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  1. I have the list of : Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:- 1M1 - Opening III (III equals to PoA I guess) 1M3A - That's A Lie 1M4X - Aunt Marge Points The Finger 1M5 - Parents Portrait 1MC - The Empty Playground 1MD - The Knight Bus 1M8 - The Knight Bus "Concerto For Hub Caps" 1M9 - Newspaper headliner 1M9A - Squeeze Play 1M9B - Second Collision 2M1 - The Book Attacks 2M2A - Discussing Black 2M3 - The Train To Hogwarts (version 1) 2M3 - The Train to Hogwarts (version 2) 2M4 - The Dementor Appears 2M5 - Something Wicked Intro 2M6 - Dumbledore's Warning 2M8 - Double Trouble March 2M9+10 - Ra
  2. Happy New Year 2013!! x)

  3. I do have the scores of HPatPoA [handwritten by E. Karam and C. Pope][pdf], it was NEARLY COMPLETE.. but dissapointly there's no BUCKBEAK's FLIGHT cues AT ALL... the only cue that has the buckbeak's theme is in 7m5 : The Rescue of Sirius [enough for but..] hmm interesting...... x[ [excuse my english]
  4. It's Been a while!! woargh... I just found HPatPoA's cue sheets [handwritten]! but no buckbeak's flight cue though.. weird.. [or is there something i missed?

  5. Looking for masterscore [music cues] from Harry Potter atSS. i do have the recordings sessions [1m1 etc.], but i REALLY need the score for me to analise. Trade, anybody? haha :blink:

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