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  1. Surprised how many people have rated the prequel "suites" ahead of the sequel suites. He just recycled OT material, appended his concert suites and called it a day (barring that nice alternate ending to Across the Stars). At least all the OT and ST suites were written and recorded specifically for the credits, and not just repeated material from elsewhere on the OST (and there's at least one alternate suite that was entirely unused -- hopefully that turns up on an expansion someday). It would be nice to get the unedited TROS credits eventually too, even if it's just mor
  2. Didn't Kloser tell Emmerich to hire Arnold, but Emmerich insisted that Kloser was acceptable for the gig? The movie was rubbish anyway; an Arnold score might have salvaged it. Kloser's score did nothing to elevate the material.
  3. It might get reissued someday. It seemed to sell pretty well. There's only a handful of Spielberg scores left to expand after all; reissues would make sense after that point.
  4. Maybe Sony would cover those fees if that expansion was produced on their own label? They did one of the Ghostbusters scores internally. Seems like the only way it'll happen, outside that union fee date sliding to the previous ten years instead of a locked date.
  5. I learned my lesson after Superman. I'm not holding off on titles anymore; you really need to order it as soon as it's available, or you could be waiting a lonnnnng time to get it. By June, the Disaster Box will have been unavailable for, what, a year?
  6. I've wondered that too. I wouldn't mind paying for titles months in advance if it helped their finances and got stock back faster.
  7. Not sure which is worse. Davis not being asked back for Matrix, or Arnold not being asked back for ID42 or Bond? Downright awful decisions. And don't get me started on Potter and Williams, Kraemer and Mission Impossible... the list goes on.
  8. It's funny that in that one section of the featurette, he singles out 3 moments in the score -- then omitted all 3 from the OST and 2 of them didn't make it onto the LLL.
  9. No result Der Rosenkavalier is listed in the credits though, and Williams integrated that into his score. Maybe source music is credited differently to existing material rearranged into your own music. I suspect Williams wouldn't have mentioned it in the featurette if he didn't personally conduct it at the sessions (otherwise it's really got nothing to do with him, moreso the sound department). I also think an existing recording would be credited if they used a past recording, as with Unfinished Symphony on Minority Report.
  10. What about the snippet of Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty Waltz? Was this not conducted by Williams at the A.I. sessions? I checked the end credits and it's not even referenced (perhaps because the piece is so old, the copyright expired?) But generally, they would still list the conductor/orchestra for usage of existing recordings.
  11. I dunno, is bringing back a composer for a fourth film, after that composer did the first three, really fan service? It seems like a basic way to maintain consistency from the existing films. Davis' scores were as intrinsic to the soundscape of the Matrix films as Williams' for Star Wars. Frankly I've lost hope that Lana Wachowski is doing this for the right reasons. There were already red flags with Lilly bailing and Weaving & Fishburne's snubs.
  12. Johnny Marr, English guitarist who worked on the score: Doesn't that just sound... great
  13. I guess Smoking Telegram was the only substantial thing they found, otherwise more would've been included in the Vol. 4 collection. As for the other missing cues, wasn't it Snow that asked for them to be omitted from the FTF release? Also, only 1 copy left of Reloaded now.
  14. Yeah I'm mainly just excited for a handful of cues (there's a few cool renditions of the X-Files theme throughout). Plus I figure there won't be an updated release coming post-Disney merger, so no point holding off.
  15. I sure hope so! Sounds like all 3 are career highlights for their respective composers. Not a fan of Snow's XF:FTF? Decided to pull the trigger knowing they discovered that lost finale cue.
  16. Phew, another one to tick off the list! Excited to hear this score, I barely know it (but I'm a fan of JNH). Curiously can't work out how many of this item are left in stock at LLL now. Their website allows you to add 5000 copies into the cart
  17. Belated Christmas present for myself Couldn't resist grabbing Matrix Reloaded with the new stock. Very sad to hear that Revolutions is OOP though, was really excited to purchase that I believe there's 2 copies of Reloaded remaining, for anyone holding off. Doubt they'll be around for more than an hour (EDIT: only 1 left!) That list MV posted is a huge help, so people can plan their finances. Shame the Disaster Box won't be back until June. Hopefully Empire of the Sun has returned by then as well!
  18. I think Ricard's point is that despite Bolle saying, "the article does not mention politics," the article is quite obviously political, as is the [partially sarcastic] post that follows. It was only ever going to trigger a bunch of outraged replies on the topic.
  19. That was a great decision. It works brilliantly as an overture and bookends nicely with the alternate version (and I was so used to it from the OST; opening with The Island's Voice just wouldn't be the same). It crystalizes why the chronology of each score expansion should be approached on its own merits, rather than having a one-size-fits-all methodology.
  20. A.I. wins, both film and score are masterful. One of Spielberg's best films, and one of Williams' best scores of the last two decades. Minority Report a close second. The film itself is brilliant and the LLL changed my entire perspective on that score (much the same with WOTW; session leaks simply don't compare to a professionally mastered expansion). I really wish Spielberg did more sci-fi in this era. It's a vehicle for him to ruminate modern contextual ideas without hitting you over the head with its message. There might have been diminishing returns across these 4 f
  21. I've wondered if Williams might have any involvement, too. It's not beyond the realms of possibility; he's had a whole year off (though only a month or two to compose something to celebrate Biden's inauguration) but I doubt he'll be traveling to Washington DC to conduct anything.
  22. Well, any interest I had in this film just died. What a stupid decision.
  23. I hope we can hear the 2017 recording one day (please please please on the eventual TLJ expansion, Mike ). The LA brass section was sensational in the TLJ sessions! I wanna hear that opening blast (and not through Rian Johnson's iPhone)...
  24. What a random reissue. Shame the score proper can't be expanded anytime soon.
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