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  1. Here's my personal predictions for the Top 25 at the summer box-office (US millions) The Dark Knight ($425) The Avengers ($350) Ice Age 4 ($330) Madagascar 3 ($300) Men in Black 3 ($255) The Amazing Spider-Man ($230) Brave ($205) Neighborhood Watch ($190) Snow White & the Huntsmen ($180) GI Joe Retaliation ($175) The Bourne Legacy ($160) The Campaign ($150) Dark Shadows ($140) Prometheus ($130) The Dictator ($125) Rock of Ages ($120) Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter ($110) That's My Boy ($105) Ted ($100) The Expendables 2 ($95) Total Recall ($90) Seeking a Friend for the End of the World ($80) Battleship ($70) Step Up Revolution ($60) Madea's Witness Protection ($50) There's about another 10 movies being released but they will all make less than $50 million.
  2. That is a very good point and I guess over the year's he may have slowly lost a lot of the control he once had. I think a lot of that may also have to do with the fact he just doesn't have the time or the drive to even care anymore. His recent comments as of late regarding SW seem to suggest that he is burned out with SW. I need to add that I don't care for the music in any of the videos, either. But I am not bothered by the SW characters dancing like they are in a club. Honestly, I think if they were dancing to remixes of existing SW themes then the response would have been mostly positive.
  3. Yeah, they do. But the comments by some on here (not just on this topic in this thread specifically), seem to suggest the exact opposite. I guess I am just tired of the stereotypical. "OMG Lucas ruined my childhood memories" and "Lucas has lost his mind" when it reality nothing has changed but us. It was always a cash-cow even back in 1978 (Holiday Special?) Lucas 'sold-out' the Star Wars brand a loooong time ago. And I don't see it as 'selling-out', but I know a lot of people do.
  4. Wow, none of you have sense of humors I guess. I think it's just silly fun and don't see what all the OMG comments are for. Is this any different than the SW themes getting disco versions back in the late '70s and early 80s? Or SW aliens being used in anti-drinking and driving campaigns or even being used in Richard Pryor's awful TV skit show? How's Robot Chicken that much different? Now if this were in a movie or an episode of the CW I could see the passionate disdain for such things. But it's a video game for kids for crap's sake. If anything it's a way for a younger generation to actually be introduced to SW that otherwise they may not have been interested in. SW became a money-making business for Lucas three decades ago. Remove the sticks from your behinds and your heads from your own rear's LOL
  5. Interesting. That interview also confirms that he was trying to push hard for a full release for Titanic (including the film version and what would be a full 2-disc album) but Sony didn't want to spend the money. He also says to be patient and is hopeful there will eventually be a full release perhaps for the 20th anniversary.
  6. I don't think 'Banning Back Home' will be at the end since it really is not Source Music. It's still part of the score, as much as that is hard to swallow for fans (or non-fans). Sure it isn't in the same vain as the rest of the score, but that was the whole point and intention. John Williams' roots are that of a jazz musician and many of his scores have a definite jazz influence. I see this cue as a chance for him to utilize those tools to create a jazzy, on-the-go, city life, fast paced cue and to show how manic and out of touch Peter was with his family. The cue might be a tad dated or slightly cliche to some, but I firmly believe it is part of the score without any question. Now if the cue were playing in the car or something while Peter was maybe driving it would be a source cue.
  7. Since this thread got bumped again, anybody think the upcoming Kinect game will have any new prequel material on it?
  8. While I won't pretend to say Hook is a great movie, it is definitely a fun movie and most certainly not Spielberg's worst (I would say Always or the Lost World are way worse, and most would also argue 1941 was equally bad). The score is in my personal Top 10 best Williams scores ever. And baseball is the best sport ever!!! LOL
  9. Yes, that is what I was referring to. Thank you for the quick reply! I wasn't sure if you guys had a clean version of that file. Well, I guess that's one more little snippet of music we can only hope pops up in an expansion for TOR or maybe in the Kinect XBOX game! I really am hoping the Kinect game has the last remaining pieces we are looking for. I still have my old GameCube, but I wouldn't know how to exactly do it in terms of ripping the in-game audio or recording it directly to the computer. I have to say, editing this score these last few weeks has really made me appreciate it so much more than I had in the past. I think I like AOTC score almost as much as TPM now. Thanks for the help again, guys!
  10. Can somebody please help me with an inquiry I have? I am trying to build an edit for the cue Zam's Dirty Trick for AOTC right now. My problem is that the Bounty Hunter file that is supposed to be used with this cue (specifically file #117) is loaded with sound fx in that specific spot. The spot in question is between 0:32 seconds and 0:55 seconds. My question is, did all of you have the same problem and have the FX in your edit? Or are there a set of files from the Bounty Hunter game that do not have sound effects? If so, can somebody point me in the right direction or perhaps even provide me with that snippet of music clean? Thanks for the help.
  11. I forgot that the Star Wars Kinect game got delayed to this year...hopefully that game will give us even more (perhaps all) of the remaining missing prequel music. BTW, does anybody have the file #117 from Bounty Hunter (or the whole game rip clean, for that matter) that is used for Zam's Dirty Trick at 0:32-0:54 clean? The files I have for Bounty Hunter are all full of sound FX.
  12. Thanks Trent. I stuck to your guide and finished the cue. I appreciate the info you have provided with all of the edits.
  13. Thanks ggtuck! I am pretty much done with my AOTC edit now! I dug through the BF2 files and found the cues I needed. Thank you very much for the help! BTW, I had one last inquiry about Yoda Strikes Back...when the cue plays in the movie as Dooku rips off the ceiling there are harp notes heard. Do we have that somewhere or is that sill unreleased? Here is the cue I still cannot find that opens the Senate Scene. It is at 01:14-01:20. I listened to the Conveyor Belt cue and it's not in that one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-mVP8yqE2k
  14. Does anybody know which cue actually begins the The Senate Scene cue in the film version right after the tracked music plays from TPM when Dooku has Obi-Wan in shackles? Is it tracked from TPM or AOTC? I am trying to do the film version of the Senate Scene and am not sure. Also, the end of the Senate Scene cue where Yoda & Mace discuss Geonosis is listed in the editing guide as track 93EE24B1_9644C0ECDA5DE6C3, but it actually should be track 1D48BA44_D9371703E441E5CB. If someone can please guide me on the little snippet of music I asked about, I would appreciate it very much. Also, could somebody also please help me with the Dooku Vs Obi-Wan & Yoda Strikes Back cues? I do not have the DVD rips, nor do I have the BattleFront 2 rips. Any help would be wonderful. Thanks!
  15. Thanks for the response, ggtuk. Even though it's not the answer I really wanted to hear. I'm kind of stuck now because my Bounty Hunter files have a bunch of sfx in them as well. I guess I can still piece the other files together. If anybody can help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again guys.
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