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  1. When GoldenEye hit the theatres I was like 'O no, come on, we've had enough Bondmovies' - when in fact I'm a fan. The Bondmovies that followed proved IMO that the formula had indeed run it's course (though I do enjoy them to a certain degree, mostly GoldenEye), but ironically Brosnan became my favourite Bond-actor. So I'm not waiting for yet another Bond-movie, but if there has to be one, I wouldn't mind at all if Brosnan was in it.
  2. Fanx guys, glad you like it. Actually I expected some debate about the tracklist, but maybe that's yet to come... Volume 1 info: http://www.spielbergfilms.com/spielbergwil...soundtrack.html Volume 1 artwork: http://home.scarlet.be/~bliek/drew-page/lp...amspielberg.jpg Painted by Drew Struzan. He's God, you know... - Willy, showing his artwork at http://www.freewebs.com/hugobaur
  3. You did this drawings? Yes. It's watercolour on paper. I don't consider that a true second volume, as it also features tracks from albums that were already featured on volume 1. For my second volume, I only chose tracks from the albums that came after Always. Futhermore it features the same amount of albums as volume 1 and it has almost the same duration - and I followed the original design as close as possible.
  4. Have you seen this album in stores already? http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v154/eld...ergwilliams.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v154/eld...illiamsback.jpg Well... you probably never will. Okay, I admit I made it myself. LOL So, what do you think?
  5. Goblet of Fire. Why? - The tension building towards the first task - The first task - The Yule Ball - The quarreling between Hermione and Ron. I found OotP rather depressing. So much terrible things happening, that just keep getting worse... Willy - who hasn't read HPB yet.
  6. I bought this soundtrack mainly because I love the film so much. Watching the film I didn't like the main title music very much, I felt it needed more magic to it. The songs I liked immediately though. As for the cd:I enjoy it, and the magic that's missing in the main title is very much present in the rest of the score. But I wouldn't label it the best soundtrack of the year.
  7. I sympathise with everyone who chose The Last Crusade, 'cause it's a very rich album indeed. Nevertheless I end up playing Raiders a lot more, because certain tracks just can't be beaten: The Map Room and Desert Chase. The Main Title and The Miracle of the Ark are also great. So I chose for Raiders, but it's a tough poll indeed (Who the hell started this?!)
  8. The love theme of Frankenstein, although scarcely used in the score, his one of the best I have ever heard. You're perfectly right, I forgot to mention the love theme. But as you already pointed out, it only surfaces in a couple of tracks, and the remainder of the score consists mostly of 'grand sounds'. I like the score nevertheless, but it doesn't compare to the leitmotiv-approach of Williams.
  9. What's the best Indy-score in your opinion and why?
  10. Doyle's scoring of 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein' sounds pretty impressive, although it doesn't feature really strong themes. It just sounds... big. Big and rousing. So I'm not worried about his scoring for the dragon-scenes and the meeting with Voldemort... But I'm having doubts about his ability to write good themes. - Willy, who still can't wait for November 8.
  11. Is anyone else here planning on attending the World Premiere in London on november 6? Think that would be cool - providing one is able to get tickets...
  12. Sounds like a good idea. Count me in. Sure, it won't be cheap, but it will be worth it.
  13. I bought the collector's edition, which features 6 cd's and 1 dvd: http://www.thewaroftheworlds.com/news/news...tory.aspx?id=10 The making-off cd's are very interesting, and sometimes very funny (Burton messing up his lines and stuff). And although I don't have a SACD-equipment, the remastered version sounds breathtaking, great, beautiful, etc. The best improvement was accomplished on The Red Weed (the ugly montages of the original LP are fixed), and I love those heavy accentuated strings during The Artilleryman And The Fighting Machine. I just regret the fact that the harpsichord in the open
  14. You should install it though. It enables you to see the trailer full screen. I've always thought Book 4 to be the best, and according to the new trailer I think my Great Expectations will not be betrayed. Up until now the first movie has always been my favourite, although the third one is obviously the most stylish one. But I think Potter 4 will be the Potter-movie to end all Potter-movies. - Willy, who's thinking about attending the premiere in London. :roll:
  15. 8O - Willy, who just received The Deluxe Edition.
  16. I prefer to listen to filmmusic with the best sound possible (my stereo at home). I use my i-Pod mostly for pop-music and stuff like that. Okay, I put a some tracks of Williams and North on it once, but haven't played those tracks on it yet...
  17. When I first listened to this soundtrack I liked it, but at the same time I felt like I heard it all before somehow. So it's an enjoyable album and it works well in the movie, but it lacks originality I think.
  18. Found this on a zimmer-forum (just in case there's anyone on this forum who actually LIKES this score - like I do): " 1. "Travelling the World" (1-Vespertillo) 2. "Gotham" (7-Macrotus 0:00-2:08) 3. "Fatefull Night" (4-Barbastella 0:00-2:48) 4. "Training" (2-Eptisicus 1:49-end) 5. "Not Home for Long" (2-Eptisicus 0:00-1:49) 6. "Vengeance" (7-Macrotus 5:01-end) 7. "The Test" (7-Macrotus 2:08-5:01) 8. "What is Necessary" (3-Myotis) 9. "The Cave" (4-Barbastella 2:48-end) 10. "Where Are You?!" (5-Artibeus) 11. "Lighten Up" (6-Tadarida) 12. "Preparing/Happy Birthday" (9-Nycteris - fits better here,
  19. You should. It's a very addictive double-cd that just keeps getting better and better. The wealth of melodies and the way they are combined is amazing.
  20. According to Morn, Varese is having troubles with the rights to release the complete score, so I guess the mastertapes are still there. But considering the high quality of re-recordings like 'Vertigo' by McNeely it might be a good idea to record it all over again. If some company could just afford it... We really need to raise a fund here!
  21. I must admit that I'm not very fond of the music during the last big battle scene, but tracks like 'Vesuvius Camp' and 'Gladiator Fight to the death' remain fascinating. The rhythms are very complex, but once you get into them, they become irresistable. Cleopatra is more complex in the way it combines a lot of different themes, which indeed makes it difficult, but most of it is also less a-tonal than Spartacus. So maybe it could be more enjoyable to people who aren't into the harsh tones of Spartacus. Indeed, it said so in the booklet of 'Alex North's 2001' (great recording by the way). They
  22. A couple of years ago there was an excellent restored and remastered release of Alex North's Cleopatra, which I still enjoy a lot. As for North's other masterpiece, Spartacus, I've only been able to track down the cd-release of the original lp on MCA classics, and the 'More music from Spartacus'- release on Tsunami-records, which suffers from very poor soundquality. Does anyone know if there's ever been a decent re-release of Spartacus like they did on Cleopatra?
  23. That's what I call a good read! Thanks for sharing, Charlie!
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