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    Mattris reacted to mrbellamy in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Santa is here again YES
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    Mattris reacted to crumbs in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Yet another key crew member (editor Maryann Brandon) doing some damage control about why a bunch of stuff that shouldn't have been removed from the film got removed from the film:
    Yes, it's completely irrelevant why a formerly dead villain is suddenly alive, considering it's the main plot point of the entire film, and final big villain of the entire saga. She goes on to explain the final cut was delivered at the last second and they had 3 months less production time than on TFA (and boy does it show).
    This comment on that page sums up my feelings: This is one of several interviews I've seen with the filmmakers where they provide answers to questions left lingering from the movie, or filled in details about stuff that got cut out. If it's apparently so important to tell us about all this stuff you left out of the movie, maybe you SHOULDN'T HAVE LEFT IT OUT OF THE MOVIE.
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    Mattris reacted to Edmilson in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Am I misunderstanding, or are you saying you know my tastes in film music better than myself? 
    It's not like "has EPIC™ choir = better score", otherwise, I would have loved the variation Lorne Balfe did with choir for the Mission: Impossible theme on Fallout (I didn't). Or some scores for blockbusters from people like Steve Jablonsky or Rupert Gregson-Williams.
    Heck, Giacchino uses choir constantly, and most of the time it's unremarkable, like Doctor Strange.
    It's not the use of choir per se, it's HOW it's used and WHEN it's used. If Williams scored every action scene on the Sequel Trilogy with Duel of the Fates and Battle of the Heroes, it would be indeed tiresome and dull.
    The examples I posted above are from climactic battles on their movies (with the exception of the Two Towers one, which occurs at the beginning): Neo vs Smith in Revolutions, Frodo vs Gollum in ROTK, Rick vs Imhotep vs Scorpion King in TMR,  Anakin vs Obi Wan in ROTS, Na'Vi vs human army in Avatar, Luke vs Vader and the Emperor in ROTJ. 
    The use of choir on these scenes elevated them to operatic levels, giving them a tragic, epic quality, and highlighting to the viewer that this is the end, the last battle for the fate of the world/galaxy, everything is on stake... It's not just an action scene, it's THE final confrontation between heroes and villains.
    It was usual to use choir on climactic battles until a few years ago. These days (as I highlighted with Deathly Hallows 2 and Endgame) they're scored like every action scene on the movie, with bombast, but little to diferentiate them from other action music on the same score.
    As for the argument that these horrid trailer music are using fake choir it all the time, well, that's not really the fault of the composers, is it? "Oh, I won't write an outstanding piece for this movie because some third-rate trailer house will do an awful variation of it". 
    Even still, I prefer when trailers use their imitation of film scores than those horrendous "slow, dark and disturbing" covers of pop hits, like this crap:
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    Mattris reacted to Blumenkohl in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Disney doesn’t dole out final cut rights. Either it’s Disney or it’s mutual (conditional on meeting release date obligations). 
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    Mattris reacted to Blumenkohl in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Your reasoning is terrible and divorced from the reality of film making. But at least you get right that the fault lies squarely with the director that signs his name in the credits. 
    He’s got a nascent $250 million deal with WB on the line, he’s not going to rock-the-boat and sour his reputation as the director who works well with suits. Whatever power he has, he is in a sticky spot and can’t exercise it without huge repercussions. And I don’t get the impression he is courageous enough to go down fighting for what he thinks is right. That’s the problem with JJ. He always delivers what the studio asks for. 
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    Mattris reacted to Giftheck in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    If there's any truth to that post, considering where it's posted, then it seems JJ might have had 0 say on the final product.
    There was a video that I saw that has the interviewer ask the whole cast what they thought of the ending. Nobody was paying attention to JJ there, but it seems to me he was utterly unsurprised by their reactions.
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    Mattris reacted to leeallen01 in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Think about this - The Skywalker line is dead. But the Palpatine line lives on.
    I think that's the true message George Lucas intended, and the true meaning of Star Wars...
    But considering it's 2019 and you can 'identify' as anything you want; Rey can just 'identify' as a Skywalker.
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    Mattris reacted to leeallen01 in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    When Ben had his vision of his father, you could see that Han looked different because he had the beginnings of a beard growing. So it was nice of Ben to imagine his father that way. It definitely wasn't because Ford couldn't be bothered to shave for his scene.
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    Mattris reacted to Edmilson in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Now that you said this, I just remembered...
    When they are sinking and falling over that cave where the hidden Sith artifact was located or whatever, Finn yells at Rey that he wanted to tell her something. Then, when they are entering the cave, Rey asks what it is, Finn says he'll tell her later, and Poe whines about they don't want him to hear that.
    It is implied that Finn was going to admit his romantics feelings towards Rey, which of course would've made his subplot with Rose on the last movie completly pointless, but who cares, right? In any case, after that they seem to COMPLETLY FORGET what Finn was going to tell Rey, and then they just arrange some other partner for him, that archer lady (are they trying to attract the Hunger Games fans)?
    That is Finn the Stormtrooper, everyone: on each movie of the trilogy he falls in love with a different girl, only to completely forget about it on the next movie. A fine example of a character who only thinks with his dick.
    Therefore, that thing about he wanting to tell Rey something was just there because the filmmakers (?) wanted the trio to bitch about something to make the audience entertained during the boring cave scene.
    My gosh, the script for this mess seems to be written by complete morons...
  10. Haha
    Mattris reacted to leeallen01 in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Can anyone make sense of this incredible writing? - Rey went to kill the Emperor, and before she could, he made sure to tell her that if she does kill him (which he wanted her to do) then she will be inhabited by his spirit and all the Sith, which of course makes her not want to kill him. But then she does kill him, and she doesn't get inhabited by him or the Sith...she just dies because she was tired? Then she's resurrected by Ben, who then dies himself because he was tired? Just like his mother Leia who died earlier because she was tired? Just like her brother Luke who died earlier because he was tired?
    Man that force sure does make people sleepy.
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    Mattris reacted to leeallen01 in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    My favourite line was when Dominic Monaghan said "why not just use the Holdo Maneuver," and another character replied; "Nah, that's a stupid Rian Johnson screw up. We can't do that sh*t bro."
    ...Or it may have been "that's a one in a million shot."
    Same thing, of course.
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    Mattris reacted to Alex in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Doesn’t Snoke encourage Kylo to kill Rey? Or at least hint that that’s what he should do?
    But if he’s being controlled my Palpatine and Palpatine wants Rey... ugh, they really should have planned this better.
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    Mattris reacted to leeallen01 in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    It was nice of J.J to pull a 'Last Action Hero' and go into the film to give all the characters the script.
    Everyone just seemed to know what was happening at all times and how to get to the next Macguffin instantly. 
    Just one small example of the wonderful coincidences this films had is that it was lucky for them to 'accidentally' get into a sand speeder chase and then 'accidentally' get shot down and fall into the only patch of quicksand around, and then 'accidentally' discover a hidden cavern that 'accidentally' has the exact thing they're looking for. 
    ...wonderful...erm, what's that word? Is it storytelling?
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    Mattris reacted to Balahkay in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    I thought the Fisher scenes looked pretty good.  I was expecting something weird like the young Leia from RO.  It was obvious the dialogue was written around Carrie's sound bites but it wasn't jarring to me.  I think they did they best they could use existing footage and it was very respectful to the late actress.  However, I would have liked to see a funeral for Leia (in the same vain as Padme's) instead of the characters hovering over her body covered with a white sheet.
    What really looked odd to me were the young faces of Luke and Leia - not at all natural or real looking.  Their fencing outfits were odd, too.
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    Mattris reacted to Edmilson in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    The movie is fucking terrible. One of the worst I've seen this year.
    Firstly, the script is a mess. A lot of things happen, and I mean A LOT, but you don't have time to breathe, to absorb what just happened, or the shocking revelation they just threw at you. Things just go from A to B to C and you're like "okay, whatever" instead of shocked or emotional. 
    Combine it with a messy editing, and you have the impression you're watching a long sized trailer or a YouTube video summarizing the plot, instead of the actual movie. Few were the movies that gave me this feeling - one was The Battle of the Five Armies, and the other was Suicide Squad.
    And the worst part, apparently the plot was created by a commite of marketing executives who spent millions on social media research about the Star Wars brand since the release of The Last Jedi. Fans didn't like the character of Rose Tico and her actress Kelly Marie Tran? Okay, let's invent some whatever reason to keep her out of the main plot ("General Leia needs me here to do some research, yada yada..."), despite the strong bond she formed with Finn on the last movie. People complained that the main trio of heroes didn't spend much time together? Well, let's put them searching for whatever McGuffin on some whatever planets, while bantering and bickering with themselves, people loved this on most franchises!
    The revelation that Rey's parents were nobodies that sold her for booze didn't sit well with fans? No problem, she is now actually Palpatine's granddaughter! Also, let's not explain the logistics of how that happened, so the idiots will be theorizing and buying our comics/books for years to come!
    Also: Disney execs got so terrified at the reaction to TLJ that they decided to make TROS one of the most coward movies I've ever seen. Whenever something of actual weight and consequence happens onscreen (i.e.: the death of an important character, like Chewie, that lady with the Power Rangers helmet that Poe wants to bang, Threepio loosing his memory and, of course, Rey sacrificing herself to destroy the Emperor), they immediately proceeded to undo it. I ALMOST left theater when Chewie and the Power Rangers lady appeared alive and well, but then I remembered I spent a ton of money on the IMAX ticket for this garbage.
    FUCK! It's the FUCKING final chapter on the FUCKING saga, people expect tragedies to happen, beloved characters dying, this kind of stuff! Chewie dying, and by Rey's hands, would be an interesting and brave way to raise the stakes! But no, people would whine on social media, so let's make he actually survived instead!
    And what about the terrible dialogue? I mean, how many times do we still have to suffer for that same scene on which the main hero is going on a dangerous mission, and his best friend is like "I'm coming with you!" "No, I'll go alone, it'll be too dangerous, I don't want you to die because of me, blablabla..." "I don't care, I'm going anyway!" (cue uplifting music while they embrace).
    This crap went to reshootings this year, didn't it? I'm inclined to believe that the reshoots were for the third act, because the filmmakers wanted to copy the climax of Avengers: Endgame (which came out in April). "They did 2.8 billions at the BO, why don't we do the same thing? Maybe we can do 2.9 billions!". But this has been Abrams' MO since always, so anyway.
    Williams' score is good as pure music, but on the actual movie it sounds like a mess, like pieces of cues stitched together at the convenience of the music editor. That is, when you can hear the music, most of the time it's buried beneath the sound effects.
    Since I don't want to be completely negative about it, there was some few good stuff. The movie at the very least works as a beautiful spectacle on the big screen, with great, epic and interesting sets and flawless special effects, although that is the very minimum required for a 200 million blockbuster movie by Disney (but I liked the short recreation of Luke and Leia appearances when they were younger). The fight choregraphies for the two Ren and Rey lightsaber fights are interesting, and I specially liked the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon style jumps they've made on that partially sunken ship.
    The best part about the movie was, of course, Williams cameo. I'm all for more film composers cameoing on the films they score (Desplat also had a cameo on The Monuments Men, right?). However, I really hope this isn't the Maestro's last film. To finish his brilliant career, which include some of the most important American movies of all time, with this piece of shit would be really disappointing. I hope Spielberg does at least one more great movie for Williams to write a great score before retiring. Could be some American President biopic, an "very important and timely" movie starring Tom Hanks or Indy 5 - whatever, just do something good simply for the Maestro does not retires with this crap.
    Say whatever shit you want about TLJ or the prequels (and I like TLJ while at the same time recognizing its flaws), but at least they were the personal view of their creators about the story and the characters. TROS, on the other hand, was made to make people stop whining and bitching and posting YouTube videos deriding the saga. Well, guess what, geniuses: they won't.
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    Mattris reacted to crocodile in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    So Palpatine wanted Rey to kill him so that he can take over her body or whatever.... But when she does kill him later that doesn't happen? Besides, if that's his plan why does he ask Kylo to kill her? And how can she stops his Force lightning that almost obliterates all the fleet? I mean, lightsabers are cool and all but surely not that powerful?
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    Mattris reacted to Cerebral Cortex in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Man, was super disappointed by this film. Can't believe what a mess it was. It is not deserving of the great score it got. Wish Williams could have ended on a better Star Wars film. 
  18. Thanks
    Mattris reacted to Bespin in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Am I really the only one to think they just showed up that history is repeating when Ben resurrects Rey, like Plagueis (do you finally understand his name was Skywalker at least?) once resurrected Shmi? It’s a repeating circle!
    I think the average 2nd generation fan of SW (you all) are simply too dumb to understand the Slywalker Saga in it’s whole!  

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    Mattris reacted to Docteur Qui in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Well that’s a shame. This new trilogy really could’ve been something great if it kept up the trajectory established in TLJ (a flawed but interesting film).
    I read back on some of the earlier posts, sounds like this film was butchered in reshoots and editing. It shows. 
    I didn’t hate it, but man I groaned at nearly every fan wank wink, nod and reference. Also “Palpatine” will never not sound ridiculous coming out of anyone’s mouth.
    The score is sick though! As expected.
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    Mattris reacted to Balahkay in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    What I don’t understand is why the Emperor waited so many years to make his return. And how do we know that he’s really dead now? Because all powerful Rey killed him?
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    Mattris reacted to Romão in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    I agree. His scenes in TLJ were much more gripping that any Palpatine scene in TROS. Plus the set design and cinematography was also much better.
    One of most enticing prospects I had for this movie was seeing Kylo Ren's reign as Supreme Chancellor. It lasted like 2 minutes in this 
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    Mattris reacted to Chen G. in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    For me, its not so much to do with Lucas, its to do with the structure of Star Wars as a series. Its all over the place, but it does have a very discernible climax and denoument, which are contained within Return of the Jedi.
    There's a reason films don't continue after their denoument (the odd post-credits scene notwithstanding), and the same should apply to a film series: If it just keeps going on and on, it'll just become meaningless. It needs to build towards a conclusion and then stop there. Its a similar issue that I have with Marvel's Phase 4: We already had a climax and denoument for the series - there shouldn't be any more movies.
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    Mattris reacted to Pawel P. in The Rise of Skywalker - COMPLETE SCORE Discussion - SPOILERS ALLOWED!   
    So, after the press screening, I can tell you that the score is really, really good, really crushing. This movie really owns it a lot. I haven't heard FYC material, but especailly two new themes are very epic and have a very prominent place in the score. One is majestic, both are super catchy and memorable. An instant classics for me.
    I have the impression that this is the most aggressive score of the new trilogy, and at the same time the most lyrical and nostalgic. Of course, old themes are back - Force, Vader, Palaptine, Leia, Han Solo and the Pricnes, Yoda, Rey, Resistance. End Credits is a mix of old themes and new ones.
    I didn't notice Dule of the Fates, but there is a powerful choir that sounds quite similar to it. There are more choirs, at the beginning and especially in the last act of the film. One of them reminded me of Anakin's Betrayal from ROTS.
    The movie ends, for the fourth time in a row, with Binnary Sunset.
    In two places, if I remember correctly, Williams almost copied fragments from ROTJ (Darth Vader's death) and ESB (Dagobah). But it sounds spectacular.
    To sum up, there is a lot going on here. I can't wait to hear it on CD. And of course a few more times at the cinema.
    Of course, don't take my words for granted. I really like scores from both TFA and TLJ.
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    Mattris got a reaction from mstrox in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    Reveal at your own risk. Don't say I didn't warn you!
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    Mattris got a reaction from Chen G. in The Rise of Skywalker SPOILERS ALLOWED discussion thread   
    @Chen G. No,The Rise of Skywalker did not live up to my expectation... not in the slightest. I thought the film was incredibly convoluted and ultimately, underwhelming... certainly not a fitting installment to mark the end of the Saga. I doubt I will ever watch it again. That being said, I will enjoy John Williams' excellent score.
    How do you think the film compared to my treatment posted on page 7? And do you still doubt that John Williams was told of Rey's origin to compose her theme accordingly?
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