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  1. I'd have to rewatch the recording but I would've thought he was following Williams' lead and waiting for his cue, especially if it was performed the same at all 3 concerts.
  2. I think Hook is the only other omission (films released in 4K but not yet expanded), with seemingly no expansion coming in the short-term. I guess Indy expansions have an excuse, if they're waiting until after Indy 5 (shitttt just realised we'll be waiting even longer now).
  3. I interpreted that as a deliberate creative decision, not a mistake. Loved the tension of holding that note before blasting into the main theme -- very musically satisfying to my ears!
  4. Didn't stop Bruce from posting pornographic images!
  5. Looks like the film has been remastered in 4K. https://drafthouse.com/show/free-victory-screening-amistad-4k-restoration Possible anniversary release next year?
  6. Any theories on why Williams doesn't want it released?
  7. I know next to nothing about the score, what's it like? Evocative of Cowboys in any respect?
  8. Glad to hear it arrived and actually had the right audio track. But how distracting is the SFX compared to the music? Does the music itself sound good?
  9. There was a logical explanation for the Azkaban frequency cutoff, but I don't believe the Schindler's List issue was ever addressed.
  10. What stunning playing that was -- and to think he's so young! Made me an instant fan. At the end of the piece, I noticed Williams stood down and gestured Bruno to stand on the podium, but he refused (presumably out of modesty, or not wanting to place himself above the Maestro). The future is in safe hands.
  11. I like that there might be another child sidekick for part of the film. The rapport between Indy and Shorty is lots of fun in TOD, really brought out Harrison's natural charisma. Plus, you know, Short Round's Theme!
  12. Temple of Segesta: Castellammare del Golfo: Seems like they need a boat: More pics here.
  13. Not really, when many fans consider it the purest Indiana Jones film of the lot. It's certainly the most enjoyable to watch, IMO.
  14. I split the MKV file in the top post into chapters, marking where each cue starts and ends. Download the video then play in VLC, you'll be able to see where each cue begins via the chapters.
  15. But isn't that the whole spirit of this series? One could make the exact same observation about the opening 15 minutes of Temple of Doom, which launches from one absurd setpiece to another (with Williams' score being the connective tissue that holds everything together). Abrams was misguided approaching a Star Wars film in this manner, much less for a closing chapter. I wouldn't consider it miraculous if Mangold happened to make a great film here. He is leagues beyond JJ Abrams in terms of filmmaking ability. Rewatching Logan tonight, the sheer confidence in his direction and storytelling is something to behold.
  16. Never ceases to amaze me how people can wax lyrical about Williams scoring action films into his late 80s, yet mock Ford for playing this role in his 70s. We should celebrate these people for dedicating their twilight years to work, when they could easily be enjoying retirement. The likes of Ford and Williams and Attenborough (who continues to narrate documentaries at 95!) should be applauded, not ridiculed.
  17. Might depend on how much critical acclaim the film receives. Neither Crystal Skull nor BFG set the world on fire.
  18. If nothing else it guarantees him at least two more Oscar nominations, in '23 and '24. He probably would've gotten only one nomination if both scores came out next year.
  19. The other notable difference is the volume. Disc 2 tracks are quieter on the new master than the earlier pressing.
  20. The final film's opening scenes with Connix, etc. was reshoot material. Those scenes didn't exist in the first cut JW scored. The revised opening cue (heard in the final film) is 1M2A, which bridges the end of 1M1 to partway through 1M3, meaning the entirety of 1M2 (and the first section of 1M3) went unused. There's debate around whether 1M2 was recorded, but clearly the music for deleted footage covered by 1M3 was recorded (because the rest of that cue is retained in the final cut). Well, no. That would defeat the entire point of this project – showing Williams' original intent and replicating the film's assembly from when he first scored it. Anyone who wants to hear the revised cues/inserts synced to picture can watch the official isolated score, and 1M2A is available clean on the OST.
  21. I mean, it's likely everyone who came into contact with him had negative tests beforehand. But I take your point, we should all be extra cautious even if vaccinated.
  22. A young Italian sidekick? Or just an extra? Loving the hairstyles and costumes. Ford looks sensational, as if that needed repeating. Great to see Indy's outfit unkempt and "lived in" again.
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