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  1. Why? Because in English we pronounce it Row- zha or Row-sha. There are no English language words ( dipthong) with " zsa" What about that guy from Varese....Byron...Bryon . Very understandable why folks get confused.
  2. It's obviously a way of selling it to commercial tv stations as a min-iseries after its run on HBO.
  3. Why is " Relase the kraken" a meme? I believe it's from the REMAKE of CLASH OF THE TITANS which wasn't exactly a cultural event. Also, never got the " Kneel before Zod" meme from SUPEII. What's so funny? " The Dude Abides" is a great meme!😊
  4. Y'all forgot the Bond films ! Next topic: Expanded Expansions DANCES WITH WOLVES GBU ROBIN HOOD DIE HARD..
  5. When I went to interview him, he kicked me out of his office! Can.you believe that! The nerve of that guy😠😡
  6. Did Tolkien credit Wagner for borrowing from WAGNER' s RING CYCLE. It's pretty obvious. 😎 😉 Well I didn't buy any Steiner scores with that bounty. In fact, I've never owned anything by Max. Granted, I'm not a Golden Ager , but I've enjoyed music by Newman, Waxman, Tiomkin, Rosza. Not Max. Nothing he has done appeals to me.
  7. It's going to a test of will to stop myself from violating the rules. I'll probably fail, but will go down fighting to the end# Have you ever listened closely to the dialog in the film he's watching?
  8. I wish he did more of those . The swashbucklers he is known for never thrilled me. I HAVE a cdr!
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