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  1. Genius! I was thinking Jamie would just keeping using the same move over and over and over.....
  2. The reason why Superman is superior to Spider-man is because of what everyone has been saying: putting Reeve and Kidder on cables against a blue screen is far superior to seeing a superhero created 100% from ones and zeroes. The computer-generated version often looks hyper-realistic, which means you can see that it's trying to look better than reality (i.e. superhuman moves and angles). With Superman it still looked real, and it required to do exactly what movies should make us do: suspend belief that Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder are flying around the Statue of Liberty. Anyway, the only
  3. I can't listen to those opening strains without feeling a knot in my stomach. And the rest of the movie never lets up on the tension. Such a great film! Very few big films lately focus on people like this did.
  4. Actually, Marian, the probe droid music is NOT in the film. The film is unscored from the point Luke gets out of the thawing chamber until the Imperial March concert arrangement. Jeff -- who's glad the probe droid music is on CD, but not in the film...too comical.
  5. I voted for the end credits of Temple of Doom. I think it is quite remarkable how Williams weaved Short Round's Theme in. Jeff -- whose favorite Williams theme is.......(see below)
  6. You're one of few who doesn't think the musical choice when Padme pulls away wasn't funny. It was a good choice, but the reduction is too abrupt. This same style is used in romantic comedies. Jeff -- who can't get the "Chase through Coruscant" music out of his head
  7. I'm very lucky to have a copy of Temple of Doom. It's a Japanese print, but it has everything I love in the film. At first, I was upset at the loss of the percussion when Indy is trapped on the bridge at the end, but I'm happy to have "The Bug Tunnel" and "Streets of Shanghai."
  8. Hello all! NAME: Jeff Commings LOCATION: Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (we like to call this state "The Land of Entrapment") AGE: 28 SEX: yes, please! seriously....male PROFESSION: newspaper journalist FAVE WILLIAMS SCORES: All of the Star Wars films, A.I., Harry Potter, Jaws, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, JFK, Home Alone FAVE NON-WILLIAMS SCORES: The Omen , Aliens, Planet of the Apes (1968), The Untouchables, The Fugitive FAVE FILMS: (top five, in order) Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Lion King, Aladdin, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Ghost FAVE
  9. After I wake up from fainting, I'd ask him if I could sit in with him for one day as he's scoring a film. And I wouldn't talk his ear off. I'd just be a fly on the wall. Jeff -- a journalist who was "this" close to getting an interview with JW
  10. Hello everyone, and allow this response to be my first post: In regard to the Sail Barge Assault in Return of the Jedi, I believe that instance is very admirable compared to what was done to the final battle in Attack of the Clones. If you have the 1997 release or the 1994 box set, you can hear the original cue that Williams wrote for the scene. I have heard that Lucas wanted something more energetic, a way to show that the Rebels were back in full force. So Williams did actually re-score the scene, using themes and melodies from Star Wars. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Now, Williams did
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