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  1. Faleel      The Great Gonzales

  2. Presto      Faleel

  3. Signals      Presto

  4. A Farewell to Kings      Signals

  5. Clockwork Angel      A Farewell to Kings

  6. Roll the Bones      Clockwork Angel

  7. Counterparts      Roll the Bones

  8. Power Windows      Counterparts

  9. Grace Under Pressure      Power Windows

  10. Permanent Waves      Grace Under Pressure

  11. Falco      Permanent Waves

  12. Spider-Fal      Falco

  13. The River (Fal)      Spider-Fal

  14. Fal J. M. Skywalker      The River (Fal)

  15. Faleel J.M.      Fal J. M. Skywalker

  16. Falafel      Faleel J.M.

  17. Fal      Falafel

  18. Fennel Ka      Fal

  19. Faleel      Fennel Ka

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