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  1. I've requested it and they answered back in 13 minutes with this message: "thank you for your email. We have refunded the money to your credit card account. Please just be aware that it can take up to 4-5 days until you can see the money back on your credit card account." You know, they are German
  2. NOOOOOO! It was going to be my first concert with the maestro!!!!! :-((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  3. The link at JWFAN is wrong, it goes to the Darth Vader's.
  4. I don't know of a "loud" ending with more emotional impact as this one (maybe except Mahler's 2nd and 8th), so cheers to the French for the excellent selection!
  5. I attended the concert at the National Auditorium (Madrid). I think that the orchestra still have a lot to improve, especially, as Luke said, the brass section (and specifically the horns), but also the woodwinds. It wasn't a very enjoyable experience for me, because I cannot really dive into the music if I find myself constantly distracted by the failures of the musicians. Another failure, probably caused by lack of budget, is that the orchestra is very small (70 people, when at least 90 people is usually needed). Add to this that the below par brasses play softer to avoid errors... However, I totally support and encore this kind of shows, because film music is pretty much absent from concert halls here in Spain. Many initiatives like this one are needed if we want some day to have the finest orchestras performing here this kind of music. I love "academic" music, but I think we can do without yet another Beethoven performance and introduce some of this material, which is deservedly becoming a classic of our culture. Another thing. The Nacional Auditorium, with a capacity of near 1000 seats, was completely sold out. That says something about the demand of film music in general and JW's in particular.
  6. Music score editions come in three typical flavors: Full score with parts: This includes individual parts for each instrument. Each part can be given to the corresponding instrumentist for he to perform his part. Conductor score: This one shows all instruments simultaneously, so that a conductor can see what is happening at a given measure with the entire orchestra. It is also the score used to conduct, so it should be clearly legible, hence it has a pretty big paper size. Miniature/study score: It is a mini-conductor score, edited in a more manageable paper size. Some times, with some editions, in tutti sections, you will need a magnifying glass! Seems (because of the price) that your Full Score is a Conductor Score (Scores with Parts can cost 300-400$, and Carmina Burana is a big piece!). If you don't mind about reading Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi and others very near of the paper, you can buy the miniature score. They are usually cheap and useful for studying purposes. Saludos from Spain! Mandel
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