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  1. Teaser trailer just dropped: Poster:
  2. Taika is certainly too talented to waste years of his life on Marvel and Star Wars products. It's great that he's still doing smaller films though, yeah.
  3. Hardly surprising after the last 5 years and some of the vile commentary I've seen about Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, Kelly Marie Tran, Moses Ingram... There's an obvious theme going on here.
  4. The plot thickens... I guess a fair few cues in TPM use choir though, even beyond Duel of the Fates or The Great Dual. Do any of the other cues recorded Feb 5th have choir?
  5. Something bright and energetic like Temple of Doom would be fantastic! Botnick smashed that out of the park.
  6. Hopefully the entire LA Master Chorale is assembled in the scoring stage for every Indy 5 session, but only used on the final day for one cue: The Raiders March [Vocal Version].
  7. Sure, I get that. Just seems surprising to keep the choir assembled in the recording studio the entire time 1M2 is rehearsed and recorded (a few hours work, surely).
  8. Interesting how the video implies Duel of the Fates was being recorded there... 2:28 below:
  9. Why would the choir be assembled while recording 1M2?
  10. Would've been a fun piece of trivia having 5 different recordists handling all 5 films though! Murphy's a fine recordist but I hope this sounds a lot better than his recording for Indy 4. That might be one of my least favourite recordings/mixes, especially the oddly muted brass. It sounds weak, limited, compressed and just... off. As if everyone's playing a few steps beneath the correct register. The mixing isn't great either, very soupy and lacking in clarity. The Raiders March on that OST is easily the weakest of the four scores.
  11. Yeah that sounds eerily similar to Rian Johnson's trilogy, also Peter Jackson with Tintin 2. "We're still trying to find the right story..."
  12. Gosh I wish this whole thing had been recorded!! I could listen to him speak all day
  13. Yep, it's clear at some point he went far beyond just adapting the Obi theme. But in Hollywood, screen credits are reflective of your contract, not reality.
  14. Found this fun anecdote from the Q&A on Reddit: Anything else interesting come up in the chat @Max? I'm surprised more posters didn't attend this!
  15. YouTube lists Williams as the sole composer of End Credits, unlike the 6 other William Ross tracks (where the credit is shared). I think we can infer Williams wrote the alternate intro and outro used for the end credits.
  16. Yeah, I really like Hold Hands for example. I wish she'd been able to write more dramatic orchestral music like that. The biggest offender is the RCP inspired dreck parading as action music, which sounds absolutely nothing like Star Wars and could belong to any low budget TV schlock. The lack of existing themes doesn't annoy me; it's the lack of anything compelling in its place. As evidenced by JW himself, you can write original music rooted in the DNA of an established series without quoting older themes ad nauseam. Even Giacchino has worked that out (Fallen Kingdom) and Powell's Solo speaks for itself.
  17. That we won't get to hear until 2048, when Disney finally release Indiana Jones expansions.
  18. I think it was borne out of his planned schedule in 2015. He set aside 2-3 months to score Bridge of Spies around April 2015, which wouldn't have left enough time to write and record TFA by December, given the complexities of Star Wars scores. Their solution was starting TFA much earlier (late 2014) and getting a few sessions underway before Williams had to step away. That didn't go to plan when Williams needed his pacemaker procedure, leaving him bedridden for a month. Doctor's advice was likely avoiding strenuous activity, which is why Ross and Dudamel conducted so much of TFA. Clearly Kennedy/LFL had his recovery front of mind, so staggering the sessions throughout 2015 gave him time to finish the score at his leisure and recover from each session. When TLJ rolled around, retaining this schedule meant he'd be able to conduct every cue (unlike TFA). Also meant the filmmakers could see how music was working in their film relatively early in post. Unlike a compressed recording schedule, JW would be able to handle revisions at his leisure and record them months later, instead of rushing them overnight (in time for the following day's session). But the days of Williams conducting an entire score in 15 days (like ROTS) are long gone, simply because it's too strenuous (pacemaker notwithstanding) and he obviously wants to conduct his own music. From memory the reason he did so few concerts in 2019 was because he wanted to conduct most of the final score and his doctor insisted rest between each session. And obviously Kennedy/LFL/Disney are happy to accommodate him because, well... it's John Williams! Overall the staggered schedule has more benefits to JW and the filmmakers, even if it's more expensive and opens the door for certain filmmakers to change the edit and require rewrites. But JJ constantly changing the film and needing rewrites was probably an unintended side effect of the longer schedule, not the intended reason for it. I'm sure everyone's hoping to avoid a repeat of TROS on Indy 5...
  19. "Best available" was about as detailed as we got. A behind the scenes featurette about the remaster did indicate the 35mm mag source was used for the Throne Room music on ANH. They also had shots of the ESB multitrack documentation but unclear if it was used in the set.
  20. It was the First Rescue that Ross scored It is baffling. Didn't Holt originally say there would be multiple volumes? Maybe there's a concerted effort to protect Holt and cover up how much of her material was replaced by Ross. She even microedited his cues and only included excerpts of others (in "suite" tracks), which was totally unnecessary for a digital OST!
  21. All unreleased :/ I'm still filthy the final 5 minutes of the final episode wasn't even included. What a perfect album ending that would've been! As predicted, Saying Goodbye only covers Obi's final scene with Leia. None of the fantastic material with him leaving his cave, visiting the Lars Homestead or seeing Qui Gon is included. It's a shame William Ross can't just put out his own album containing the music he composed for the series. Musically it's a lot more interesting than Holt's material.
  22. There's the YouTube playlist. Interestingly, after checking Hanger Escape (episode 4, the action version of the Obi Wan theme as our heroes are running to the snowspeeders), Holt is sole credit on the cue (other than JW, for his theme). So if that's true, Holt did write cues using JW's theme. The big Imperial March rendition at the end of episode 6 is Ross's work (Overcoming the Past). Williams is the only credited composer on End Credits as well, so he wrote the alternate intro and outro (despite the track coming under Ross' name, for whatever reason). A breakdown of the 6 Ross cues: The Journey Begins (EP1, the final scene I think) First Resscue (EP4 Obi rescuing Leia from the torture chamber, escaping through the tunnels and flooding the corridor... heavily edited though) Some Things Can't Be Forgotten (EP5, multiple cues combined here, the opening flashback with Anakin and Obi, then the latter flashback after the ship escapes) I Will Do What I Must (EP6 Vader vs Obi Wan duel part 1) Overcoming the Past (EP6 Vader vs Obi Wan duel part 2, plus the Imperial March from the latter scene with the Emperor) Saying Goodbye (EP6 Obi and Leia's farewell)
  23. How did it go? Anything interesting come out of the Q&A? Don't suppose you were able to record it?
  24. Mangold's editor cuts while filming is underway. The film was already assembly within a few days of production ending. Mangold started his director's cut in March, but that's really just refining an existing cut of the film. Williams likely spotted the film after returning from Vienna, so 3 months seems about right for 100 minutes of music. He'll probably keep writing over the next few months while recording every few weeks, like the SW sequels (though I don't see them lasting until November like TROS did).
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