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  1. Wasn't it rumoured that Palpatine's presence/resurrection originally didn't happen until later in the film? I know everyone's speculated ad nauseum about why Disney withheld basically all footage and artwork of the scenes on Exogol, lending credence to the theory that the film was significant reworked during production (not to mention the opening scene making no sense and coming across like a thoughtless rush-job). Vaguely recall early rumours that Kylo Ren's first visit to Exogol had him encountering a decrepit, unrecognizable man that would later be revealed as Palpatine. So perhaps Williams conceived this new villainous theme to use as an identity for this mysterious character, without giving away this true identity (which the Emperor's Theme obviously would)? Fast forward a few months and Disney's marketing team decided to reveal Palpatine in the marketing, thus negating any need to keep his character a secret in-film, and effectively rendering Williams' new theme pointless. A timeline of when he wrote cues would be helpful; we could identify whether all the heavily Emperor-focused cues were latter revisions. And don't forget lots of the Emperor material is tracked in from ROTS, indicating JW's original intentions didn't feature the theme. Off the top of my head, The Emperor Lives and Falcon Flight were late/revised cues, along with almost everything in reel 7. It looks very stitched together in the spectogram. Definitely not a legitimate concert suite (at least, not recorded as one, it seems like a combination of a bunch of stuff). The ending is definitely artificial, as you've identified, lending credence to the theory the track is partially 6M12 Six Twelve (the destruction of Kijimi) with a fake ending replacing the actual ending of the cue (which is partially heard in the film).
  2. Does anyone consider themselves an expert on this film/score/session leak? Have been planning a Matessino-style edit of this score using the OST + sessions, but don't have a copy of the film to confirm certain session takes with their film counterparts. Here's the complete score spreadsheet I've been working on. If anyone knows which takes were used in the film (for any cues with multiple takes in the session leak), please let me know!
  3. Those musicians must be screaming out for income right now. Shame they made their fees so prohibitive that the labels can't even expand their scores. I wonder if it also hastened the industry's move towards electronic and sample-library scoring, because studios don't have to worry about the heavy reuse fees?
  4. So based on this post, and only if there's 26 copies left in their pressing from two years ago, they still have another 1000 copies left to sell. It's taken them 8 YEARS just to reach 2000 units. I seriously doubt we'll see an expansion in the next 5 years, if at all. Given the current climate, I'd be surprised if they even commissioned another printing in the next 12 months, and that'll take 5+ years to sell out. Then LLL need time to actually licence and assemble an expansion. Perseverance/WB really did screw us over by reneging on their gentleman's agreement with LLL.
  5. We can hope! Didn't Mike assemble the isolated score for the Bluray release? Probably means he's already done most of the groundwork for an expansion. EDIT: Just occurred to me this is a WB score, and those are now off-limits. FUCK!
  6. I reckon Sony Masterworks would consider Williams scores jewels in their crown. Memoirs, especially, was treated as a prestige release at the time, with the input of Ma and Perlman. Heck, one of the leaked documents in the Sony hack explicitly named Williams as a talent that should be looked after. My thoughts exactly (the prohibitive licensing fees make these scores untouchable for smaller labels, but it's small change for the likes of Disney or Sony).
  7. I wonder, with Sony suddenly interested in expanding scores on their own label, whether the likes of Memoirs of a Geisha or Tintin might be possible in the future? I guess Williams or Spielberg would need to lobby them to get the ball rolling.
  8. No, that's what we call 'stock photo man.'
  9. Probably a podium change to "soup up" that introductory music, before the taiko drum insert was conceived?
  10. The film version of the end credits features more of that underlying music than the album version too.
  11. Interesting! I missed POA when it played locally (boy I regret that now). Does all the source music get played live, also? Dufay, Courtyard, etc.? Personally the film version makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Love the way the whole soundtrack goes quiet (even the sound effects) and highlights the very mysterious rendition of Sirius' motif (which is totally lost on the album version underneath the chorus). It's a great contrast with the dramatic visuals.
  12. No, all 3 released versions of Quidditch, Third Year include the choir (twice on the LLL and once on the OST). A version without vocals (as it appears in the film) has never been released, sadly.
  13. Oh, I meant having the non-vocal version in the film score track (Page 394 And Quidditch, Third Year) and the choral version in the bonus section (Quidditch, Third Year, which presumably needed to match the OST version). Fair enough if JW wouldn't have approved it though, if he didn't intend it that way. Just curious because I always preferred the film version and would've loved to hear it clean. The huge orchestral swell that gives way to an eerie silence, in conjunction with the striking visuals, works very effectively in the film (moreso than the choral outburst that JW intended). I think Cuaron got this one right.
  14. Sorry, I can't read sheet music and figured that page you linked was only an excerpt of a more comprehensive leak (not just the recorder part, which seems to be the only fragment of that cue to leak). Yes, it's all there at the end of track 10 on disc 1. The LLL has pretty much everything the OST has, barring a cymbal crash at the start of Buckbeak's Flight in the credits suite (and a few subtle mixing differences in places).
  15. Out of interest, was there ever discussion about including the film version of Quidditch, Third Year, sans the choral overlay? I assume the choir was recorded as a separate element and Cuaron just opted to use the original recording without the overlay (seeing as the music doesn't sound artificially manipulated in the film mix or anything).
  16. How detailed was the sheet music leak? Wouldn't that reveal if the percussion in 3M5/5A Bonding With The Hippogriff and Sir Cadogan Again matches the percussion heard in the final film, previously speculated as a sound effects team addition? Seems like it's only 3M5A, Sir Cadogan Again. The music at the end of the film is 100% the same as the album take (albeit truncated).
  17. The first version of 1M4 Aunt Marge Points the Finger, heard here at 1.19: They only included the revised version (1M4X) on the LLL. Not sure why they didn't just include both versions with the other stinger, oh well. It was recorded, confirmed by someone who worked on the set. They just made the decision not to include the cue with its original opening as a bonus track. As @Holko said, even if the percussion was an addition by the sound effects team, after slowing down the album take and comparing with the film version, there are performance differences. It's unknown whether it was recorded at this slower tempo or artificially slowed down, but that's a separate point.
  18. Yes, there are items missing, but hardly a deal-breaker when you consider what is included. Just: an alternate opening for Buckbeak's Flight (this was replaced by an insert in the film and on album) an alternate stinger (only the revised stinger was included) some source music (the infamous Shawm cue) and some missing/incorrect film takes (the film take used for Sir Cadogan Again is missing and Befriending The Hippogriff uses the wrong take) If you want to get really finicky, there's some missing elements like cymbal crashes in the OST credits track (and a prominent gong which is mixed very low on the comparable LLL track). I think Williams also recorded an early Double Trouble demo for reference on set, separate to the album and trailer versions. It's worth noting the sound team artificially changed several cues for the film mix, silencing various elements in the score (noteworthy examples are Time Past without ticking, or the chorus-free version of Quidditch, Third Year). These were not Williams' intentions and thus are not included, but it's a shame the latter wasn't included in one of the two versions of that cue (rather than having the same music twice). Williams also wrote some very different early versions of cues that aren't included, but it's never been confirmed whether those were even recorded or included on the material Mike received from WB.
  19. Weird timing but it came up in discussion a few days ago, on the Trading Board (I mistakenly bumped the wrong thread but @Richard Penna kindly answered regardless!) Although Lady in the Water had a session leak of the film cues, a bunch of theme suites were recorded during the sessions that went unused (and didn't leak in the sessions nor were they included on the OST).
  20. Who knows, maybe this will lead to the infamous unreleased Lady in the Water suites that were recorded but never leaked! .... but I won't hold my breath! Not even the smaller labels can crack the MNS/JNH scores, for whatever reason.
  21. Geez, can they just release expansions of his existing scores rather than re-record them? It's not rocket science.
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