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  1. Actually if you listen to the last track (#23 The Jedi Steps and Finale between 1:03 and 1:11) you hear part of the Imperial March.
  2. I think you have a point, but it could also be a reflection on her heredity.
  3. In Episode VIII, Han Solo will return after is he made a ghola by the Tieilaxu face dancers.
  4. The movie should have be called James Bond Rogue Protocol or James Bond Ghost Nation.
  5. Does any one have the proper sequence of the OST yet?
  6. Does anyone recognize the music in this DraftKings commercial? It sounds it came from either Bernard Herman's Seventh Voyage of Sinbad or Miklós Rózsa's Golden Voyage of Sinbad. http://www.ispot.tv/ad/AVmZ/draftkings-the-sleeper Any guess?
  7. Did Kraemer borrow from Rosenthal's Clash of the Titans ?Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  8. I saw in the movie theatre yet remember very little about it.
  9. Yawn. Another Eon bore feast. I am glad Cubby and Ian are not around to see how the kids have destroyed the series with its pretentiousness. The Craggy Bond has no joy that existed in the novels. Another dark, Christopher Nolanesque , with a dash of psychobabble in yet another unbearable Mendes movie.
  10. I want Christopher Hampton to write the screenplay and Joe Wright to direct. Howard Shore to do the music; incorporating the languages of Dune in choral works.
  11. I remember when I saw this movie in the theatre the theatre was handing out primers on A4 paper. This would be a somewhat complex movie to sell to the public.
  12. I am generally opposed to remakes, unless a certain criteria is match such as: 1. Did the originally meet a level of quality? 2. Is there something about a remake that could be done better or done differently to distinguish it from the original? Such as could improved technology on special effects make a movie better. 3. Was the original done in an era where it, due to current morality of the time, could not fully explore the storyline. This especially applies to novels adapted to movies.
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