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  1. It's a translation/exaggeration what we are hearing is an embiggening of "what really happened"
  2. Doesn't it replace orchestral material with a percussion overlay? It reminds me of a Wii channel lol
  3. Yup, Hook's material and the Burglars are basically cousins, also Hook has some shades of Accidental Tourist (1:58 of Healing Process and Peter Remembers) and still some Crusade-ness (the cimbalom in Hook's Entrance and Ultimate War) and even Temple of Doom/Olympic Fanfare and Theme (Ultimate War) Is From Mermaids to Lost Boys, the first time Williams used melodic choir for something beautiful in a major way? Empire and Superman have short sections more in the background, Raiders, Temple, and Jedi have it more for dark mystery/evil. EDIT: forgot about Empire of the Sun Though, at least it's not technically fantasy.
  4. I can hear some Coruscant-esque material in Peter's Challenge 4:54) And of course, The stories are true feels like a more lighthearted TPM Emperor theme appearance
  5. Huh, I always felt Modern age started with JP T-Rex Rescue. (Nowadays I feel it starts with Streets of Shanghai from EotS)
  6. Because the old LLL presented the film version, with the dialed out End of Hook fanfares. Probably had Enter Rufio combined into it.
  7. Would you say the fanfares in "Neverfeast" are related to the "Mothers" theme?
  8. I figured that was what was probably the case, but just thought I would bring it up. Was that a similar situation with the Take Me Out to the Ballgame source? or was that an actual seperate extension?
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