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  1. John Powell didn't. But if it's crap like Rogue One, it will be rightfully bashed
  2. Kundun is my favorite Glass score. Wonderful album assembly too
  3. One of my favorite themes is this score is Nightmare theme
  4. No Country for Old Men, just thinking of relatively recent films, is a far superior piece of work
  5. The last James Bond song I genuinely enjoyed was You Know My Name
  6. It is indeed Gia: Also, did the Bat Logo loose its head?
  7. The cowl looks to big on Pattinson, looks more like Daredevil. The music is very uninteresting
  8. Well, this post made listen to Hubris for the first time. It is a rather good album, isn't it?
  9. I'm always curious about anything he does, so I'll check this one out fo sure
  10. I just don't understanding why they had the characters looking like they did. If you're going full CGI, make them look like actual acts, otherwise just take the same aproach as the stage show. But the musical is corny as hell, anyway, it's not like it deserved much better
  11. 5 minute walk both ways. I am very lucky
  12. And Lady Jane. All 4 are particularly great tracks, actually
  13. I agree. And Johannsson would've delivered interesting things for Dune, I'm sure
  14. Walt Disney won 4 oscars in 1954, but for 4 different projects
  15. So did Coppola for the Godfather: Part II. But 4...I think it must be unprecedent
  16. Has anyone else ever won 4 Oscars for one film?
  17. That always bothers me...how the bigger stars always get to do the longest speeches
  18. Roma did not win Best Screenplay, though...
  19. I haven't seen Parasite, mind you. I just find it hard to imagine that a group of people consider a certain film to be the best directed and best written and not the best overall
  20. Will Parasite win best film? When a movie wins Best Screenplay and Best Director it should almost win Best Film by default
  21. She is and in all her interviews sounds like a really sweet and unassuming person
  22. After having three female super heroes presenting the award and a woman conductinc the excerpts, was there any doubt Hildur was not goint to win this?
  23. I like Rocketman's song, but Elton's performance tonight was not the best
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