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  1. Cars, ELO, Rush? 1982 Signals - Rush Coda - Led Zeppelin Hello, I Must Be Going! - Phil Collins No Control - Eddie Money Rio - Duran Duran Pictures at Eleven - Robert Plant It's Hard - The Who Toto IV Private Audition - Heart Aldo Nova Chicago 16 1983 Frontiers - Journey The Hurting - Tears for Fears War - U2 Genesis Synchronicity - The Police The Fugitive - Tony Banks The Principle of Moments - Robert Plant Kilroy Was Here - Styx Pyromania - Def Leppard Subject..Aldo Nova Passionworks - Heart 1984 Grace Under Pressure - Rush Street Talk - Steve Perry Sign In Please - Autograph The Warning - Queensryche Heartbeat City - The Cars Agent Provocateur - Foreigner Isolation - Toto Tooth and Nail - Dokken Chicago 17 1985 Power Windows - Rush No Jacket Required - Phil Collins Heart Songs from the Big Chair - Tears for Fears Southern Accents - Tom Petty & TH
  2. 1981 Moving Pictures - Rush Abacab - Genesis Escape - Journey High 'N' Dry - Def Leppard Ghost In the Machine - The Police Paradise Theatre - Styx 4 - Foreigner Shake It Up - The Cars Face Value - Phil Collins Time - ELO Turn Back - Toto
  3. Possibly to keep from splitting the vote between two tracks using the Ark theme.
  4. When, honestly, quite a few of those are actually worse these days.
  5. She was closer to working with him than I have ever been
  6. It's from a book series... same as The Golden Compass I think?
  7. ESB is GOAT, ROTS might be next in line, but AOTC has probably my favorite finale though
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