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  1. No, the Blu-ray deleted scenes are entirely different from those included in the previous DVD prequel releases.
  2. I think KM may be right with these figures. Tintin has the potential for huge overseas success, but in the U.S., I haven't heard much hype around the film. There are some people who know Tintin but it will take some serious word-of-mouth to get it over the $200 million mark. That said, it still may make $600-800 million overseas. War Horse looks really good - the trailers make me want to see it. But it is a serious, dramatic film about a horse. That has not always been the recipe for success. In short, both of these movies will perform largely based on how good the films actually are - neither can rest solely on the appeal of the subject matter (or Spielberg's name) to guarantee an audience.
  3. Is there another one of these coming soon? It's been weeks!
  4. I was watching the interviews on disc 7 and they were also framed in the upper left hand corner on my LCD HDTV. It still covered over 75% of the screen but I think the framing was intentional. Not sure why, though.
  5. Maybe I was biased from reading your comment beforehand, but I totally agree with you now that I've seen the deleted scene. Does JW get animatics for major scenes before he composes to the completed film? It would make sense that he would get a head start coming up with themes for these key moments.
  6. I'm through Attack of the Clones in my numerical viewing of the Blu-rays. My screen is not big enough to tell a huge difference from the DVDs, but so far the saga looks beautiful, it sounds beautiful, and it's genuinely as fun to watch as ever. I still catch myself slapping my forehead from time to time when cheesy dialogue, poor CGI, plot holes, etc. presents itself, but on the whole, each of these films is a masterpiece (flawed as they may be). I don't want anyone to misunderstand or blow that statement out of proportion, so let me explain: There is so much attention to detail at every level, and it comes together so brilliantly, these films are classic romance-style works of art. They may not measure up to other "works of art" of other media by other artists, but it still rises above the run-of-the-mill Hollywood blockbuster. These movies are going to be around a very long time. I wouldn't be surprised if Star Wars was the new "Mother Goose" 500 years from now. They feel bigger than just the two hours of screen time, even ignoring the cultural impact. Even the lowliest of the saga brings to life this far-away galaxy in a way that few films have been able to achieve. [/fanboy gushing]
  7. I LOVED Band of Brothers. The main titles are one of my favorite score tracks ever. I enjoyed hearing from the actual vets - it reinforces the reality of the events depicted. The book is pretty amazing, too.
  8. While that may be true (I wasn't at the Scholastic marketing meeting), I would think that the decision was at least in part because a "sorcerer's" stone sounds more exciting that a "philosopher's" stone, and that the word "sorcerer" in the title would at least give a clue to what the book is about (i.e., magic).
  9. Huh, I never noticed that username. I just looked it up, and Data only made 8 posts on the other board (one of which I now actually remember reading - must not have paid attention to the username). Then I checked my stats and noticed I only posted 4 times. Meh. In case anyone's interested, the top posters on the temp board were: Stefan 159 posts Quint 146 KM 125
  10. I can't wait to watch these films on Blu. I should be getting them in the mail today if everything goes smoothly. Other than the "Nooo!" dialogue, none of the changes bother me. I think the unaltered films will come out on Blu-ray in the next few years anyway.
  11. That's one of my favorites! Way better than Armageddon, IMO.
  12. Super 8 was great. I voted for Captain America because it was over the top, just what the film needed. Alan Menken's march was the best music in the movie, though.
  13. In an alternate version of "19 years later," Harry and Ron attend the feast in the Great Hall at the commencement of their 7th year at Hogwarts after dropping out two decades earlier.
  14. Although disappointing, the cartoonish CGI is not surprising. It is a ride, after all, and most people are too busy hanging on to their seats. Even I didn't pay much attention to the the graphics - there was a lot going on. It was about the quality I would expect. No doubt the ride would benefit from higher quality graphics, though. But as Data has alluded to, there is a certain cost-benefit analysis that goes into Disney's decisions. On the whole, Disney has been more likely to "spare no expense" than, say, Universal or Knott's. Disney's rides, even in recent times, are still lightyears () beyond most of the output at other parks.
  15. I'm thinking the PeopleMover track will never be inhabited again - especially after the RocketRods fiasco (a ride I actually quite enjoyed when it wasn't broken). On a related topic, I think there is a systematic problem which has developed at the Disney Parks: now that the FastPass line has to join the regular queue so close to the boarding area, the queueing areas of many rides are left unused. This is particularly evident at Indiana Jones. People speed through one of the most inventive queueing areas in a matter of seconds - no more spikes crushing down from the ceiling, no time to play with the rope in the well, etc. A similar effect has occurred at Space Mountain (where regular riders are forced to wait an hour under the sun and subsequently speed through the air conditioned portion of the line). At Star Tours, I wish they had fixed this somehow. Rather than punishing all riders by having us weave back and forth in a blandly decorated room with only soundtrack for ambiance, they should have expanded the themed queueing area and allowed FastPass riders to join through an alternate entrance, possibly missing some of the themed area but not sacrificing the experience for everyone else. I felt like there was little time to appreciate all the details crammed into that one little room with all the droids.
  16. I liked some of the scenes but the acting was quite awkward, and the dialogue wasn't particularly smooth. In Noctem is the only scene that seemed clean enough to fit in the film - it was indeed beautifully, done - it seemed closer to the style of DH2 than HBP (which is a good thing for this scene). The only reason I can think of excluding it is to keep from disrupting the flow. I especially disliked the way they shot the "I'm not worried because I'm with you" scene. It should have been a quieter moment with close-ups, no camera movement or walking.
  17. Twice - first time was better because 1) it was in IMAX 3D (I saw it again in 2D), 2) it was the midnight showing with all the geeks, and 3) there was still the element of surprise to build the suspense since I wasn't sure exactly how it would be executed. The second time was still very fulfilling - I got a chance to notice a lot of the details I missed the first time around.
  18. If you really have an opinion on something, I think it is a shame not to at least try to convince others that your opinion is the correct one, in a reasonable, polite way. However, if you get to the point that you realize the other person is not going to be convinced, its best to just leave it alone.
  19. Membership is discussed here and nominating and voting is discussed here. Basically, you have to be invited to be in the Academy and the voting rules are different for certain categories.
  20. It may be the worst part of Forrest Gump but it was the lead-in to one of the funniest moments of the film.
  21. Maybe this is a loaded question, but I think if this site is going to last another decade, it might help if the moderators and members understand why we're all here. If you have another answer, I'll add it to the poll.
  22. I for one like indy4's provocative poll. Unfortunate that it caused the exodus of a moderator, but - alas . . . I'm in the crowd that loves a great volume of film music from a variety of composers, but I think if I had to put all Williams music on one plate and all other film music on the other, the scale would tip squarely in favor of Williams. There's too much greatness in too high quantities to be matched.
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