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  1. How did you do that - watch Star Wars with the temp tracks?
  2. What soundtracks are - in your opinion - superior to the films they were composed for? The one the springs first to my mind is The Final Conflict. I conjures up beautiful images that are nowhere to be found in the movie (although I don't think the movie is as bad as a lot of people claim). Another one would probably be The Portrait of a Lady. I don't consider Kilar's score to be a masterpiece, but it features some hauntingly beautiful melodies that are a lot more enjoyable than the movie (which - again - I don't completely dismiss).
  3. Mad-Eye's make-up looks cheap. Guess they didn't have time to do it properly, the way it is descibed in the book. Shame...
  4. The LP of ROTJ sounds excellent. It really puzzles me why the '97-release sounds like someone put blankets over my speakers.
  5. Amen to that. Willy - who just ordered the Deluxe Edition.
  6. Like some people pointed out, the first soundtrack introduced the basic themes, which are great, but I find the first half of the album quite boring. The third album features great themes as well, but also a lot of atonal tracks, which I'm less fond of. The second album however expands on the themes of the first album and adds a few which are equally great. On top of that there are only one or two tracks which I don't find interesting. So I find myself listening to the soundtrack of COS the most - hence my vote.
  7. Batman Begins. A gripping mixture of tension and power that can clearly stand on it's own.
  8. I can strongly recommend it. I think it's great, not only the performance but also the recording. It's also the only Hermann I have... :oops: No wait, I've got the album of the Pycho-remake, which contains a few Elfman-tracks. They're great too.
  9. I knew someone was going to say that...! LOL I enjoy the Batman Begins album a lot as it is. It's just that the titles are the weirdest I've seen so far, and they just make one curious about where the tracks fit in the film. So that's what I want to know; I'm not planning on playing them chrono. So: anyone?
  10. What's the best Potter-score in your opinion and why?
  11. Considering my avatar it won't be a suprise to anyone that I've also seen this movie twice by now. I adore it, pretty much for the same reasons as stated by Morlock - the only difference being that my favourite part of the movie is the first two hours! I've been a Burton-fan from Batman ('89), but I think Charlie is his best movie to date. If you like imaginative movies with some dark and weird humour to it: go see it. And no, it's not a childish movie.
  12. Beg your pardon? I agree that POA would have been even better with the deleted scenes in it, but why do you feel it's not a cohesive movie? Because of the long black pauses between scenes? That's part of the special visual style of the movie, perhaps giving it a 30's look or something. It makes it rather special, but without really 'cutting' it into spare parts. I've seen the movie quite often lately, and to me it runs like clockwork. That cannot be said of COS. I love the soundtrack, but I think the movie's quite boring, save for a couple of scenes. Many people stated they fell asleep while w
  13. You Only Live Twice Neil Agreed (even if people dont believe it ) Agreed!
  14. Maybe tracks 4 to 6 repeat the main theme too often, but personally I like the Storm Sequence and Dracula's Death very much. And The Night Visitor is probably one of the shortest and 'simplest' cues JW ever wrote, but there's tremendous power in it, and it always takes my breath away.
  15. Join the club! The expanded edition of 'You Only Live Twice' is really a dream-come-true. My favourite soundtrack of all time (well at least one of them). My favourite cue would probably be 'Capsule in Space', but it's a very difficult choice. Indeed 'Flight Into Space' is awesome, 'Whisper Who Dares' (Live and Let Die) really rocks, the main theme from 'OHMSS' is completely irresistable (did I spell that right?), 'Gobinda Attacks' is one of the nicest Bond Theme-renditions ever done IMO, and that goes for 'The GoldenEye Overture' as well. Don't like Arnold's stuff at all (apart from a few tra
  16. Thanks for the information! I already guessed something like that because the score sounds vintage Williams to me too. Actually I like COS the most of all Potter-scores.
  17. Yes, especially when Doyle uses William's themes. That would really be sick. Does anyone know more about the involvement of William Ross in the music of Potter 2? Did he write the whole score with William's new themes, or was he merely an arranger of some tracks with no real influence on the compositions?
  18. I own a 40GB iPod. Couldn't live without it anymore. One of the Great Inventions. But the question of this thread still stands...
  19. Apparently I do. What other medium do you suggest?
  20. I expect GOF to be the best Potter-film yet. At least the book is my favorite. The only thing I don't like from all the previews is the way the Great Hall looks during the ball. It looks like an ice-palace, when in the book it's being described as this warm, candlelight room. But that's just a minor quibble. As far as the music is concerned, I wonder why they replaced JW. It wouldn't have been such a surprise to me if Cuaron (director of Potter 3) had done that, as his movie is so different from the first two. Seems to me that GOF won't be so different, except probably for its pace. Neverthele
  21. You haven't been reading my post properly. I was talking about the soundtrack-ALBUMS, not the movies. Of course JW builds his themes and pays close attention to their arrangement in the film ('cause that's what's scoring is all about). But listening to a CD is a different experience from watching a film and therefore JW apparently sees need for rearranging cues. I'm sure he doesn't do that arbitrarely. And let me say again that there are cd's of which the sequencing doesn't work for me either. Actually I took those illustrations from the video-release of the trilogy from a couple of years ago
  22. Much enhanced. The old release sounds horrible, the new one sounds quite good. FAR better than the old one. Marian - who actually had tears in his eyes the first time he listened to the DE. Okay, thanks. I'll buy it as soon as I can find it (probably at a movie-fair). I'm not surprised about your tears, by the way. It's an amazing piece of work that really defies description. I don't have many other Goldsmith-albums though (maybe because I'm not much into science-fiction; it seems he did a lot of that): - The Omen - Damien Omen II - Psycho II - The Mummy - Legend (1992 Silva Screen re-release)
  23. Quite some time ago I bought The Final Conflict, one of the greatest scores ever, but very poor sound quality. Some years ago it was reissued with a couple of extra tracks. I wonder if the sound was enhanced too, like a remaster. Anyone?
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