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  1. That's why Guardians and the Galaxy 1 & 2 and Endgame are the only good MCU movies. They balance the humor with a decent amount of drama
  2. I found the show's personality begin to wear on me by season 4.
  3. I loved Bojack season 1-3 but by 4 I had gotten annoyed with it
  4. I always thought the "I was a child" line as more just a way of saying that she was naive and inexperienced, not a literal child
  5. I do wonder how smaller scale would affect how the score sounds, particularly with the action music
  6. The first two are fun but I kind of lost interest after 4 and 5.
  7. I'm actually kind of interested now. Especially after the plastic looking dinosaurs from JW and JWFK
  8. I imagine it was something like this It's a shame they cut it
  9. Rocketeer aiaec Watching The Shadow now and it's pretty lame. It's "The Shadow knows", not "The Shadow Nose"
  10. I consider the friendship theme the A theme because it's the better one
  11. The Fast and the Furious A really nice surprise. I really liked the dynamic between Diesel and the main character. Paul Walker brings a youthful enthusiastic energy to the role. 8.5/10 2 Fast 2 Furious Not quite as good as the first movie but still watchable. The lack of Diesel really hurts the movie (presumably scheduling conflicts with xXx or something). Though the replacement buddy wasn't too bad. 6/10 Ford v. Ferrari Not much of a car person but I enjoyed this saga in car history. 8.5/10
  12. Though to be fair, not everybody scans John Williams forums for... pencil threads
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