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  1. The missing 8 bars of the original Lost R2 are more likely intended for the "Look Sir Droids!" scene, as indicated by the comic adaptation (though, It could be possible the Beru scene would have been part of it...) Also slightly surprised you didn't mention the Dies Irae mixture with the Jaws theme in More Little People.
  2. Alfrid's "Abandon the cripples!!!" line made my friend in a wheelchair crack up laughing. So, basically the Book?
  3. If those result in this getting released, than how unnecessary are they really
  4. Apparently Phone means Sound in Greek (according to what I read. The guy who made it was Roger Richard Waters
  5. I want the originally intended Riddles in the Dark with that cool little bit for Bilbo figuring out the Time Riddle
  6. Action music. (Possibly) Less Additional composer contributions, "ethnic" sounds
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