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  1. Premiere Releases Dracula: Dead and Loving it (Mann) Batman and Robin (Goldenthal) The Bounty (Vangelis) Troy (Yared) Expansions 1492: Conquest of Paradise (Vangelis) Dune (Toto and Brian Eno) Brainstorm (Horner) Sphere (Goldenthal) Interview with the Vampire (Goldenthal) Twin Peaks - The whole thing Re-issues The Burbs (Goldsmith) Re-recordings Spartacus (North) The Ten Commandments (Bernstein) The Killers (Rózsa) Captain Blood (Korngold)
  2. Lea Seydoux joins the cast as Lady Margot Fenring
  3. In mainstream, Hollywood blockbuster scoring, I think it is absolutely true
  4. People on the internet are too apologetic of multi million dollar productions with zero artist integrity that aim solely of making money out of a pre established brand
  5. So after all the time Leia and Obi-Wan have been spending together, shouldn't Luke be the one comforting Leia when Obi-Wan dies in the first Star Wars?
  6. The writing in this is just unforgivable. They can't get a pass for this. The standards are too low
  7. Afterlife was bad enough. They have squeeze dry every single franchise these days
  8. The movie seems to be particularly good (I haven't seen it yet, but the reviews are terrific) so I think it owes its success more to the reception and word of mouth it's been getting than to nostalgia
  9. I think the in only scene I've enoyed so far was the one with Obi-Wan and the Jawa in the cave. I'd much rather have a show centered around Obi-Wan living a somewhat clandestine existence in Tatooine than another galactic adventure with winks and nods to movies and meeting. legacy characters. It helps that my favorite sequence in ANH is also the journey of droids till they meet Luke
  10. I don't particularly care about canon or continuity and I think it often restrains and contracts the storytelling, but when you make a show, relying on the goodwill and love for characters created and developed in far superior works of fiction, at least try not to demean these works nor do things that contradict their spirit and change their narrative flow. The only possible way to interpret the spirit of the duel between Vader and Obi-Wan in A New Hope is that these two were former master and pupil and this was their first time meeting after having a major falling out. That's the whole spirit of the scene and of its buildup. To deny this is demeaning to the original film. And Disney so-called "storytellers" act more like lawyers looking for loopholes in the dialogue exchange between Vader and Obi-Wan to somehow justify them meeting again between episodes III and IV. It's lazy, it's trashy and its demeaning to the storytelling and narrative of the original film. They have a good solution to avoid these sort of problems and creative bankruptcy: create your own characters and timelines and leave, for the love of God, the Original Trilogy alone, specially episodes IV and V
  11. Absolutely spot on 100% And how many shots of ships landing can you have? The writing really is particularly awful, feels like one of those Kevin J. Anderson, post ROTJ novels we used to get before the prequels were made. One thing I particularly dislike is the urge to, somehow, fill in every gap between this and ANH, while at the same time, actually contradict it. It's also particularly annoying when you see two characters that have obviously run into each other every now and then in the last few years, like Kenobi and Owen, have a conversation like it's the first time they've met since Anakin turned, just for for the sake of the audience's understanding. It's lazy, lazy, screenwriting. I really hope that the toy Obi-Wan wants to give to Luke is not the very same toy ship we see Luke swooshing around in ANH, but of course, it most certainly will be. This show reminds of something that used to happen when I played football when I was kid, and me and my teammates never had enough shampoo to shower, because a bunch of us always kept forgetting to bring it. So we just took a nearly empty bottle of shampoo and refill up to half with water, in order to dilute and stretch whatever little shampoo was left. This is what this show feels like
  12. Apparently, they're combined both the OST and the Sketchbook in a single, 3cd and more affordable package. It's been announced by Mondo, but has already started popping in other retailers. To whoever it may interest: https://mondoshop.com/products/dune-original-motion-picture-soundtrack-deluxe-edition-3xcd
  13. At least Cast Away looked like it was shot in the actual ocean. I don't understand this level of laziness is doing these scenes on sound stages; I really don't
  14. Wow, Cooper really does look just like Bernstein. Amazing work from the crew
  15. I love that score, it's one my favorite Elfman's works, but I still the second half always drags a bit, both in the OST and in the complete presentation
  16. Thank you for your input. I would generally agree, although I'd rank Gremlins 2 much higher. I adore the Looney Tunes soundtrack, I find a perfect and very well rounded listening experience, with not fat in it. I'm still on the fence in whether I should buy the expanded release. Some of the new tracks are quite fun, but the listening experience is much jarring and disjointed, even without getting to the tracks written by other composers. Maybe I should give it another listen
  17. The Egyptian re-recording is a absolute must-have, IMHO. One my favorite Herrmann scores (and Newman's, for that matter)
  18. How do you rank the Dante/Goldsmith collaborations, Yavar?
  19. I don't read that much hyperbole in this thread. And the comparasions with classical works were not made in qualitive terms. Just a theme a lot of people enjoyed. No need to rank things or shoot down people's enthusiasm as blind fanboyism
  20. That explains why the price in Euro is considerably lower than in GBP
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