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  1. Gladiator is one the most overated scores imo!,don`t even think it fits the film that well either,the softer cues are better but the acton music is bad imo
  2. Hans zimmer score and endcredits with one direction song! i despair!,and film will probably be over done effects like alot of films these days.
  3. Born in 69,but empire was the first williams score i got into,quickly followed by loads more,70s and 80s my fav williams era not surprising.
  4. I hope zimmer don`t do the scores,certainly could`nt sit through the film or films with his style of music,that would be the worst decsion in composer choice in cinema history imo.
  5. The duel cue in empire,partic the fanfare part!,flying seqence superman and chasing rockets!,reunion of friends in harry potter 2!,loads more from star wars scores,there`s to many to mention off top of my head at mo!.Does anyone else find flying seqence so emotinal,and uplifting,never get bored of listeing to many jw scores.
  6. Agreed he`s a crap composer! be same old crap with little musical content! still should`nt really bother me to much not going to see the film,loosing interest in todat`s films anyway apart from war horse now thats a good film with agood score by a superb composer,not all this zimmerish shit i whole heartly agree..zimmer indeed??
  7. I dam well hope this don`t happen,scores to his films will go rockbottom,zimmer won`t able to turn any good score out for spielberg,he should chosr giacchino,at least he`s a good composer,zimmers nothing but a technican imo
  8. You mean to say he`s wrote themes lol
  9. What are there conan re-recordings like coz i`m thinking of getting them?
  10. i did thats why the lol! but did`nt notice it straightaway!,was amusing.
  11. terrable thought when williams retires speilberg will probably use zimmer! thats not good at all.
  12. oh bugger ! see what you mean,meant to say don`t see what people see i zimmers music. lol!
  13. Don`t even compare zimmer with mozart!1,zimmer isn`t no where near genius of mozart and just slightly different composers lol.personaly don`t see what people see in zimmer`s music really can`t.
  14. john williams dracula! hook! jurrassic park! return to oz! jaws 2! ,of those dracula is my most wanted,please someone release it...
  15. Almost all the maurice murphy solos! and tim morrisons solos born on the fourth of july,jfk.and solo in alien original main title.Toss up with maurice murphys and tim morrisons playing,both superb.
  16. Loads of good scores from elmer!,but one of my faves is slipstream,love the themes and the style and performance by the lso! grat stuff.
  17. score probably be same zimmerish crap like most hollywood scores today! dark brooding ,very little musical content,bad use of orchestra,little or no themematic material just rythmic!dread to think...
  18. In the trailers the music sounded much to media ventures for my liking!poor silvestri pushed to doing that horrid style probably..
  19. Superman`s dome opens so superb! but i`d agree with sail barge assault and enterprise.
  20. I personally don`t feel confortable listeing to electronic music on its own whether on scores or away from films.
  21. Scores to hollywood films still stuck in a rutt,a bad one imo,but away from hollywood they are promising.Deff think its fault of film makers wanting same media ventures rubbish,barely anything i like of zimmers that i`ve heard,and can hardly get into any when heard on cd,and think gladiator score overated. Also think its zimmers fault to,must say thou think he`s good being interviewed he seems to almost slag is own music off
  22. Mod's note: Discussion moved from this thread: http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=20034 zimmer has`nt either[ever]
  23. Pity he never did trumpet concerto for late maurice murphy,that would of been great!luckily sort of makes up for it in scores.
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