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  1. I have found that it helps to spin/twist the CD around the spindle while taking it out if it is "stuck"
  2. "Well, ya got me. By all accounts, it doesn't make sense." "Oh, right. The poison. The poison for Kuzco, the poison chosen especially to kill Kuzco, Kuzco's poison." I definitely prefer the KKBB melody, as the Thunderball is too close to the Bond theme.
  3. I mean, it had to have started somewhere, yes?
  4. Some would say using a book is how you DON'T write in that idiom, you go by feel and ear. Nevertheless this is what I found: https://www.masterclass.com/articles/funk-music-guide https://www.amazon.com/Everything-One-First-Guide-Funk/dp/1541256603/ref=asc_df_1541256603/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=316578622005&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15976796954995622390&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9017433&hvtargid=pla-669059122946&psc=1 https://www.amazon.com/Advanced-Funk-Studies-Creative-Patterns/dp/0825825539/ref=asc_df_0825825539/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=312050264297&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15976796954995622390&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9017433&hvtargid=pla-450185292669&psc=1&tag=&ref=&adgrpid=61316180559&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvadid=312050264297&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=15976796954995622390&hvqmt=&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9017433&hvtargid=pla-450185292669
  5. There are, I just linked to the Toontrack stuff, because it's very much designed to help out those who are only skilled with one instrument/area/style/genre write for another I added some more to my post: For example this one https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4/
  6. For funk/soul: Bass: https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezbass/ https://www.toontrack.com/product/gospel-ebx/ Or https://www.toontrack.com/product/session-player-ebx/ Drums: https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezdrummer-3/ https://www.toontrack.com/product/funkmasters-ezx/ Keys: https://www.toontrack.com/product/ezkeys-2/ https://www.toontrack.com/product/classic-electrics-ekx/ Vocals: https://www.soundsonline.com/vocals/voices-of-soul Possibly, https://www.soundsonline.com/vocals/hollywood-backup-singers Brass: https://www.soundsonline.com/brass-and-woodwinds/hollywood-pop-brass https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4/#sounds
  7. Only a step forward in giving you a headache with its incessant percussion, gritty synth, and snap pizzicato. Only good action stuff is anytime PC's theme plays, the early version of Rescuing Trumpkin, Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance, and the Tree/River God finale. And the stuff lifted from the first score, but that doesn't count.
  8. Yeah, I don't really hear any obvious comparisons to any LOTR cues. (Not that I wouldn't be able to one they were pointed out.)
  9. To the even more aggressive thumping RC style action of PC?
  10. Which is funny, because apparently HGW was the one who contributed the most to that CR.
  11. The context was him talking about the first listens of the Sequels being through leaks, and I thought those were FYC's. or maybe it was just TROS?
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