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  1. Weird but interesting mix. Hey, it's not just about me, it's about the new guys who just joined the forum, only to be insulted by you because they don't share your opinion on the new score.
  2. Yeah... Maybe it is time to give up hope. No FYC this time! Oh well, we can still wait for the Blu-Ray release for some unreleased music...
  3. I'll take the $390 one! More expensive = rarer!
  4. They have his name, they have him. I've been there alright... But I wonder if you have!
  5. An illegal recording. He has posted illegally quite a few unreleased cues from it in another thread (or is it this thread? It's all very confusing...)
  6. You can be a Jedi, too, Will... by buying a lightsaber in a Disney Store near you...
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