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  1. Paige, Holdo, Luke, and Rose? Too many sacrifices in one movie.
  2. I disagree. I liked Rogue One and I loved Solo. The movies and the scores. Unlike you guys I see movies for the film, not the score.
  3. If they couldn't make the jump to hyperspace after escaping the blockade then they probably just went to the nearest planet. It didn't have to be between them and Coruscant.
  4. I'm too tired to argue, but it's impossible for Tatooine to be between them.
  5. She just needs a nose job. Now Ana de Armas is quite an improvement.
  6. How could it be if it's in the Outer Rim and Naboo isn't? It was near Naboo, not between Naboo and Coruscant.
  7. I do too. TROS was the only bad film in the trilogy.
  8. Is that the same woman as the woman with the guns?
  9. I assume all the old themes (Yoda, Luke and Leia) at the end are tracked? I remember the Vader's death cue from ROTJ on the DS2 remains. Other than that the music is so hard to hear in the mix i don't remember much tracked music.
  10. There's a rumor now that Kathleen Kennedy is stepping down.
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