Brothers do a full on horror movie ... Music by John Williams 2) Wes Anderson do a classic but quirky western (Bill Murray as the sheriff) ... Music by John Williams 3) Quentin Tarantino do a picture set in medieval times ... Music by John Williams
  6. I recently downloaded the Tanglewood premiere of Markings from a link somebody shared from YouTube. I also downloaded the May 12, 2016 concert performance by John Williams on the Boston Pops website, as well as the My Fair Lady concert and the James Taylor concert they had available for download on their website. Another on the top of my head is the Scherzo for Piano and Orchestra World Premiere that somebody on this forum shared a link to. But made me realize there are probably a LOT of performances online that I am not aware of. Before I go scouring google for some, I thought I
  7. That wonderful bit of music that plays when R2D2 and C3PO jettison from Princess Leia's ship in an escape pod in the original Star Wars. I remember moving the needle back on my record player and listening to that small bit of music over and over again.
  8. Just wanted to share for North America based John Williams fans... Both the River Blu-Ray and Angela's Ashes Blu-Ray are listed as Region B, but they play just fine on Blu Ray Players in the US. I just bought both films from Amazon.com, because the listing said they were region free. When I received them the back said Region B, but I put them in my player and they played just fine. Not sure if the Region code means anything anymore? Or if some manufacturer of discs just list Region B on the packaging but they aren't really? I don't know. But if you are interested in owning these two movies
  9. If I had known my post would be featured as a story on the main site as a review of the concert, I would have at least proofread it once before submitting it. (sorry for all the typos. insert embarrassed smiley here) As far as the Cowboys arrangement, it sounded new. The one I am most familiar with is from the Boston Pops albums and clocks around 9 minutes. This was over 12, with an extension using all the major themes from the film, with long portions devoted to the music from "the Ranch" and "A Sad Day" that weren't in the original arrangement. The Close Encounters arrangement is the sam
  10. I was lucky enough to attend this concert. The Oregon Symphony was wonderful, first time I've heard them, but just an oustanding symphony. Portland should be very proud. John Williams also commented that it was the first time he had ever performed in Portland. Most notable comment he made, when introducing the music to E.T., he mentioned that he was asked a couple months ago to revisit the film and music for his approval. Add that bit of insight to any speculation on what John Williams-related release may be in the works. He mentioned watching the film and in particular the acting from the ki
  11. Superman's Theme - Main Title or End Title... This is just an amazing piece of music. I could see the potential of somebody coming up with a "better" theme to Star Wars or Raiders of the Lost Ark... a longshot, granted, but I could see that potentially happening in a hundred years, a thousand years... but listening to the Superman Theme again... I would go so far as to say it is the best marriage of theme to character ever in the history of music, and would say that nobody in a million years could find a better theme for that character. (And Superman is not my favorite John Williams score, to
  12. Barry's Kidnapping. Definitely. Still after all these years. Followed by Auschwitz-Birkenau
  13. Super happy you did this. AND that you are updating it. Thanks much. Good to see I am not the only one who is keeping a John Williams on Blu Ray collection. Bummer about some of them being Japanese and European releases only. Presumed Innocent I heard has a good transfer on Blu Ray, but I have heard that Witches of Eastwick was a horrible transfer. At least on the double disc with Practical Magic. That's one of my favorites too. I hope it gets a better release someday.
  14. A.I. is the score I find myself getting depressed listening too. Love the score, but does not make me happy listening to it. It should be Schindler's List... but there is a hope and joy in that music to balance it out. A.I. I just find dark and depressing throughout, even with the pop vocals at the end.
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