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  1. Thanks for the link. Could someone who has the YouTube download please post a screenshot of Johnny's title card?
  2. Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of Williams' on-screen credit? I would very much like it for a project I'm working on.
  3. Looking for the movie scored by John Williams in 1970. DVD, digital file, stream, whatever. I saw someone on a forum mention they got a copy once on ioffer dot com, but that's not an option anymore, obviously.
  4. This thread is very confusing. I suspect it's several threads merged into one. Can anyone explain where "Oma Tres" comes from? Was it in the credits? An article? Someone's tweet?
  5. I know he wrote bar music for episode 7, but was there a big fan clamoring for Lin-Manuel Miranda to appear in a Star Wars?
  6. Thanks for posting the clip. Has anyone seen the full short? Does Johnny get a full on-screen credit or title card?
  7. A great run-down of the themes, thanks for putting this together! Given how much emphasis Williams places on the importance of these themes, I would someday love to ask him why Leia's Theme plays over Ben's death. Cinematically, I get it, but it doesn't jibe with his reasoning everywhere else.
  8. There are many soundtracks I've purchased over the years without ever having seen the film. I've gotten flack about this from friends, but there wasn't ever going to be anything by John Williams that I wouldn't have sought out. At times, I've later been curious to check out some of the films that inspired Williams to write such music, but they haven't always been easily available. So, I thought I'd share these links to recently added movies on Hulu.com. From what I'm told, they're only available to view in the US (unless you have a handy proxy server), and I'm pretty sure most of their moveis eventually expire. So, do enjoy. The Missouri Breaks http://www.hulu.com/the-missouri-breaks Stanley & Iris http://www.hulu.com/stanley-and-iris And the oft-rumored only case in which Williams ever had a score not used. Check out Wolf to see what was. http://www.hulu.com/wolf
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