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  1. Damn fool, I knew you were gonna say that.
  2. I wasn't serious about throwing it away, I would probably sell it, for a fair price (around 10-15$ base)
  3. It's a throwback to the old studio days, when they would repurpose Rozsa music from previous films
  4. You can tell that some of it is edited though, for example there are bits on the OST track, not in the film.
  5. has anyone checked to see if maybe tracks 25-27 are on their server but not accessible on the site?
  6. Put this together and thought, what the hey, might as well start a thread: It's Not All Work (Alternate): Found this in the DVD documentary "Chuck Fu and Dim Sum" The main difference is the more obvious statement of the theme at 0:14 and the rest from 0:24 on
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