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  1. [begin] A public service announcement: As we work on custom covers and perhaps even scan in various original covers towards that effort, I wanted to post a plug for the website "Album Art Exchange" where folks post some really fantastic scans of album covers for use in itunes etc. They don't post custom covers, but their collection is a bit weak on soundtracks so it looks like they could use the help of some dedicated fans here. So, if you've scanned in some soundtrack covers while making custom ones, why not do a public service and contribute your scans over at the "Album Art Exchange"? http://www.albumartexchange.com/covers.php [/end] Okay, back to our regularly scheduled explosion of creativity!
  2. Personally, I think it looks excellent. No kidding.
  3. Charlie -- that cover is fantastic! How did you do it? I love the minimalism of it! Okay, so I got impatient about doing the Karate Kid soundtrack covers because I have long wanted 4 individual covers for the Varese Sarabande box set release of Conti's score to all four movies. I had posted a request for scans of the DVD art but I realized that I could scan in images from the soundtrack booklet and use those images to repair what I found online. Here is my go at it: Karate Kid 1: Karate Kid 2: Karate Kid 3: The Next Karate Kid: P.S. to Greg1138 Done and done!
  4. Nice work, guys, on both sets of the Star Wars and on the Indy cover!
  5. Thank you. Nice work, too! Truth be told, I paged through these forums for inspiration to help me craft the covers I was looking for. Funny -- I suppose I should have asked! (I'm grinning as I write this.) So, speaking of making more covers: does anyone here, by any chance, happen to own all four of the Karate Kid movies on DVD? I'm looking especially for the versions in which every cover is done in the theme of red. I have tried for years to make covers for the Bill Conti scores, but every effort has been a disaster. Don't know why it is so hard. But, given that we have the boxed set of all 4 soundtracks, I figure I should take another crack at it. The easiest would be to use scans of the red toned covers that someone in Hollywood made for each film. With some cropping (and using the original Karate Kid font "News 701 Bold"), i'd be able to create four rather consistent covers. Unfortunately, I only own the first film and I haven't had luck getting good enough quality images of the covers via the world wide interwebs. I suppose I could just go buy the last 3 DVDs to get the covers, but I can't bring myself to buy KK3 or the Next Karate kid -- how's that for prejudice? Okay, to make a long story short, anyone have all 4 of the Karate Kid films on DVD with the individual red covers AND have a scanner to scan them...? (I know it is a long shot!)
  6. Okay, gang, I've taken the great suggestions into account and am offering my revised covers. I took Charlie Brigden's font advice; I tinkered a bit more with the yellow to get it to my liking; I produced a green alternate for Wycket; and, just for Wojo, I put out a simple "Superman 1-4" so that he can keep his album count low! Disc 1: Disc 2: Disc 3: Disc 4: Disc 4 (Kryptonite Alternative) Disc 5: Disc 6: Disc 7: Disc 8: The alternative cover for Wojo: Cheers, FarVoyager
  7. Thanks! Green is a great idea! I'm kicking myself for not having thought of it. I'll post some revised versions in the next few days, including the green cover idea as an alternate for S3. I've also been tinkering with the helpful font suggestions that Charlie Brigden made; that work is almost done. Thanks for the feedback, guys; very helpful. FarVoyager
  8. EDIT: This work now represents a first draft. Scroll down further for links to the second iteration. Well, I just discovered that I have already hit my size limit for posting files. So, here is an image shack link for all eight covers: http://img697.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=disc1h.jpg Here are the covers individually: Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 Disc 5 Disc 6 Disc 7 Disc 8 Enjoy! FarVoyager Very helpful feedback -- thank you! I will have to tinker some more. I'm working on GIMP and the fonts in GIMP are a bit of a hassle. Later this year, I hope to upgrade to a new Mac and CS5 -- the font work should then be easier. Any ideas on the yellowish covers? I still don't like them, but I'm not sure what else to do. Again, comments and criticisms are welcome! FarVoyager
  9. Hello, First time poster here. I wound up on the forums looking for artwork to use in itunes for the FSM 8 CD boxed set for Superman. I saw that someone posted some nice covers that used the original movie posters, but I have to admit that I never liked the posters for many of the Superman movies. So, I simply decided to come up with my own. I fear that my artwork is rather inferior to much of what is posted on here, but in case someone finds these useful, I am posting them here. Some notes: 1. My goal was to make a distinct cover for each movie, so Superman I and Superman IV have the same color scheme for two discs because they're spread across two discs. 2. I'm not happy with the Superman IV yet; I tried to stick with Superman colors (red, blue, yellow), but I'm still not happy with the yellow that I used in Superman IV. 3. I tried to create some continuity between all the covers by using the original logo from the movies; for the animated series disc (disc 7), however; that meant that I had to tamper with the overall theme a bit to reflect the logo used in the cartoon and try to stay consistent with the other covers. 4. Feel free to criticize my work. EDIT: P.S. All 8 covers are down below. Scroll down for them. EDIT 2: I've deleted the attachments. The 8 covers posted below represent the first round. Scroll down yet further for round 2. (Hopefully done!)
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