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  1. Well, IIRC Shore does compose in those longer form pieces with rests for unscored scenes, but breaks it up for recording purposes (as opposedbto Horner, who just recorded long cues as they were)
  2. "Your full of surprises master Baggins!" If I am not mistaken, Mithril Vest is 5:21-7:26 (or 6:42-7:26)
  3. Edit: Yeah, he might be talking about the outer box that contains the JCs.
  4. Love and Let Die The Man with the Golden Bun Dr. Not From Russia with Dove Moonbaker The Spy Who Loved Ma Tomorrow Never Ties Licence to Kilt A View to a Kilt
  5. @Jay Some of your post got a little wonky when talking about the action music and what is on the OST vs. The film/FYC
  6. It's an roleplaying game, if it is hilarious or not, well... humor it is a difficult concept.
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