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  1. Space sharks: now THAT's a great idea for Episode IX! Or maybe for Johnson's trilogy?
  2. OK, so only one or two alternate(s) in the whole score. Note that down, KM:"No need to worry too much about alternates"!
  3. None of the track times match those of the OST, which suggests unreleased music (at least the last track seems to include 30 seconds microedited from the OST): 01. The Papers and the Presidents (4:30) 02. Reading the Papers (1:20) 03. First Class Seat (1:57) 04. Ben's Living Room (2:43) 05. Wild About Harry (3:12) 06. Let's Publish (4:49) 07. Dad's Note (2:44) 08. Setting the Type (1:09) 09. Presses Roll (4:28) 10. The Decision and End Credits (11:35)
  4. That's only because you reminded them how quickly we got the one for TFA!
  5. There were some nice material in it. Your loss. EDIT: Well, CDs were in fact sent. Completely forgot about that post (no wonder, given the price the FYC was sold for).
  6. But there were there actually CDs sent to voters for that one? Never saw it on eBay.
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