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  1. Many Happy Galactic Returns Emperor Williams - Hail!
  2. BABES! This photo has been sponsored by The Teeth Whitening Co.
  3. Thank you for your messages, the force be with you!
  4. NOT this again....Richard Madden, Idris then this KID whatever next a CGI BOND?!
  5. HA 3-4 don't have a score by JW & now there gonna remake HA - omg!
  6. I have eliminated them both from my memory banks! Ep. 1-6 are the BEST! Successful? More liked WE were brainwashed by that rodent company!
  7. Only after I return home from a Heavy Metal concert it attacks me then, oh I'm playing them now...good group!
  8. I have now seen this film 6 times now and will continue as it still felt like a nostalgic trip, familiar elements cropping up! Again a lot of curve balls, course this isn't Shakespeare but both Disney and JJ I find had a total lack of vision and consider this a fan-made graduation film. Still entertaining but alittle irritating to find REY can call herself or inherit the Skywalker family name, she's a Palpatine we are told. Also they (Lucasfilm) cannot researched properly the expanded universe as the Sith planet is called Korriban and not Testicle oops I mean Exetica or something. In that universal outta rim territories would have been well charted and not unknown systems or maybe they were at the time of filming. The padded dialogue was alittle forced like "They fly now?", "They fly now?", "Yes they fly now!". Was that a Krayt Dragon or just a serpent snake type in the caverns? Artoo had alittle to do but found See-Threepio's interactions very amusing " You didn't mention my name sir but I'm alright!" John Williams music to this is always welcomed and served the film well, even the nostalgic elements when revisiting the Emperors throne room from ROTJ felt a cold shiver inside me. The overall film wandered into Game of Thrones meets Narnia meets Lost territory. Nice too see a CGI of a young Princess Leia with Luke in the training scenes and watching Carrie interacting with the mysterious, troubled REY gave me a warm feeling who is still unsure about her destiny....take your place and together we can rule the galaxy as Emperess Palpatine, yep I dig it. Amazing Paplatine returned to face another day and consumed the all powering energy to become an Avenger! Well crafted battle, light sabre scenes in various places. With all that experience before and a welcome return of Lando you would've promoted him to launch the decisive attack on the fleet and not Poe - Hmmm! OK I could go on with this but I sense a disturbance in myself and that means hunger, yep I still like the film but I was expecting something new and fresher & NOT copied or trying to better itself or within itself!
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