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  1. My Interpretation is that 3 notes in common means nothing. Lots of music have 3 notes in common. Just coincidence.
  2. Your fact is as relevant as the fact that the sky is blue.
  3. TROLLING. Because you only have your opinion, not facts. That's your interpretation. The fact that the plots are pretty much the same, I would say it was a lazy remake. I liked it for the most part, but it was ANH v2.0 Ok. No more feeding the troll.
  4. He ignores that everyone including Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver both said that the story changed. Abrams even said Kylo was not originally going to be redeemed. EXACTLY. He's just a lonely troll. He hasn't any except that Rey's theme has a few notes in common with Papatine's.
  5. No. There are people mentioned here that are a lot more obscure than them. By far.
  6. I was joking, but it is full of people I've never heard of. I don't consider them celebrities.
  7. There should be another thread like this for celebrities.
  8. Once again I'll have to Google who that is.
  9. I loved The Last Jedi. It's TROS that was a real disappointment.
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