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  1. Well, it is pretty foggy weather out there: https://viennaairport.panomax.com/
  2. Long story short ... hours and hours of waiting ... and tickets for his all 5 shows in Boston. The best memories that I have .. he even signed me a baton O:)
  3. I still can buy some tickets on my account, so if anyone is interested - I can imagine of borrowing you my account, so you might be able to buy tix for yourself and after that I will take my account back.
  4. Allright, I have bought tickets for the balcone loge - will I see anything since it has restricted view? Is there any photo from the balcone segment?
  5. Use the link that is posted in this thread and just search random uk post code and ... voila
  6. Hi, if anybody here would like to have some tickets I have 4 more on balconee - Face Value 35euro for each - I will sell one for 45euro. Those 10 euros are just a small part that will cover for me the membership that costed 75euros. The seats are: Kat. 7 - Orgelbalkon Links - Row: 1, Seat: 2 35.00 € - Sicht eingeschränkt Kat. 7 - Orgelbalkon Links - Row: 1, Seat: 3 35.00 € - Sicht eingeschränkt Kat. 7 - Orgelbalkon Links - Row: 2, Seat: 1 35.00 € - Keine Sicht zur Bühne Kat. 7 - Orgelbalkon Links - Row: 2, Seat: 2 35.00 € - Keine Sicht zur Bühne
  7. Hi, guys, I am selling my 2 e-tickets for London show to Grand Tier box no. 11. The face value of each ticket is 95GBP and I am selling both of them for 400GBP. In a case of quickly made deal - I can go on 360GBP. Tickets were bought on official RAH site.
  8. It looks like. Trip to London looks very complicated for us, but I guess you will have next you others great fans of JW
  9. I know that it will be hard to get them, but as far as I planned London - it is only one big problem for me. 1) We are traveling with kids and we do not want to fly by plane so it means 16 hours in train over Europe to get there. 2) I have ticket for me and my wife, but we did not find out some who would be able look after our kids when we will be at the show. 3) ... there was also a third one, but I can not remeber
  10. Allright, thanks to upcomming concerts of JW in Vienna I am forced to sell my 2 ticket for London gig. Anyone interested?
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