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  1. http://moncinema.cyberpresse.ca/nouvelles-et-critiques/nouvelles/nouvelle-cinema/15920-Tintin-au-Quebec-avant-le-reste-de-lAmerique-Fort-probable.html?utm_categorieinterne=trafficdrivers&utm_contenuinterne=cyberpresse_B2_cinema_261_accueil_POS1 According to this article, there's a strong probability that the french canadians will have the movie 2 weeks earlier than the rest of america. I live in Montreal so I feel very lucky right now
  2. http://plus.lefigaro.fr/tag/tintin The title says : Nous avons vu Tintin et il ne déçoit pas. Which means : We saw Tintin and we weren't disappointed.
  3. It's a pleasure to meet you ! I think I remember your faces I didn't realize there were so many fans from this forum out there ! I would love to come back next year. It was a fantastic experience and Boston is only 5 hours from Montreal. Maybe I'll see you then
  4. I was at the saturday concert and it was wonderful. I was a bit disappointed when I realized they wouldn't play the oboe concerto. That was one of the reason I came from Québec to see this. But anyway, I was just so happy to see John Williams in person. For me, the best moment was the tribute to Audrey Hepburn. Sabrina's Theme is one of my favorites. And this arrangement was wonderful. I also loved Memoirs of a Geisha. But the orchestra performance wasn't that good. The orchestra wasn't quite sync with the percussions. And the soloist was just out of pitch. It was kind of embarrassing. The be
  5. Thank you for these great remarks (mainly about orchestration). I would add a few things about his chord progressions. - He starts a lot of his themes (in major keys) with the first degree followed by a major chord on the second degree (keeping the previous tonic). Ex: CMaj then DMaj/C. You can hear it in : Flying Theme from E.T., the 2 bars motif that opens and closes E.T., Fawkes the Phoenix, the second theme from Jurassic Park, Anakin's Theme, Yoda's Theme, Love Theme from Superman, Theme from The Lost World. - It's been mentioned already but he likes parallel triads as a chord progressi
  6. Oh god. This is gonna be amazing. Sabrina's theme is one of my favourite with its gorgeous piano performance. I've been dreaming about this for a long time.
  7. I just bought my tickets on the third row !!! I'm such a big fan of his concertos. Can't wait to see the new one. On the seating chart, it says : each number represents a table seating 5. So there are tables in Boston Symphony Hall ? I don't see this on the pictures. Anyone knows anything about it ?
  8. Definitely going ! I'll do the trip from Canada to see this. Sad to say this but Williams is already 79 years old. I can't miss a chance to see him alive !
  9. Yeah, I bought On The Track for my film music course. It has a lot of sketches from the composers, a lot of examples. It's like an encyclopedia. You can't read all of it. There is just too much stuff in it.
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