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  1. As much of a basic, by the beats re-do of HA1 is, HA2 is quite charming and hilarious.
  2. "The 40th anniversary is about a movie that hasn't even come out yet. Not the movie that is 40 years old."
  3. Took a little break from here, but that could work!
  4. So the film score, plus the alternate battle over coruscant, alternate Padme's ruminations, alternate Grievous travels to Palpatine, alt. Lament, can all fit on one CD? ROTS was pretty wall-to-wall music without the tracked / looped drums music as is.
  5. Oh I would, I don't expect to just get it for free...but I doubt he has any copies of the Intrada album just sitting around.
  6. While there is a Message option, I feel it'd be rude to come out of nowhere asking him to send me a copy...however:
  7. How do I do that? There's no "add friend" or follow option haha and i'm not sure how i'd even manage to ask for it, honestly
  8. "My child is dying. He wants to hear the complete recording sessions for Hook, the SW Prequels, and Prisoner of Azkaban. Thank you." Boom, we got em'.
  9. I mean, I have a mp3 version of it, but I'd love t own the CD. I'll probably pickup the truncated version on Amazon for now, then set my sights on the Intrada later.
  10. Yep I used to not care for the score, so I skimped out on it- rewatching IT, I found myself loving it- and regretting not getting this lol
  11. Unfortunately that's a 38 minute pressed CD-R Not the actual release
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