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  1. As much of a basic, by the beats re-do of HA1 is, HA2 is quite charming and hilarious.
  2. "The 40th anniversary is about a movie that hasn't even come out yet. Not the movie that is 40 years old."
  3. So the film score, plus the alternate battle over coruscant, alternate Padme's ruminations, alternate Grievous travels to Palpatine, alt. Lament, can all fit on one CD? ROTS was pretty wall-to-wall music without the tracked / looped drums music as is.
  4. "My child is dying. He wants to hear the complete recording sessions for Hook, the SW Prequels, and Prisoner of Azkaban. Thank you." Boom, we got em'.
  5. The Lost World / JP collection - my absolute favorite expansion set I own. JP didn't add much since we were missing 3 minutes of music, but is still nice to have C&C. TLW however...this is where LLLR's lablem shines. 10/10 Rogue One. Eh. I like a few cues, but overall this was a sad miss for Michael. 4/10 (for the 4 tracks I liked, lol) Hook - my favorite score ever. I sincerely hope for a new expansion soon. 10/10
  6. This is the Potter franchise. He'd be lucky to stay on for Part 2. I'm not sure who I want. Outside of a few cues, Gia's score sucked, but I blame the producers for hiring him so late in the game. Maybe Howard Shore.
  7. Gonna give this score another chance. Hopefully this will flesh it out more lol
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