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  1. And Liam Neeson and Ewan McGregor! I definitely agree with McGregor, he made an excellent Obi-Wan. Honestly, I think he is the only reason I like the prequels.
  2. As someone who was a Newbie when she was like 12 years old, some of you guys were assholes! Also I was 12 and an idiot, but that's not the point . A couple people were rude but for the most part everyone was nice. However, there were a few posts I read that made me not check the forum for a while because I was taken aback. Don't be an asshole to the newbies! Give them 50 posts, then be an asshole.
  3. That's how we knew who she was! Glad you guys appreciated my sign, I took a lot of time in effort in making that haha.
  4. <---- not a man haha. I've met a handful of people on this board; there's my proof.
  5. I know a couple who both got their Masters and their overall combined debt came out close to 300k.....
  6. Odyssey and Cicero. Very nice. Are you a Classical scholar by any chance? . Yes! I just got my BA, am currently teaching public school Latin, and start my Masters in September.
  7. I'm curious, is this sarcasm or not? If it's true, how?
  8. JWfangirl1992


    Haha I figured someone would
  9. A-freaking-men. I'm totally for being a few grand in debt, I don't expect an education to be completely free, but 30-40k is excessive.
  10. Just finished "Go Set a Watchman." I would say don't even bother reading it, but you have to so you can just be severely disappointed by it. It's not a bad read, but compared to To Kill a Mockingbird it's horrible. Currently reading the Odyssey for a conference paper and a book about Cicero for "fun."
  11. It is! I have chronic migraines and GERD and before I was diagnosed every time I had problems I was convinced it was a tumor and WebMD would always agree. Oh you coughed twice in a row? You're dying go to the ER.
  12. JWfangirl1992


    I don't mind it when used appropriately, like Stefan's reaction to Williams canceling his Tanglewood appearance. That is the only appropriate reaction to finding that out. However, people using it directed aggressively towards others ("Fuck you") I am not a fan of.
  13. Anxiety. It sucks! And not social anxiety, I could speak in front of 500 people and not even break a sweat, but I'll lose sleep over the silliest things.
  14. For some reason a lot of the videos/mp3 files that were posted from sites other than youtube weren't loading so I couldn't hear/see most of them. However, when scrolling through this I immediately thought of this song. I love these two so much. Why can't we have artists like them today? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xum6ULWbIX0
  15. As I am watching it right now! And Stefan it was 60% sarcasm haha.
  16. This is an excellent thread topic because I always appreciate these little moments but I don't think it has ever been brought up other than here or there so it is nice to have an entire thread dedicated to it. I do find it very interesting that a lot of the ones everyone is mentioning are from the Star Wars scores.
  17. It is only 40 minutes away from my house so I am incredibly excited about this, especially now that you guys said that I can sit facing Williams! If single tickets go on sale end of August when do you think non-single tickets will go on sale? Fingers crossed that his back is better by then!
  18. One of John Williams' best ever tracks if you ask me. And a good companion piece: 01:33 - 01:58 I agree with both of these! When I was listening to Bloodboal's clip I immediately thought of those few seconds in the Battle Over Coruscant, which is such a great opening piece.
  19. Even if he doesn't conduct his own concerts I would love more guest appearances. Did you guys watch Great Performances? Watching his reactions to all the praise the conductor was giving him was just so heart warming and you could tell he truly is such a humble man and truly loves what he does. Again, just having him conduct a few of his signature pieces at a concert would be absolutely wonderful. Of course I'm being completely selfish and his health is so much more important, but seeing him perform live in concert is just such an incredible experience I'd hate to see that end.
  20. I really like AotC as compared to other overall film scores, but it's just not on the same level as the other Star Wars scores. Sharky, I haven't listened to RotJ in quite some time, so I'll have to go back and look. I know I absolutely love the second CD of the Special Edition especially the Battle of Endor tracks. I want to say it's a few of the longer titled tracks (i.e The Emperor Arrives/The Death of Yoda/Obi-Wan's Revelation) where it'll start off in a lull and then would pick back up with the Death of Yoda, and then die back down with Obi-Wan's Revelation. I don't know whether or not that's the track I'm thinking of, I was just using that one in particular as an example. I'll go back and listen while I'm working on my paper tonight.
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