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  1. Depressing news, though we all felt it would be coming in the end. Depressing year.
  2. Indeed, what a fantastic video and performance by the Boston Pops... not to mention the technical achievement. Lovely in every way!
  3. I've had the idea of planning another visit to London for one of those great concerts scheduled for next October. Well, now even that I don't see happening...
  4. Well, this is depressing... I can't see my trip next August happening right now. The flights I had booked have been rescheduled but given the circumstances, chances that we'll be able to (safely) travel outside Europe are getting close to zero. I don't even know whether we'll get to travel within our country this summer. I guess the Bowl concerts are more than likely to be canceled, perhaps sooner than later.
  5. Right now, I just hope that the Maestro remains in good health in those turbulent times. As for the concerts scheduled for the rest of 2020, I'm being really pessimistic, even for the Bowl shows I wanted to attend next September. I still have a great trip planned to the USA next August, but already think that I won't be able to travel from Europe at that time (August 21st). Customers' reports show that American is starting to cancel flights from Europe for July and August! Depressing.
  6. Now hoping that Williams will stay in good shape as the virus spreads... and that I'll be able to fly to the US next August. I booked my flights two weeks ago. I can do nothing but keep my fingers crossed!
  7. As for when tickets will go on sale, I have no idea. Looks like they're only available as part of "packages" right now.
  8. I was thinking it could be helpful to many of you around here. Concerts at the Bowl have just been announced! Had been actually waiting for that, since I've been contemplating for some time about planning a new trip to LA later this year. The idea of going will certainly grow strong. https://www.hollywoodbowl.com/events/performances/1142/2020-09-04/maestro-of-the-movies
  9. Wow... listening to the samples from both The Poseidon Adventure and Earthquake and I must say they sound pretty good to my ears.
  10. How not to get over excited reading those words of yours! Can't wait listening to those samples. To tell the truth, I have mixed feelings regarding this major release. I couldn't be happier to see The Towering Inferno getting a (splendid) re-issue at last. Needless to say I've been waiting for that for so long (like so many of us around here). Yet there's the heavy price I'll have to pay to (finally) get my hands on that classic score. I own previous releases for The Poseidon Adventure and Earthquake, which I've been quite happy with until now. I'll have to get this pricey, yet gorgeous set anyway!
  11. I gave it a try this morning (madness!) and got to snap one ticket for one of those Orgelbalkon seats. I chose not to place my order eventually. Not worth going all the way if there were no view on stage.
  12. Same here! I've been listening to the terrific sound samples for the last few minutes... it will be pretty hard to resist buying what looks like a wonderful (definitive?) set. Fantastic job and labor of love from the guys at LLL once again, it seems.
  13. Same here. I really enjoyed listening to those two pieces live, which I had never had the chance to before. In the end, I spent a fantastic night. The performance by the LSO was absolutely incredible, from start to finish!
  14. The samples sound incredible to my ears. The improvement over the original CD will be dramatic!
  15. Holy f...! Just read about the Varese announcement. That's truly amazing! 😍
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