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  1. I think the music sound more vibrant on the dvd release. Red Route 1 sounds more clearer. And I do miss the film version of Kaboom!!!.
  2. Sorry for the delay. No certainly not you OneBuckFilms. Only me I ask the stupid questions lol. Thank you for replying to my original question.
  3. Hi Guys, Please excuse my novice comment. When I hear the music from TWOK on DVD. I think some of the instruments sound more crisper. Example if I am not that crazy, I think I can hear drums during the "Surprise Attack" at 2:08?
  4. If I may add Wing Commander please. A definite popcorn movie. Acting was well, anyways lol I love the bombastic score by Kiner.
  5. Only way to see ANH & TESB is to contact Adywan directly? Sorry folks would love to see both of his renditions but I couldn't find it via Google.
  6. I saw bits and pieces of both ANH & TESB but not the entirety unfortunately.
  7. I believe the music was recorded in Air Lyndhurst, London, England.
  8. Sorry folks I didn't mean to sound selfish. Thank you for your comments.
  9. OK sorry this was just a favorite of mine. Thank you :)
  10. Sorry I don't mean to cause any issues with my request. This is what I was able to hear from a few years ago. Here are just some, but not all of the unreleased cues with estimated times: The Diligent encounters a gravity well: 4 minutes Never Existed: 1:46 Authentication: 1:41 The Earth fleet/Sweet landing: 2:18 or 2:58 (sorry not sure due to sfx) Scout patrol: 2:30(?) Position compromised: 1:26 Crash landing: 4:20 Battle stations/Dog fight: 6:58 Reckless endangerment/hiding: 8:00 Attacking the command ship: 5:12 Battle engaged: 4:31 Blair's message: 1:00 Blair rescued: 1:33 Some of the music was muffled by the sound effects.
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