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  1. A chronological order is just one of the many routes you can take while compiling an album. But you also want to make a strong and varied album to bring about an interesting listening experience. It's an album - it's about music - we are not watching the movie.

    That's exactly what I mean.

    Nevertheless I also have to agree with Stephancos that JW sometimes repeats his themes too often on some albums.

    @Roald: thanks, glad you like 'em!

  2. I agree that John Williams edit of Star Wars flows very well, i've not heard TESB, but his ost of ROTJ is a bloody mess.

    JW was forced by the studio to release a single LP instead of a 2LP (no doubt for commercial reasons), so he had to comprise over two hours of material. I think he did a good job on it, a lot better than on the single LP release of Empire.

    How about POA, did we really need a 12 minute end credits cue containing 10 minutes of material already on the CD?  

    Maybe I should have mentioned this before: I always skip the end-titles of most soundtracks, as they usually offer nothing but needless repetition.

  3. Ever played his 'Dracula'-score chrono? It becomes rather boring with the same leitmotiv repeated track after track. And with the Special Edition Star Wars cd's there's long passages of actionmusic, followed by too long quiet passages IMO. Sequenced by JW, these albums remain varied.

    Occasionally he tends to put too much of the best tracks right at the beginning of an album from which the development of themes indeed sometimes suffers (like on WOTW and the second Harry Potter). And other albums repeat the main themes too often (like Schindler's List and Jurassic Park), but most of his albums really benefit from his sequencing.

  4. You probably think I’m crazy, but in general I like to listen to soundtrack-albums the way the composer intended it to be, so in a sequence that usually differs from that in the movie. A lot of soundtracks lose contrast and coherence when played in chronological order, and I think John Williams is a master in sequencing. Tom Null and Robert Townson have also frequently done good jobs.

    A while ago I busied myself to turn the Special Edtion 2CD's of the Star Wars trilogy into a format that matches the cd's of Episodes I, II and III. That is, a 74-minute non-chronological order, as close to the original LP's as possible. This way you get a series of cd's from Episode I to VI that are not only similar in form, but also more coherent, not only as individual cd's, but as a collection.

    Only problem is: I don't have the Empire Strikes Back 2LP, only a tracklist and timings. So I had to guess here and there to compile it on CD, as Williams enjoys pasting short pieces together in one track.

    So my question is: does anybody have the Empire Strikes Back 2LP? And if so, can you tell me how to assemble it from the Special Edition 2CD?

    By the way, here are my designs for my CD's:







  5. The Passion of the Christ

    1. The Olive Garden

    3. Jesus Arrested

    4. Peter Denies Jesus

    8. Flagellation / Dark Choir / Disciples

    5. The Stoning

    10. Peaceful But Primitive Procession

    2. Bearing the Cross

    6. Song of Complaint

    7. Simon is Dismissed

    11. Crucifixion

    12. Raising the Cross

    13. It Is Done

    14. Jesus is Carried Down

    15. Resurrection

  6. NAME: Willy

    LOCATION: Netherlands

    AGE: 33

    SEX: male

    PROFESSION/EDUCATION: graphic designer / illustrator

    FAVORITE JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): The Empire Strikes Back

    FAVORITE NON-JOHN WILLIAMS SCORE(S): You Only Live Twice (John Barry)

    FAVORITE FILM(S): Amadeus

    FAVORITE DIRECTOR(S): Stanley Kubrick, Tim Burton

    SPECIAL INTEREST(S): painting, reading, bicycling

    VISITING THIS BOARD SINCE: a few minutes...

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