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  1. The response from the audience has been incredible indeed. Terrific concerts!
  2. Pretty excited as well. I took my flight from Paris this morning. For the record, I left a sunny city... to find grey skies and a little rain there (currently on my way to the hotel on the S-Bahn train).
  3. Among other things, I spotted this restaurant close to the area where I'll be staying and I thought it could be worth sharing... it's not German food obviously, but the place looks appealing if one's into Indian cuisine: https://g.page/delhi6-berlin?share.
  4. To our nice fellows living in Berlin... what's the situation regarding restaurants? Is outdoor dining still widely available (weather permitting, of course)? I've been very careful to say the least, avoiding crowded places for the last months, and I confess I'm still a bit reluctant about gathering for indoor dining. I'd be glad to meet some of you though while staying there. Needless to say, I really can't wait attending those concerts!
  5. Well... count me in, though in those pandemic times I've been having very (very) few contacts. Despite beng fully vaccinated (got my second shot on June 20th), I keep on being really cautious and avoiding crowds indoors. Dining indoors still doesn't feel safe to me right now, given the spread of the Delta variant.
  6. How fast would those Bowl tickets usually go? I still want to believe that travel restrictions from Schengen area could be lifted before the end of the summer (I know chances are really slim, unfortunately ). I could try and book a ticket just in case. I guess bookings can't be refunded, though. Any insights regarding that?
  7. Hi to everyone! I'm getting a little envious when reading this thread. Anyway, there's real hope about things going back to some kind of normalcy in the next few weeks or months, at least in the US. I'd love to attend one of those concerts but all that remains pretty uncertain, not to say purely hypothetical. It had been really frustrating to have to cancel my trip to the US last year. I'm still a bit hopeful that I'll be able to vacation over there by the end of August. Plus I'm waiting for the Hollywood Bowl announcement next week, as I had planned last year to attend Williams' concert. Before making any plans of some sort, I'll first have to get my first shot of the vaccine (that would be early June if I'm lucky enough). Then, Biden would have to lift travel restrictions for people from the Schengen area. Long way to go!
  8. Depressing news, though we all felt it would be coming in the end. Depressing year.
  9. Indeed, what a fantastic video and performance by the Boston Pops... not to mention the technical achievement. Lovely in every way!
  10. I've had the idea of planning another visit to London for one of those great concerts scheduled for next October. Well, now even that I don't see happening...
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