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  1. My 2nd favorite Star Wars movie. Just below A New Hope and just above Empire.
  2. It was a couple of years ago but I wanna say 250lbs for 4 reps.
  3. Usually don't listen to scores while working out but one time I did hit a personal record on a bench press using "The Death of Rexor" from Conan. Specifically from :37 to about 1:10
  4. Not sure but you just reminded me of this video I watched a few days ago.
  5. Just want to take a second here and say to everyone that while yes, hearing this new material is exciting and listening for new themes is fun, lets not forget that this is the last time we will ever hear new Star Wars music from our beloved Mr. Williams. Savor it, take time to sit back and relax and really digest it. Soon it'll be like saying goodbye to an old friend and our Star Wars musical memories for the past 42 years will be all that's left.
  6. Very excited for this release. As a major western fan, I know all of these titles and the inclusion of Streets of Laredo sealed the deal for me.
  7. I was very grateful for this release and I still am. What a treat to get some great music left off the OST such as "Anakin Wins." I never really understood the complaints about the presentation. Most of us do our own edits anyways. Thanks to all the complaining, we never got AOTC or ROTS and it still makes me sad that I have to rely on the bootlegs to hear some of John's greatest Star Wars music. My only complaint is that it doesn't sound as good as the OST.
  8. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Back to the Future II Born on the Fourth of July Glory The Burbs
  9. 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark 3. Jaws 4: Star Wars 5. Temple of Doom 1. Clash of the Titans '81 2. Conan the Barbarian 3. Braveheart 4. Gettysburg 5. Dragonslayer All tough choices.
  10. Received mine today. No shipping notice either. About to start a listening session.
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