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  1. The SE releases of the OT have everything I need. TPM:UE has everything I need. I have bootleg scores for ROTS, TFA, TLJ so i don't need more there. That leaves AOTC and Rogue One. I have the majority if AOTC, so I chose Rogue One.
  2. For me: TPM > ANH >>>>TFA ESB >TLJ >>>>>>>AOTC ROTS = ROTJ >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TROS
  3. I think you give Lucas too much credit to think that there is some hidden meaning we are all missing here. These movies aren't that deep. Didn't he himself say they're essentially kids movies? The Skywalker saga is over.
  4. Mine kind of is. I mean, his theories are so on point but he won't share them with us? He's so brilliant but he won't reveal what he's figured out. Please. He's so full of himself he must be dying to tell us! There won't be another trilogy. There's no reason for one. All the original Skywalkers are dead.
  5. There is not going to be an Episode 10. All you have to do is message me this proof you have and maybe I'll change my mind. Otherwise you're just a pathetic troll. Trevorrow's script and concept art had no Palpatine because it wasn't planned for him to be in it. Period. What reveal is this? Message me.
  6. No, you assume that's not true. You have no more evidence than the rest of us. Palpatine not being in Trevorrow's script proves to me it was a last minute idea. But please, keep repeating the same stuff over and over because you have no more evidence. I suppose "what's coming" will be in The Mandalorian, but it doesn't prove anything. Private message me if you're so sure what's about to happen.
  7. A surprise that will never happen. 🙄 If it was so obvious and inevitable that Palpatine was coming back why did it take you until way after TLJ to figure it out?
  8. When the novelization of The Force Awakens was written, it was not decided yet that Palpatine would be in the trilogy. Involved how? 😄😄😄
  9. Seriously I am excited about the release. By "digital" that means it will be available for downloading?
  10. I don't get being so excited for a track list for the whole score for a movie you've seen already. You already know what's on it!! So now when is it being released?
  11. Every time I see an article on the internet that says, "somehow the Emperor survived" or "somehow Palpatine is still alive" or something like that I realize how bad of an idea bringing back Palpatine was.
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