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  1. Purely by coincidence, the episode of "The Baton A John Williams Musical Journey" that I released yesterday discussed the score to War of the Worlds. This just happened to be the next film in my chronological survey of JW's film scores, and I knew nothing of this announcement of the expanded CD release. If you have not heard this episode, you can listen to it below. The episode features some music not heard in the original release, so you can hear stuff that you will be getting in this new release.
  2. Interesting. I'm not as familiar with "Neptune," so the similarity escaped me.
  3. I am happy you enjoyed the episode despite your disinterest in the Star Wars films. I guess I am doing something right.
  4. I'm honored that you liked the episode so much that you felt the need to press pause and post this. Thank you. Dan Higgins was so wonderful to talk to, and I am glad I decided to reach out to him. Yes, I should have focused more on the original stuff.
  5. Final voting is done by a select panel. All we can do now is wait for the results, which will be announced in September. I feel like I have been nominated for an Oscar!
  6. That remains in the top three of my favorite co-hosted shows.
  7. Hi, all! My podcast has been nominated for "Best Music Podcast" for the 2020 Podcast Awards! This is an exciting moment for this little show that started as a hobby and now has thousands of listeners on five continents. Check out the list at Podcastawards.com
  8. This is an error. Raiders of the Lost Ark was the only Spielberg film that has a score recorded by the LSO. Yes, Close Encounters played bits for the 1980 re-issue, but let's not count that.
  9. Music, like other art forms, is very subjective, even what we want to call various pieces. Whether it's called the Hogwarts theme or the Gryffindor theme, it's still a great musical statement. I put in that version of the end credits because I didn't want to use the soundtrack version. I should have taken the music from my US DVD, but I made this decision in a split second, and figured the end credits was on YouTube, which would save time over re-connecting my DVD player to my laptop. The music did seem to run a bit faster.
  10. As great as it was for me to have the original Star Wars trilogy play a big role in my childhood, I would be just as excited to have been a kid for the Harry Potter films. Well, maybe the first three. I hope I can deliver on your increased excitement for the remaining episodes. Also, I'm glad I helped you discover the Emperor's theme in the finale of The Phantom Menace. I bet lots of people didn't discover that at first. I only did because I was paying attention to the music to discover if it would be like "The Throne Room" from "Star Wars" since the visuals were pretty much the same.
  11. Return of the Jedi really rounded out the operatic feel of the entire trilogy score through its orchestration of the established themes, particularly Vader's theme. Perhaps the best musical moment of the entire original trilogy was the final lightsaber battle between Luke and Vader. It has the kind of music that no other composer could ever create for such an iconic moment. I talked about it in my "Return of the Jedi" episode of "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey." Click play below and you can hear my analysis of that lightsaber battle beginning at the 28:37 mark.
  12. How on Earth did you guess Maxine? That was a superb guess. Glad you liked hearing her talk about performing the score.
  13. Thank you so much for all the feedback. It means a lot. An earlier draft of the script pretty much focused on the soundtrack more than the film version. But, I was essentially playing music without talking about it because I had little to no context for that music. I didn't want it to be an episode where I just play music -- even big fans of the music like you would get bored. So, I kept the focus on the film score and went with that. I wish I could have found any quotes from Williams regarding reading the novel beforehand but nothing came up in my research. I hope you will go back and catch up on other episodes. Imagine this podcast as a biographical novel. Would you skip over chapters in a novel? One more thing: My podcast is one of 17 on the shortlist for Best Music Podcast for the annual Podcast Awards. Please consider voting for my show before July 31 to get it on the final list of 10 nominees. Nominate "The Baton" for Best Music Podcast
  14. Thank you so much! That was my goal. Well, mostly to get people to forget the drama surrounding the replacement and at least give the score a chance.
  15. I don't know how I missed that during editing. Thank you so much for catching that. I will fix it and re-upload the show today. 😞 I hope that didn't ruin the show for you.
  16. My co-host Gianmaria Caschetto confirms on our episode of "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey" that Williams was the pianist. It's the second time in a row he has performed his own music, coming after Schindler's List. "Sabrina" podcast episode
  17. Let's not forget that he is 88 years old! His fingers are flying around like he's 28! That is what made me cry, more than the fact that it is a rare thing to see John Williams perform more than a couple of notes on the piano.
  18. I really wish this album was available four months ago when I was working on the episode of my podcast covering this film. I really wanted to highlight the two great cues in the film besides the main title, and not use the film version with dialogue and sound effects overpowering the music. The first is the cue after the first rain, after Mel Gibson' s character almost drowns and then the family preps the farm for the rain. Interesting drum kit underneath the family theme. And then that famous pony ride scene, which is Williams writing music for a Norman Rockwell painting. If you listen to the episode below, you will hear that I was told by one of my regular sources about an upcoming expanded release back in January 2020. The release date wasn't known, so I am glad to see that it is ready for the world to hear. "The River" on The Baton podcast
  19. When the helicopter arrived at the Costa Rican island in "Jurassic Park," the music that accompanied it opened my ears to the brilliance of film scoring ... and the genius of John Williams. The "Jurassic Park" episode of "The Baton" is here, and I am joined by co-host David Kay to discuss why this score made such an impact on me and many others. https://www.podbean.com/ea/pb-7jzx9-d7e665
  20. I have been getting a lot of positive responses about Far and Away. So happy that people are enjoying it. Colin ranks as one of my favorite co-hosts so far. I had not seen the film until preparing for the episode and he really showed his enthusiasm for the score. Home Alone 2 coming out tomorrow!
  21. Thanks for the comments about all of the recent episodes. I have been told about the wrong note played on the piano for Kevin's theme, which comes from me getting incorrectly transposed sheet music. I have re-uploaded the episode with the piano performance removed. As for Hook, we were not pressed for time. I try to keep co-hosted shows to an hour if possible. Many people write to me wishing we could spend two hours on their favorite score, but that is not the goal of the podcast. I'm not planning to play every minute of every score, but to just give a historical guide to the music. However, I was not aware that the piano melody that plays before "We Don't Wanna Grow Up" would turn into Tinkerbell's theme, so thanks for that observation. My podcast episodes are not being affected by the worldwide pandemic, so you'll still get new ones every Wednesday!
  22. I have been hearing from a lot of people about my lack of discussion about the commercial soundtrack releases. I bring up such things only if it feels like something historic happened with the soundtrack release. Other times, I do record something but take it out in the interest of time and flow of the episode. Besides, my plan since the beginning has been to focus mainly on the music as heard in the film, and the composition itself. But, I will take your comment into consideration going forward. That was the goal that Erik and I made for this episode. We knew there were lots of people who did not like this score, and we wanted to "convert" them. I'm glad you are enjoying the score now.
  23. Year Two of "The Baton: A John Williams Musical Journey" has begun, and I am giving you TWO new episodes today. The first is a fun and lively discussion about the score to "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial," including those amazing final 15 minutes. The other episode focuses on the drama "Monsignor," which marked John Williams' first straight dramatic film in eight years and featured a very un-romantic love theme for Christopher Reeve and Genevieve Bujold. I have already recorded episodes 58-60, and those will be released over the next three Wednesdays. I am looking forward to bringing you the final 55 episodes of this podcast, and thanks to everyone for being a part of this journey with me!
  24. The first year of "The Baton" is coming to a close. I'm so grateful to everyone who has been a part of this fun and insightful journey since the beginning, and thankful to those who found the podcast later and became new fans. I am very excited to get Year Two started, but for now, please enjoy the final episode of the year, which focuses on the film "Heartbeeps" and its very fine score by John Williams. See you in 2020 for 56 more episodes!
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