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  1. IIRC Closest thing is Doug Adams on LOTR, and he isn't a music producer, and that was a special case.
  2. Finished the story of Mario Odyssey, now for the after game!
  3. 1m2A New Krypton (As Written) "1:23-:128 has a small bit of mock-up to create the original ending. The as-recorded ending has the strings move up a 4th before moving back down to the final note. This original ending simply moves from low C up one step to the last note (D)." https://drive.google.com/open?id=1fouY5k5LgvUxUIwh45uh7aSkGiaue7qU 1m3 [Rev] The Dome Opens (As Written) "Mock-up from 0:53-1:08 to restore 5 cut bars. This cut moment extended out the phrase of that the horn/trumpet start playing, which builds to a tremolo in the upper strings. The sustained note in the high strings/ww at 1:36 is 2 bars long originally. I artificially extended the sustain to make it last longer 1:44-2:04 is mock-up to re-create 7 cut bars. This cut-out chunk is one more statement of the low brass music that appears near the start of the cue with the swirling low strings underneath. " I am not too sure of this one, I might revisit it after seeing if either cut of Superman II has any extra footage from this sequence in it's prologue recap. (or in the bonus features of any of the Superman BD's) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WsOUF7mZ9-1_aH4CaBg9WGbB3nEEQfEA 2m1 The Council's Decision (Original / As Written) "1:21-1:25 Added woodwind parts on top of the brass chord, very subtle. It's not crossed out, but I can't hear them on the final recording, so I'm guessing they were told not to play or were drowned out by brass 4:06-4:41 Added in a clarinet part that has these oscillating back and forth fast notes, creating kind of a shimmery effect. I can't for the life of me hear this part on the final recording, so maybe also the clarinet was told not to play during this section. It's mixed in softly so it's a subtle addition 4:58-5:20 Added a flute part back in. This one was crossed out so obviously was not recorded with the flutes playing during this section. 5:33-5:36 Quick mock-up added for a woodwind flourish that happens on the big brass chord. This was crossed out. 6:46-6:56 Small addition, layered a horn/trumpet sustained note on top of the already existing horn/trumpet part. Reason being that the sheets has them sustain the note for the entire 10 seconds, but in the recording they take a breath in the middle and re-start the note. 7:11-END is the original unrecorded ending." I made numerous trims to sync, using the Extended Cut. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15KLr7GoNa-9XtS04JIxKk0_zBTPhDTNz
  4. Here is Kryptonopolis as recorded I shortened one of the zoom in shots of Kryptonopolis to sync.
  5. What about 1:20 and 1:27, do you think those are the same brass notes? or just a coincidence?
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