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  1. If I may add Wing Commander please. A definite popcorn movie. Acting was well, anyways lol I love the bombastic score by Kiner.
  2. Wish Kim said Jimmy's tagline at the end as well.
  3. Only way to see ANH & TESB is to contact Adywan directly? Sorry folks would love to see both of his renditions but I couldn't find it via Google.
  4. I saw bits and pieces of both ANH & TESB but not the entirety unfortunately.
  5. I believe the music was recorded in Air Lyndhurst, London, England.
  6. Sorry folks I didn't mean to sound selfish. Thank you for your comments.
  7. OK sorry this was just a favorite of mine. Thank you :)
  8. Sorry I don't mean to cause any issues with my request. This is what I was able to hear from a few years ago. Here are just some, but not all of the unreleased cues with estimated times: The Diligent encounters a gravity well: 4 minutes Never Existed: 1:46 Authentication: 1:41 The Earth fleet/Sweet landing: 2:18 or 2:58 (sorry not sure due to sfx) Scout patrol: 2:30(?) Position compromised: 1:26 Crash landing: 4:20 Battle stations/Dog fight: 6:58 Reckless endangerment/hiding: 8:00 Attacking the command ship: 5:12 Battle engaged: 4:31 Blair's message: 1:00
  9. Hi Folks, I hope no one minds my post. Today is the 20th anniversary of Wing Commander (Arnold/Kiner). Movie was ok, but I got hooked on the bombastic score. Sonic Images released the soundtrack back in March 1999. Unfortunately at the time the sdtk had about 38 minutes of music. The score heard in the film was almost 70 minutes long. Hopefully I'm not the only one who would like to hear some classic Arnold/Kiner. Crossing fingers either La-La Land or Intrada will consider an expanded sometime this year. Thank you.
  10. Wing Commander - 1999 (Arnold/Kiner). March 2019 would be the 20th anniversary. Sonic Images released the score back then only a little over 37 minutes. The score heard in the film is about 70 minutes. A bombastic score but I am hoping LLL or Intrada would consider an expanded CD.
  11. Hmm both the Jack Ryan character and Tom Cruise has the same pose w/gun?
  12. TBH I never saw the original Japanese version of Godzilla (1954) until recently, (took me long enough ). Great movie indeed. When I was younger, far younger I saw the American version w/Raymond Burr and thought hmmm this doesn't look right .
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