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  1. Well I managed to pre-order a copy of this album now. Hopefully it will arrive by the end of the year.
  2. That was a completely engaging and wonderful conversation and touched on so many interesting points about the history of film music, classical music and music in general. Mauceri's charting of the possible reasons for the trends of "classical" or "concert hall" music post WWII was fascinating. I could have listened to the trio for another 2 hours. I'll definitely pick up Mauceri's book!
  3. Music Box Records reissued 350 copies of this Herrmann classic. Missed out on the previous release so I was glad to get this. This one is a single CD release (compared to the previous 2 CD set) featuring the complete score. The previous version also contained the remastered OST album but I can certainly live without it.
  4. Well I guess I have to buy one of my favourite scores again. Now with alternates!
  5. Great news! I guess I have to ask for a replacement copy from Music Box Records where I ordered this release. They usually include these in the next order I make (after they receive their replacement copies that is).
  6. The liner notes of City Hall mention the stylistic comparison to On the Waterfront by Leonard Bernstein which I do hear in there but interestingly this facet was not mentioned in the L.A. Confidential liner notes, when the Goldsmith's own main theme is basically a variation/homage on the main theme of On the Waterfront. I really can't decide which do I like more though. Both of these have such great Americana/Noir quality to them. The new City Hall album, much like the L.A. Confidential Deluxe Edition, made me appreciate this score even more. Both expansions, despite the typically economic running time of the actual film score, seem more rounded on these expanded releases even though there is relatively little added material on them. Also got to love Malcolm McNab's trumpet solos in both of these scores.
  7. I got my copy today and it doesn't have such a visible defect but rather a very small one on the very outer edge of the disc. The opening of the first track skipped when I tried to rip it at first but when I tried Exact Audio Copy I was able to rip the track just fine. And the whole CD played fine on a regular CD player. Unfortunate that Varese hasn't reacted to this publicly in any way. It is a fine Goldsmith drama score though, one of my favourites and forms a nice pairing with the 1997 L.A. Confidential.
  8. I had no idea the soundtrack in CD format was a exclusive release available only on the Disney site. Oh well no money for Disney then. Kind of sucks that a soundtrack by someone like John Williams doesn't receive a wide CD release anymore.
  9. Yes I would certainly recommend watching them. I have seen the first two and they were a lovely combination of beautiful visuals of Finnish nature and music and feel more poetic that your average wildlife documentary.
  10. Got my copy of this release today! I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment. Wonderful music. As a small sidenote it is nice to see that they included some bonus tracks from the Nature Symphony, a condensed live-to-picture version these scores with a full symphonic orchestra ensemble. The recordings seem to come from this kind of live event.
  11. The score was often buried under tons of sound effects in the film. There were for me only a couple of standout moments where the music is truly allowed to shine in all 2½ hours of the film. They sure don't make them like in the past anymore. I was surprised at the amount of reprised Indiana Jones material almost verbatim from the previous scores as well as near quotes from War of the Worlds, Minority Report (during the New York chase) and Tintin. I don't think I have ever heard this level of self references (outside franchise spanning themes) from Williams before. I wonder why Williams decided to sprinkle seemingly unrelated Indy music quotes throughout, not themes but rather direct lifts from the underscore?
  12. 1. Marion 2. Rey 3. Helena's Theme
  13. I missed the previous CD releases so ordering this was a no-brainer. A nice surprise!
  14. I would love a release or releases of the whole John Williams/Oliver Stone "trilogy", Born on the Fourth of July, JFK and Nixon.
  15. Sweet! I was today on my walk listening to the Keisuke Wakao version of the Theme from Sabrina and thought how wonderful it would be if they released the complete score.
  16. I just came back from the the second concert and it was brilliant! Great selection of music in the programme and great solos and soloists. And one of the most rousing versions of the Star Wars Main Title I have ever heard as an encore! Wow! @Joni WiljamiPasi, thank you for your fantastic performances and if you could pass my warmest thanks to the entire orchestra that would be great! You were all excellent!
  17. The second concert starts in less than an hour. So much great music in store. And they added Arlington from JFK to the first half of the programme. 🙂
  18. I just came back from the 1st concert and it was as excellent as I expected it to be. The orchestra was in great form and performed with enthusiasm and energy. And indeed as with any Williams concert, the whole orchestra (and especially the brass section) get a proper workout and it is always a delight to see the intricacies of Williams' orchestrations when watching the orchestra live. What a terrific night!
  19. Well there was an update on the orchestra's site about the 3rd concert and the choir will be the Helsinki Philharmonic Choir. The Vantaa Orchestra's own site lists a shorter program for the 3rd concert with less Star Wars music for the second half and no Immolation or Stolen Memories from Schindler's List for the 1st half: OHJELMA / PROGRAM 1.Dartmoor 1912 / War Horse 2. March from 1941 3. Swing Swing Swing from 1941 4. Schindler’s List Main Theme 5. Hymn to the Fallen* 6. Dry Your Tears, Afrika - Amistad* 7. Home Alone Somewhere in My Memory 8. Suite from Close Encounters of the Third Kind —väliaika— 1. The Jedi Steps and Finale 2. Across the Stars 3. Parade of the Ewoks 4. Princess Leia 5. Here They Come 6. Battle of the Heroes 7. Luke and Leia 8. Duel of the Fates
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