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  1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Christophe Beck I just watched the film last night and based on the track names, this seems to be the order: 1. Prelude 2. Dyslexia 3. The Fury 4. The Minotaur 5. Chiron 6. Victory 7. Son of Poseidon 8. Medusa 9. The Parthenon 10. The Hydra 11. Hollywood 12. Lost Souls 13. Hades 14. Fighting Luke, Part I 15. Fighting Luke, Part II 16. Mt. Olympus 17. Poseidon 18. Homecoming 19. End Credits
  2. Greetings all, I'm attempting a back cover for "Scotland, PA" and would like to make the track listing look like the following picture, with the track names on the left and the artist/duration of track on the right: Any ideas on how to do that? Is there a font similar to this? Thanks!
  3. Greetings and Happy New Year all, Does anyone know if Mission: Impossible 2 is in a chrono order? 01. Hijack (04:04) 02. Iko-Iko (03:22) 03. Seville (04:32) 04. Nyah (Film Version) (02:21) 05. Mission: Impossible Theme (00:38) 06. The Heist (02:23) 07. Ambrose (02:37) 08. Bio-Techno (01:43) 09. Injection (04:49) 10. Bare Island (05:30) 11. Chimera (01:43) 12. The Bait (01:01) 13. Mano a Mano (04:22) 14. Mission: Accomplished (01:44) 15. Nyah and Ethan (05:08) Thanks.
  4. Greetings all, The other evening in putting my 7-month old daughter down for a nap, I found myself humming some film score themes, specifically "Princess Leia's Theme" and "Ilia's Theme," after running through some of the standard lullabies. I was wondering if others have used film themes for the same purpose and, if so, which? Cheers, Don
  5. I asked this a while back and this excellent reply (http://jwfan.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=5544&st=280&p=279343entry279343) is what I received at the time. Does anyone have an order for Brian Tyler's "Rambo"? I gave it a try based on track titles and my recollection of the film: 1. Rambo Main Title 13. Atrocities 2. No Rules of Engagement 3. Conscription 8. Crossing into Burma 9. The Village 15. Attack on the Village 6. Searching for the Missionaries 11. When You Are Pushed 12. The Call to War 16. Rambo Takes Charge 14. Prison Camp 17. The Compound 4. The Rescue 7. Hunting Mercen
  6. Does anyone know an order for Alien vs. Predator: Requiem? Based solely on the track names, it looks as if some are out of order ("Epilogue," for instance), but there might be more. 1. Aliens vs. Predator - Requiem 2. Opening Titles 3. Decimation Proclamation 4. Requiem Epilogue 5. National Guard, Pt. 1 6. National Guard, Pt. 2 7. Taking Sides 8. Predicide 9. Kelly Returns Home 10. Coprocloakia 11. Power Struggle 12. Skinned and Hanged 13. Down to Earth 14. Predator Arrival 15. Special Delivery 16. Alien Awakening 17. Striptease 18. Buddy's New Buddy 19. Sea
  7. Thank you very much for all the responses, especially those with the tracks and time listings. I knew someone around here would know! It seems as if this score (and movie) get overlooked a lot, but there are actually quite a few very nice parts to both and I would love to at least listen to an expanded release. Thanks again.
  8. Greetings all, I recently gave a listen to Generations again and thought there may be missing music, just based on the track names. Does anyone know what might be missing? Cheers, Don
  9. Does anyone have track titles for the promo of the "Star Trek: Enterprise" two-part episode "A Mirror, Darkly"?
  10. Greetings all, Does anyone know if the OST for "Entrapment" is in order? 01. Entrapment 02. Saints And Sinners 03. Fayeth In Fate 04. Bright Moments 05. The Dancing Jars 06. Blackmail 07. Who's Who? 08. Heist Society 09. A Certain Uncertainty 10. La Fleur De La Musique 11. Kuala Lumpur 12. Impossible, But Doable 13. Thieving 14. Wondering Aloud 15. Silent Partner 16. The Empress Mask 17. Millennium Countdown 18. Alive Again 19. Try, Then Trust 20. Thank God Thanks! Don
  11. Thinking about "The Fugitive" lately. It seems to me the tracks as titled on the OST are not in chrono order. Does this order seem to put them in chrono order? 01 Main Title (3:51) 02 Kimble Dyes His Hair (4:22) 05 Kimble Returns (3:08) 03 Helicopter Chase (4:50) 04 The Storm Drain (4:25) 06 Stairway Chase (2:32) 07 Sykes' Apt. (4:19) 08 Subway Fight (2:26) 09 It's Over (3:40) 10 No Press (4:55) 11 The Fugitive Theme (3:05) Thanks, Don
  12. The "Speedbump" comic for September 11. http://www.comics.com/creators/speedbump/
  13. Greetings all, Just wondering how this 2CD set compares with the Limited Edition Spanish set. Are there some tracks that are the same music, just with different track names? I know the Spanish set has the "Freud" and classical pieces, but does this new set? For comparison: 2007 Set: Disc 1 1. Main Title (04:12) 2. Hyper Sleep (02:46) 3. The Landing (04:31) 4. The Terrain (02:21) 5. The Craft (01:00) 6. The Passage (01:49) 7. The Skeleton (02:31) 8. A New Face (02:34) 9. Hanging On (03:39) 10. The Lab (01:05) 11. Drop Out (00:57) 12. Nothing To Say (01:51) 13. Cat Nip
  14. Again, this is an impressive bit of editing and creative work. I very much enjoyed the ROTS Symphony. Moving themes around made them come more alive than they've become in listening to the chronological score. I have to agree with JDan about the single, though. As part of the symphony, "The Lava Planet" works really well, but as a stand-alone single, it's not as interesting as the previous two. Still, the editing is top notch. And, yes, please, continue with the OT. Cheers, Don
  15. The CD for Pan's Labyrinth states some of the tracks were not included in the film, but were on the CD because the director liked the entire score. Does anyone know which tracks these are and if they are in the correct order? Thanks.
  16. Just wanted to say that this is the same list from last year, so they haven't updated it.
  17. Greetings all, Has anyone used www.emusic.com? I've received a coupon for some free downloads and was wondering about their score selection. I can't seem to access their catalog without registering. Thanks.
  18. Awesome. I was just wondering how the ROTS Suite was coming along!
  19. That is basically what I was wondering: are they worth buying the entire album again in order to have? I'll have to think on that, then. Thanks.
  20. So, let me ask: I have the OST CD. Are the additional tracks available through iTunes worth downloading? It looks as if you have to download the entire digital album to get those; you can't just get those tracks by themseleves.
  21. Does anyone have an order for Chamber of Secrets? Thanks.
  22. I recommend visiting this page at the Mozart Project for a comparison of the movie with history for further reading and enlightenment. I found the movie to be very good, but keep in mind that the Mozart we see on the screen is how Salieri sees him, not how he actually was. If we can understand it's not a "bio-pic" of Mozart, it can be highly entertaining. Hearing the music in surround sound was very nice on the home system. EDIT: I just noticed my member number is 1,977 . . . that's awesome since that's my birth year and the year Star Wars was released . . .
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