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  1. I too have amassed another large shopping cart at LaLa Land and Intrada. Just waiting to place the orders. There's seven Goldsmiths in there... Shadow, Great Train Robbery, etc. Non score discs I recently picked up were the first 12 of the Frank Zappa reissues. A few - Burnt Weenie Sandwich, Chunga's Revenge, Absolutely Free and Hot Rats - are a revelation.
  2. Odds and ends over the past few days... Bruce Broughton - The Rescuers Down Under Michael Kamen - The Iron Giant Hans Zimmer - The Dark Knight Rises Found both of these in a dollar bin: James Newton Howard - Atlantis John Barry - Dances With Wolves (Expanded)
  3. Definitely ordering The Shadow. I think I'll pass on Safan's Wolfen, as I didn't really care for the clips I heard before.
  4. There may have been a discrepancy in their stock system when I was on Intrada's site. Just got a fulfillment notice on my order, so Troll is on its way. Perhaps someone else had it in an already-placed order and cancelled.
  5. I woke to this alert from CNN. So tragic. I'm reconsidering seeing this tonight, not for fear of my safety, but of being reminded during the film of what happened in Colorado. This surely will affect attendance across the nation, I have to imagine.
  6. I must have listened to the samples 4 or 5 times before buying. I'm glad I ended up getting the score.
  7. RIP. My wife and I watched a late-night showing of Twister on cable this weekend, and there's a great little part where one of the stormchasers blasts "Child in Time" as the caravan closes on a tornado. Such a great song!
  8. Me too, never was able to get into this score. I think it's a combination of many factors (not having seen the movie, score too long). Perhaps someday I'll get a few hours to just sit and listen to Hook through headphones for a proper appreciation.
  9. I placed an order for it at Intrada's site this afternoon. While it's listed as "Out of Stock," it's still got the "Add to Shopping Cart" button, and not the common "SOLD OUT" message. Now, the wait to see if the order is actually fulfilled. If not, no biggie.
  10. Actually, I'm still waiting for Link to ship from an Amazon Marketplace seller. It was a good price (under $30), so I jumped. It's definitely OOP, but the prices have come down on it recently, I've noticed.
  11. Went on a serious Intrada spree recently to "catch up." Charade, Hatari - Henry Mancini... both of these score an A with me, just fantastic. Predator, The Avengers - Alan Silvestri... haven't listened to yet. Squanto - Joel McNeely... haven't listened to yet. Fright Night - Brad Fiedel... haven't listened to yet. Masters of the Universe - Bill Conti... very listenable, strong action score, A-. 2 Days in the Valley - Jerry Goldsmith... Good late-period outing, B. Once Upon a Time - Mark Isham... The music resonated more with me while watching the series than on disc, but it's still pleasant nonetheless, B-. Island at the Top of the World - Maurice Jarre... My first Jarre, and what a blast! Never seen the movie, but I'll need to seek it out now. A. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Ron Goodwin... Just wow! My favorite of the batch so far, an insanely memorable score, A+. Toy Story 3 - Randy Newman... A little more focused than the first two, with some great moments, B. The Black Cauldron - Elmer Bernstein... There's some fun material in this score, but I can't shake the similarities to Ghostbusters (mostly that Ondes) or the sheer length. Perhaps I'll make a shorter version to try out. C+. Link - Jerry Goldsmith... haven't listened to yet.
  12. Is there much difference between film and album presentations of Masters of the Universe? Just wondering, as I listen to clips online. I really didn't remember the score being this symphonic, pretty cool!
  13. Breaded chicken, cous-cous and some microwaved vegetables. Semi-homemade goodness, I say!
  14. I can barely hear anything totally orchestral when driving. My car doesn't hide road noise too well, especially on freeways. Makes listening to John Williams and others hard to do on the go!
  15. I think it's a great score, and works as a stand-alone album. It's one of the only scores I can play in the car.
  16. Thanks Incanus! You've made me revisit this score this afternoon with fresh ears, and I was able to listen to it straight through for the first time, I believe, ever.
  17. I played tuba for about six years during middle/high school, but haven't in some time. I'd love to learn to play piano and bass guitar sometime.
  18. Jaws is getting an extensive restoration for Blu-ray release, so I would assume we'd see a new version of the score as well.
  19. I'm in for sure. The first half of the season, I thought that we'd never get a digital release of the music, let alone a physical one.
  20. Adding to the ever-expanding Goldsmith collection... BABY: SECRET OF THE LOST LEGEND LOONEY TUNES: BACK IN ACTION CHRISTUS APOLLO
  21. I like "Avengers Assemble" better than "The Avengers" - where's my alternate cover, Intrada? My shopping cart for their label just keeps growing bigger. I will eventually have to push purchase!
  22. I never realized the recordings were different until I started critically listening a few years ago. My favorites are A NEW HOPE and JEDI, each one has its stunning moments. My mind must be playing tricks on me - I thought that I heard more rolling snare in the SITH opening, like the music had more of a "military march" feel.
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