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  1. From looking at the track listings, I'm pretty positive the the soundtrack for WALL-E is already in chronological order, but I just wanted to make sure. Anyone know about this one?
  2. Just got back into town after a couple of days, and I find out that this was for sale and sold out. Soo..... can I just say .... DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Wow, I didn't know that Rebel Fleet & Finale were extended. Was the sequence extended for the '97 re-release or did Lucas fiddle with it in the original release? Never really noticed that. Thanks for the info!
  4. Why spoil the fun of checking the discs by yourself? Actually, I did check them myself. But I figured there shouldn't be any harm in asking on here, seeing as how there are lot of people here who know a heck of a lot more about every single note of these scores than I do.
  5. Okay, so I just got my hands on the 4-disc Star Wars Anthology set that I kept hearing about. My question is, do the anthology CDs contain any film version cues not heard on the 2-disc '97 CDs? Specifically, I'm wondering if perhaps the Anthology set has the proper film version for Rebel Fleet from the end of ESB? I think I read on here a while back that the film version of Rebel Fleet is actually a different take than the one on the '97 CD (something about same notes, but different timings). Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Does anyone have the correct track listing for "24 - Seasons 4 & 5"? I got a copy of the CD but don't have the liner notes. Thanks!
  7. Okay, not sure where I should have posted this, but I figured I'd try here... First off, I know that Herrmann's original score for Psycho has never been officially released (not talking about the two re-recordings, but the actual score used in the movie). I do have the bootleg score, but as some of you might know, there's a lot of tape hiss, and the cues are all smashed together, comprising about six or seven tracks. So.... my question then is about the Laserdisc (which sadly I don't have) that has the isolated score (which was unfortunately left off the DVDs). I'm wondering if anyone has th
  8. Hope this isn't a dumb question, but with regard to North By Northwest... Is the DVD iso score the complete score as heard in the film? Or are there cues that are left out? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. This might be what you're looking for (the webmaster sent this to me yesterday): STAR WARS: EPISODE II - ATTACK OF THE CLONES COMPLETE CUE LIST 1. Main Title 1:41 Official CD Track 1 (0:00-1:41) 2. Ambush on Coruscant 2:32 Officially Unreleased 3. The Council's Offer 2:47 Officially Unreleased 4. Old Friends 2:01 Officially Unreleased 5. Unrequited Love 0:52 Officially Unreleased 6. Jango and Zam 0:25 Official CD Track 3 (0:00-0:25) 7. Setting a Trap 0:57 Officially Unreleased 8. Zam's Probe Droid
  10. http://jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=60&hl=AOTC
  11. Well, A, the full track does sound good, but I'm editing it simply because I want to, and B, no worries because I actually found the page I was looking for (found it way back in the message boards from 2002).
  12. Well, I was looking for the AOTC complete score analysis page that used to be under the filmography link, but apparently that part of the site is still under construction, so . . . . Does anyone have the proper editing instructions for On the Conveyor Belt and The Battle of Geonosis? I was looking for the score analysis page because it specifically listed all the exact editing start and stop points for all of the tracked music and what went where, etc. I realize these two cues are monsters of an editing job, but I figured I'd get around to working on it, so any help would be appreciated. Th
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