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    Trumpeteer got a reaction from Josh500 in John Williams on Who Wants to Be Millionaire   
    Unfortunately, the contestant got it wrong.

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    Trumpeteer got a reaction from bollemanneke in John's darkdays with the Boston Pops and his resignation.   
    Wow! John Williams has gotten upset! I swear I have never heard of an event that has caused JW to get angry and storm out of a rehearsal.
    I guess I look at the life of John Williams with rose-colored glasses. I would assume he gets a little pissed at orchestras now and then, especially in scoring sessions involving musicians he has never met before and can't quite get his music right.
    But still, it's a different image than I've ever seen or read.
    Jeff -- who probably wouldn't like JW when he's angry
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    Trumpeteer got a reaction from Will in John Williams to Score Kobe Bryant short film "Dear Basketball"   
    I bet they changed the distribution of the film in order to qualify for an Academy Award. I think the debut has to be at a film festival or a movie theater in order to be eligible. Think about it: Kobe Bryant could be an Academy Award winner next year. With the combination of Glen Keane and John Williams, it seems like s slam dunk.
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    Trumpeteer got a reaction from bollemanneke in On March 5, 1977, history began ...   
    According to Film Score Monthly, John Williams began recording the "Star Wars" score today. I can just imagine the thrill of the musicians playing "Chasm Crossfire" and the main theme on the first day!!!! Talk about memorable.
    Jeff -- who will listen to the score tonight, playing the cues recorded on March 5, 1977
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    Trumpeteer reacted to Loert in The Force Awakens soundtrack nominated at the 59th Grammy Awards   
    " O.K., um, I will accept the award for John Williams..."
    Meanwhile Johnny is sitting at home wondering whether to extend the idea in the high winds or move to a different key after measure 17.
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    Trumpeteer reacted to BloodBoal in The Force Awakens SCORE Discussion (Film Spoilers Allowed)   
    I'm not saying I would have wanted something grand, just something that felt a bit memorable, instead of (what sounds to me like) anonymous underscore. Maybe I'll change my mind once I listen to the OST, but right now, I thought that moment was a bit of a letdown.
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    Trumpeteer got a reaction from Hlao-roo in Happy Birthday John Williams..!   
    I was going to write something very similar, so I'll just copy it.
    A very happy 82nd to you, Maestro. Your music inspired me to learn to play piano and see movies in an entirely new way.
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