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  1. I very rarely if ever buy CDs at this point, and blu-ray as well for that matter. It would collect dust in a corner somewhere.
  2. Look what just came in! now if only I could listen to it lol
  3. I'm just happy to have it! Thank you and LLLR for all your hard work on it
  4. Mine is out for delivery today, and I'm excited to get it. Kind of a shame I don't have a CD player on my computer to import it, however LOL.
  5. Hi, everyone! I used to post here under Score_Fan, although it wasn't particularly often so I don't blame anyone for not remembering me haha. It's a bit of a bump and somewhat off topic, but can anyone identify the instrument used at 1:08-1:23? The bells (?) Thank you!
  6. As much of a basic, by the beats re-do of HA1 is, HA2 is quite charming and hilarious.
  7. "The 40th anniversary is about a movie that hasn't even come out yet. Not the movie that is 40 years old."
  8. So the film score, plus the alternate battle over coruscant, alternate Padme's ruminations, alternate Grievous travels to Palpatine, alt. Lament, can all fit on one CD? ROTS was pretty wall-to-wall music without the tracked / looped drums music as is.
  9. "My child is dying. He wants to hear the complete recording sessions for Hook, the SW Prequels, and Prisoner of Azkaban. Thank you." Boom, we got em'.
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