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  1. @enderdrag64 according to the comic, Set your course for Alderaan, would have been between Luke finding Owen and Beru's dead (A Home Destroyed) and him returning to Ben (Hive of Villainy)
  2. IRRC there was an episode of Flash with a villain that shrinks a building, right around the same day as Ant Man and the Wasp teaser.
  3. Pretty sure a cue list somewhere mentioned it. EDIT: maybe I misunderstood.
  4. Angus Macfayden as Robert the Bruce in Braveheart I assume?
  5. I mean, there are people that say cassette/VHS recordings are "scary"
  6. Seeing Mando's face was part of his arc. Ultimate argument: no prequel films, no prequel scores.
  7. GoldenEye 007 And Perfect Dark Artist Brett Jones Has Died
  8. I think Corran's second crystal in I, Jedi was synthetic too?
  9. It's a concept orginating from the 2016 Ashoka novel by E.K. Johnston, and the Soule Vader comic There was a "reverse" version (Red to Yellow) of this in a Legends novel (Riptide or Crosscurrent I think) around 2011.
  10. She was bleeding the Lightsaber crystal channeling her hatred and suffering imbuing it with Dark Side energy.
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