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  1. Bullshit. Everyone was happy with ROTJ being the final movie. If Episodes 7-9 had never been made, ROTJ would have been a satisfying ending. When I heard there was another trilogy being made my reaction was "WTF? WHY?" Anakin's story is what Star Wars is, and it ends in Episode 6. I believe all the main cast has said they are done with Star Wars. They are not coming back.
  2. The Last Jedi is the best thing about the Sequel Trilogy. I actually had hopes that TROS would be just as good.
  3. The context of Palpatine's speech was simply that the Sith could keep other people ("the ones he cared about") from dying. It was only a tease so Anakin could think he could save Padme. Plagueis couldn't stop himself from dying so why should we expect Palpatine to? Palpatine should have stayed dead. Him coming back in Episode 9 was stupid.
  4. YES!! The saga ended with ROTJ. Was anyone really dying to know what happened after that? Only people that read the EU novels. Was anyone left dissatisfied after ROTJ? No. There was no need for the ST.
  5. I'm not a huge fan of the Jurassic Park score other than the two main themes. I'm just saying I wouldn't recognize the new TROS themes if I heard them. They're the least memorable of the SW themes. Because when Rey's theme or Kylo's theme plays wherever that character is on screen then it's easier to associate it with them. The new themes are so random and they don't stand out from the rest of the score.
  6. I still don't recognize the two new themes when I listen to the score. They don't represent a character like the vast majority of his other SW themes, so they just seem random and blend in with everything else. TROS is my least favorite SW score.
  7. Binary Sunset is just The Force theme. Ben's Death: Actually the 1997 SE discs could be used as a concert arrangement.
  8. I haven't seen Dark Fate and I don't want to. I agree with the poster that said to just stop watching after T2. The rest are stupid.
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