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  1. Got a link for that video? I looked for it on their channel, but didn't seem to find it
  2. Indeed. I hope it sees a release soon. The movies made me laugh a lot, too "MIna...you are in the closet"
  3. You must listen to this edition: The difference in the Main Title alone makes it worthwhile, not to mention all the extra music
  4. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I would imagine the more ecology-centric sections would be in part 2, no?
  5. Walker and Goldenthal did pretty well in writing a great theme after Elfman's
  6. That's when Batman's music stopped being interesting. This is just another step in that tendency
  7. We go from Eflman, Walker, Goldenthal, to this? I know these are just snipets, but that theme is as vulgar as they come Batman used to be the superhero with the most consistently great music
  8. Pretty much 🙂 unless there's a movie critic you agree with 100% of the time
  9. I like the orchestra in the American version of the Hunchback musical, but the singing is by far superior in the German version. And German really lends itself to this sort of music, doesn't it?
  10. And we don‘t get the Esmeralda song. It was featured on both the German and English cast recordings
  11. Good question. Truth be told, I've only heard the 2017 recording. Which one is best?
  12. There is, it would just be cool to have the whole thing in one package (plus, getting the Botnick treatment)
  13. Too bad there weren't more German versions included or additional orchestral cues from it (I seem to remember the musical version of Sanctuary was pretty awesome)
  14. Real 3D Poster All the posters look much, much better than the theatrical one-sheet
  15. I know, but I would really like to have a physical edition of the score. Even it was just a straight reissue of the previous release
  16. My bad, then, thank for pointing that out
  17. I agree with everything you said, but I really doubt Dune will be lacking in spectacle or massive scale. It might not be a particularly "warm" movie (Dune is really not a particularly warm novel nor is Villeneuve a sentimental director), but I'm pretty sure it will feel massive and grandiose
  18. That's not 100% true, though. Movies like Gone With the Wind, Wizard of Oz, Sound of Music, Doctor Zhivago, Exorcist, the Graduate what have you, were massive, all time hits without needing to be action filled movies. So big hits didn't necessarily need to be action filled. Nowadays, maybe they do. But action has been getting more boring and excessive in a great deal of big budget Hollywood blockbusters lately, to a point of causing numbness and indifference. I think the last action sequence that did anything for me was the bathroom fight in Mission Impossible: Fallout, and that was just two guys fighting each other Great action sequences is not what I would consider to be crucial point in a Dune adaptation, although I do agree with your view that it might make a surer box office bet.
  19. Knowing the book and the story as I do, it really isn't easy to squeeze a big action sequence in before the one hour mark. Besides, at least in my experience, action sequences have been the most boring parts of recent hollywood blockbuster filmmaking
  20. I agree. Some of the ideas are quite cool and there are 5 minute streches in those tracks that flow really well, very Vangelis-like. But the whole thing as a pure listening experience is not the best. But some cool ideas and concepts throughout
  21. He sometimes overacts, but I don't think he's overrated. Too many stellar performances for that. Even recently, I thought he was incredible in The Irishman
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