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  1. This all wonderful news to hear indeed. I am curious how many minutes of AOTC are still missing after this release...10 minutes maybe?
  2. So there is only a little over 6 minutes of the score still unreleased? That is really awesome news to hear! Hopefully some expansion packs will have even more of that stuff. Does anybody know where the other files can be found (TFU/TFU2/BF/Galaxies, etc.)? I have the newly released TOR files, but that's it. I kind of want to try to tackle this...although I might just wait it out until somebody else shares their edited/expanded score for others.
  3. That I am not so sure of. Remember we might be getting all 6 films (dependent on Phantom Menace's box-office success) in theaters again. So I would never say never...you just never really know.
  4. Has anybody mentioned Terminator 2 yet? That came out a full two years before Jurassic Park. I disagree with the statement that Jurassic Park started the trend. You could just as easily blame T2 for starting the whole CGI mess. I think the CGI in Jurassic Park was used in such a way that it didn't take away from the movie at all, unlike most movies today do. It also used a lot of models and full-sized dino props that blended seemlessly, too. And BTW, having Ian Malcolm come back in The Lost World would be more like having only Han Solo come back in a SW sequel (Chewbacca would probably be more like if one of the kids were the only characters to come back). I work in post and can tell you that in regards to visuals, it's either VFX or VE (Visual Effects). Audio is FX or SFX. BTW, this thread is based on an opinion and therefore is subjective.
  5. No, but I was trying to say that both films were heavily promoted and not just little movies that nobody knew about. Lots of merchandising! LOL!! I would love for Dick Tracy to get some kind of special treatment. BTW, it is being screened here in LA with a Q&A by Beatty this month.
  6. Incorrect. BTW, me & my brother saw TRON when it came out in '82 and we were both really into it. We had the Disney read-along LP, the big Golden Book Storybook and even some TRON toys! TRON made $33 million in 1982 when the avg ticket price was $2.94 in the US. In today's money (where the avg ticket price is $7.86) that would equal to $88 million. So it was not a huge flop, but made a modest amount - just not nearly as much as Disney had hoped for. In regards to the Rocketeer, I had the trading cards and some books when it came out so it definitely had a decent marketing campaign as well. Ironically, The Rocketeer made $48 million in '91, which just so happens to also be $88 million in '11 money. So TRON & the Rocketeer were both disappointments for Disney but not even close to box-office flops. I think Disney wanted TRON to get Star Wars money and the Rocketeer to garner Batman, or even Dick Tracy numbers.
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