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  1. Trailers released which showcase the new 4K masters (bizarrely only uploaded in 1080p, but it gives you an indication of the new colour timing). Raiders has been fixed (no heavy orange tint as on the previous Bluray), Doom and Crusade look better than ever, and Crystal Skull has had a total overhaul. It actually looks like a proper Indiana Jones film now; that ugly, artificial, stylized green tint is completely gone and it now matches the brown/earthy tones of the first 3 films. Kudos to Kaminski for fixing this, assuming he was involved in the new grade. There's defini
  2. I wonder if this project was licenced before or after the Disney-Fox merger? Great news if after. I'm still not sure about the timeline (no pun intended) for Time Tunnel.
  3. It's a very fun secondary theme for sure. Williams always pulls something out of his hat for villains in the Indy scores. I'm not sure anything will ever top the Nazi march from TLC though.
  4. How I wish I was allowed to travel to the US right now. Congrats to everyone who can attend these concerts, super jealous. No excuses for anyone who lives stateside to miss this!!
  5. I wonder if 1540 is an MM/JW title. He mentioned in the WOTW podcast that he wrote 3 liner notes in a row back in late 2019: The River, Far & Away, and something else that hasn't come out yet. 1540 fits the timeline.
  6. He sure did! I think there's a longer video where he actually introduces the piece and why all those clips accompany it, but I can't find it.
  7. Indeed. It'll basically allow him to pursue whatever film he wants in the future. That's liberating as a filmmaker, especially one as immensely talented as Johnson. I just wish he would go back to ABQ for one more episode in the Breaking Bad universe and direct an episode of Better Call Saul.
  8. X-MEN: EXPANDED LIMITED EDITION SOUNDTRACK (2-CD SET) LLLCD 1504 Music by Michael Kamen Limited Edition of 3000 Units RETAIL PRICE: $29.98 STARTS SHIPPING MAY 11 Order yours starting MAY 11 at 12 noon (pst) at www.lalalandrecords.com La-La Land Records, 20TH Century Studios and Universal Music Special Markets proudly present a limited edition, 2-CD expanded and remastered release of renowned composer Michael Kamen’s (DIE-HARD, LETHAL WEAPON, ROAD HOUSE) original motion picture score to the 2000 big-screen superhero action-drama, X-MEN, starring Hugh Jackman, Ha
  9. It's curious how they disowned all previous Star Wars expansions but embraced the Concord expansions of the Indy scores on streaming platforms (wouldn't the OSTs make more sense, in line with Star Wars?) TBH I've long since given up trying to understand whatever logic (if any) is behind these decisions.
  10. Unfortunately physical media is slowly being phased out by the major studios and labels. I sometimes wonder if physical Star Wars box sets have missed the boat, given the current landscape (and who knows if they'd even pay for reuse fees on the sequels, given the costs involved). I mean, they proved they can put the effort into physical media when they want to, like that beautiful 40th Anniversary vinyl set for SW (even hiring Jeff Bond to write an essay): But even that was 4 years ago and they didn't bother releasing a companion set for ESB's 40th. At
  11. I'm not even sure box sets of film scores will be a thing for major labels like Disney Records, when they finally get around to these scores (which probably won't be until after Williams finishes Indy 5). They seem more invested in collector's edition vinyl sets, at least when it comes to Williams
  12. Honest question -- doesn't that defeat the purpose of making a list of your top 100 scores? Seems more like you're trying to make quotas. I mean, if I had to list my top 5 favourite film scores and I couldn't split E.T. and Raiders, I wouldn't just choose one and omit the other purely to avoid multiple Williams scores.
  13. Very illuminating, and accurate, observation. It actually reflects the difference between the Lucas films vs the Disney films. The former was heavily focused on setpieces and VFX spectacle, while the latter pulled back on the spectacle and refocused heavily on the characterization.
  14. Yeah, if I had to list my top 100 favourite film scores, it would mostly be populated with contemporary composer's scores because I haven't had a chance to explore the Golden Hollywood scores yet.
  15. Prisoner of Azkaban at #25 is so awesome. The man has taste!
  16. So Lando departed the forest planet on his quest to rally an entire fleet of pilots to travel to Exogol in... 5 minutes?
  17. Klaud: A Star Wars Story Set in real-time during the 2 hours before the Falcon Flight sequence.
  18. Surely all the crap with Kylo Ren going to Mustafar, finding Palpatine, etc. falls outside that? It feels like weeks past between that scene and the whole 'spy' subplot in the immediate next scene (I can't even remember what the spy gives them).
  19. I think it did. Maybe 3 if I'm following the Luke plot correctly. Though what is a 'day' when each planet has its own unique solar rotation?
  20. Did it? The passage of time is never made clear. It's just a sequence of... scenes. TLJ does a much better job conveying time. With TROS, chalk it down to yet another disorienting, poorly explained element of a disorienting, poorly made movie.
  21. It's possible all the ships hadn't risen into the Exogolian atmosphere (to sit around for weeks doing nothing until the Resistance turns up) in the original Rey Arrival at Exogol sequence (when it was in reel 7). The entire sequence is essentially CGI anyway, easy enough change for some overworked, exhausted ILM employee receiving their 284th change request from JJ.
  22. Oh of course, it should definitely be a new character. Enough of the old characters being shoehorned in, time for something new. So long as it's not horrible shite like Mac
  23. I'd be stoked if they went that direction because cartoon antics like Temple of Doom would be a little... weird with an old Indy. And I like the idea of returning to a Belloq-style antagonist that has Indy's measure. Even though all the villains are memorable, none have had a pre-existing relationship with Indy since Raiders; making it personal seems fitting for the final chapter.
  24. I'm really only familiar with The Five Sacred Trees but I'd love to explore more of his non-film work. Is there a breakdown somewhere of all the various concerti he's written and recordings he personally conducted?
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