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  1. Don't forget the practice of naming people "So and So II"
  2. Wanting to write something memorable is an intent though.....
  3. I was thinking if you mention a cue inside one of your descriptions like: But you didn't, so the quotes suggestion doesn't apply here
  4. I feel like some formatting would help make things a bit clearer, bolding the titles, added quotes (") where needed. Something like this:
  5. True, but not exactly part of the development, see Fellowship theme in the FOTR EE title card
  6. Back in my day, we copy pasted what we wanted, or we highlighted what we wanted, and then slid it!
  7. Hopefully the new management rectifies that in an update soon, as they have been with everything else. Believe it or not, the ability to "easily" slide files is a recent development!!
  8. I mean the beginning of the file (the shorter slid one), not the beginning of the project (or longer, top file).
  9. Try doing that with the bottom file instead of the top, highlighting a selection from the beginning to 7:15
  10. Have you tried changing the indicator to "length and end of selection", then highlighting from the beginning of the first file to where the second file starts? The length timestamp (leftmost of the two smaller timestamp) should be what you want, since I assume you want the timestamp for an edit point.
  11. So did I lol Load Files Slide file 2 highlight selection from beginning of file or window to point you want the timestamp from Get timestamp from indicator at bottom of window.
  12. An overall timestamp of the file or a timestamp within that file? What are you editing, and what are you trying to do to it, That might clear things up.
  13. What timestamp do you want exactly? the length of the clip? The original position of the clip before you slid it?
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