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  1. Did he sing opera? No wonder I never heard of him.
  2. I'm really confused. I still don't hear the Throne Room in that clip from ROTJ
  3. I have to listen to that again! I always thought the ESB droid theme appeared during their time on Endor, maybe when C-3P0 calls out to the stormtroopers before the big battle? Or during the battle? I'm not sure.
  4. Is this stated somewhere? I would definitely argue that it's a theme for her.
  5. Luke and Leia's theme should have been in ROTS when they were freaking being born!
  6. I've never heard of there being a different one in ROTJ. I missed that somehow!
  7. First, what droid music in ANH are you talking about? I didn't know there was any. Second, isn't the Droid motif in ESB the same as ROTJ's?
  8. Look at his filmography on IMDB. He scored movies released before he was even born!
  9. Not to me. I'm glad I can't tell the difference. That's all I have to say.
  10. No, we just don't understand why you would go through that much trouble to fix what isn't broken.
  11. This is the thread where I learned you are all weirdos. The new discs sounded fine.
  12. After several listens to the soundtrack I realized there are pretty few action sequences on it. Even the Battle of Syracuse doesn't sound like much of a battle. It's not a very exciting soundtrack. On par with KOTCS.
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