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  1. Already shot and was pictured locked well over a year ago. It's been sitting on a hard drive at Disney ever since.
  2. Wow shooting already, didn't see that coming! This might actually be scored before Indy, at the speed Spielberg shoots and edits.
  3. It's kinda funny to imagine Indy riding a bicycle away from bad guys. That would actually be quite fun! A nice twist on the usual motorbike/horseback formula.
  4. Nah, there's cues that weren't included on the latest LLL release (but were included on some vinyl release another label did). And also some mixing differences for various cues between previous releases.
  5. Ooooh exciting! I'm ready for some new JW Feels like it's been a while since we had a beefy new JW expansion to tide us over (in the vein of A.I., HP or Superman). I wonder if there's any 3CD JW expansions on the horizon, or if every score remaining would fit on 2CDs.
  6. Impressed by the artwork on this one. Well done to whoever did it! Hopefully the booklet is just as pretty
  7. Interesting... I've only seen the film 2-3 times but didn't remember any standout cues that weren't on the OST. I recall wanting the arrival at the village cue, which from memory was in the E/B box. Is there a spreadsheet somewhere? Had no idea there was a session leak either! This sounds very juicy...
  8. Wow! I can't imagine how you could fill 4 CDs for this score but I'm excited to see the tracklist. It's an incredible score, one of my favourites of the 90s. I assumed this was essentially complete already, between the OST and Elfman box? Is there really an entire CD worth of alternates for this one score?
  9. That is an interesting question. Makes you wonder how Jim Titus' artwork works. I guess it all becomes property of the studio, especially if it uses studio-owned imagery... intriguing.
  10. Didn't take long for the wailing woman to show up
  11. Yeah I'm not sure that's the case either. I doubt a label can claim ownership over a set of music transfers, or the finished high-resolution master that goes back to the studio once a release is complete. The studio would retain complete ownership of the music; the labels just receive a license to release it on a physical format.
  12. Would be cool to see more partnerships between Mondo and the labels. Maybe we'll end up having day and date releases of CD expansions with vinyls, someday.
  13. A bit surprised LLL didn't look at doing this first.
  14. Yeah, it's tracked from Remembering Petticoat Lane. I assume they spotted that scene with no music then Spielberg changed his mind after the sessions were finished. Or they decided in advance to track the music there (weird it wasn't re-recorded though!)
  15. I'm still really bummed I missed this set. Every time the topic gets bumped, I get my hopes up that LLL have announced a new batch of stock. Even a smaller quantity like 1500 would be glorious! Unless printing more than 10,000 copies creates issues with the AFM or something?
  16. Bit of a shame nobody commissioned him to write a new theme over the past year! Hopefully for LA 2028, right?
  17. It's speculated that JW recorded it at the AI sessions because no preexisting recording is listed in the credits. It's a shame we can't get a definitive confirmation from anyone.
  18. Yeah, fair enough. Although didn't that leak also feature a perfect sounding version of one of the Indy Climbs the Statue alternates that was previously unreleased and wasn't included on the final set?
  19. But didn't the leaked prototype master of the Concord Raiders release feature the unedited version of Desert Chase, ala the DCC? Genuinely can't remember... unfortunately I don't think I have that leaked album saved anywhere.
  20. BUCKBEAK'S FLIGHT WITH CYMBAL CRASH OVERLAY! FILM VERSION OF BEFRIENDING THE HIPPOGRIFF! FILM MIX OF DOUBLE TROUBLE WITH FROGS! EARLY DEMO OF DOUBLE TROUBLE USED ON SET! And hopefully a gazillion more alternates that turn up someday when more elements are discovered in the WB vault! Azkaban could easily be reissued as a packed 3-CD set if all those alternates in the sheets were recorded.
  21. Indeed, in fact I think it was confirmed that Williams specifically requested the full cue be replaced with the edited album version. Utterly maddening, but at least we got the full cue on the DCC. What a shame Mike isn't working on a new Indy set, those scores desperately need an upgrade (supervised by someone who knows what they're doing!)
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